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The following records of births, marriages and deaths include all entries to be found in the books of records kept by the town clearks; in the church records; in the cemetery inscriptions; and in private records.
These records are printed in a condensed form in which every essential particular has been preserved.
All duplication of the town clerks' records has been eliminated, but differences in entry and other explanatory matter appear in brackets.
Parentheses are used when they occur in the original record; also to indicate the maiden name of a wife.

When places other than Roxbury and Massachusetts are named in the original records, they are given in the printed copy.
Marriages and intentions of marriage are printed under the names of both parties.
In all records the original spelling of names is followed and in the alphabetical arrangement the various forms should be examined, as items about the same family may be found under different spelllings.


The Town of Roxbury was first mentioned in the list of plantations on Sept. 28, 1630.
Mar 4, 1633, bounds between Roxbury and Boston established.
Apr. 7, 1635, bounds between Roxbury and Newe Towne established.
May 25, 1636, and May 2, 1638, certain lands granted to Roxbury.
May 16, 1638, bounds between Roxbury and Dedham established.
Oct. 7, 1641, the bounds between Boston and Roxbury at Muddy River were established.
Mar. 16, 1660, certain lands granted to Roxbury.
May 12, 1675, bounds between Roxbury and Dedham established.
Mar. 16, 1836, bounds between Boston and Roxbury were established.
Apr. 19, 1837, bounds between Boston and Roxbury were established.
Apr. 23, 1838, part of Newton was annexed to Roxbury.
Feb. 24, 1844, part of Roxbury annexed to Brookline.
Town of Roxbury incorporated as a city, Mar. 12, 1846.
May 3, 1850, bounds between Roxbury and Boston established.
May 24, 1851, part of Roxbury established as West Roxbury.
Apr. 3, 1860, part of Roxbury annexed to Boston, which Act was accepted by Roxbury Apr. 16, 1860, and by Boston May 8, 1860.
June 1, 1867, the City of Roxbury was annexed to Boston.
Sept. 9, 1867, the Act was accepted by Boston and Roxbury.
Jan. 5, 1868, the Act of June 1, 1867, took effect.

The population of Roxbury at different periods has been as follows:

1765.....1,487 1810.....3,669 1840.....9,089
1790.....2,226 1820.....4,135 1850....18,373
1800.....2,765 1830.....5,247 1860....25,137

a. - age.
abt. - about.
b. - born.
bef. - before.
bet. - between.
bp. - baptized.
bur. - buried.
c.r. 1. - church record, First Religious Society (Unitarian).
c.r. 2. - church record, First Congregational Parish of West Roxbury (Unitarian).
c.r. 3. - church record, First Congregational Society of Jamacia Plain (Unitarian).
c.r. 4. - church record, Dudley St. Baptist Church.
c.r. 5. - church record, St. James Episcopal Church.
c.r. 6. - church record, Eliot Congregational Church.
c.r. 7. - church record, South Congregational Church, West Roxbury.
certif. - certificate.
ch. - child.
chn. - children.
Co. - county.
CT. R. - court records, Suffold Co., Quarterly Court.
d. - daughter; day; died.
Dea. - deacon.
dup. - duplicate entry.
G.R. 1. - gravestone record, Eliot Cemetery.
G.R. 2. - gravestone record, Westerly Cemetery.
G.R. 3. - gravestone record, Walter St. (West Roxbury) Cemetery.
G.R. 4. - gravestone record, Jamaica Plain Cemetery.
G.R. 5. - gravestone record, Warren Cemetery.
h. - husband; hour.
inf. - infant.
int. - intention of marriage.
jr. - junior.
m. - male; married; month.
rec. - recorded.
rem. - removed.
ret. - return.
s. - son.
sr. - senior.
T.C. - Town copy.
unm. - unmarried.
w. - wife; week
wid. - widow.
widr. - widower.
y. - year.

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