TO THE END OF THE YEAR 1849 (Births)
Published by The Essex Institute
Salem, Mass.
Newcomb & Gauss Printers
Salem, Mass.

Surnames Starting with M

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Thomas, s. Patrick, laborer, and Catherine, both b Ireland, Aug 7, 1948


Harriot I., d. Henry, Mason, and Rosetta, Jan. 24, 1849


John, s. Thomas, carpenter, and Jennett, both b. Scotland, Aug. 8, 1849


Mary J., d. John, mason, and Catherine, Feb 29, 1848


Charles, s. Charles, harness maker, and Rosanna, Feb. 8, 1844
Charles Heber, s. Charles and Rosine, Feb. 20, 1845. c.r.5
Henry Horton, s. Charles and Rosine, Feb. 8, 1843, c.r.5
John W{ayland, c.r.5}, s. Charles, manufacturer, and Rosina, Aug. 22, 1848

McCAEN ( see also McCan)

Charles, s. Patrick, laborer and Ann, both b. Ireland, at N.H., Aug. 15, 1849

McCAIN (see also McCan)

Maria, d. Michael, trader, and Catherine, both b. Ireland, July 28, 1849


Eliza Ann, d. Patrick, laborer, and Ann, Sept 2, 1846


James, s. Patrick, laborer , and Mary, Feb. 24, 1843

McCAN (see also McCaen, McCain)

Mary Ann, d. John, laborer, and Mary, Nov. 19,1847

McCANAUGH (see also McKenon)

Bridget, d. Peter, weaver and Mary, Mar. 15, 1848

McCANTY (see also McCarty)

Joanna, d. Patrick, cordwainer, and Bridget, Nov 1, 1847
Thomas, s. Dennis, wheelwright, and Margaret both b. Ireland, July 17, 1849

McCARTHY (see also Carty, McCarthy, Maccarty, Mackarty)

Anna, d. John, laborer, and Christianna, both b. Ireland, July 30, 1849
Charles, s. William and Susanna, Apr 18, 1806
Henry Florance, s. William and Susanna, Apr 22, 1808
James M., s. James, weaver, and Enora, at Saxonville, May 16, 1846
John S., s. William, Oct 4, 1838
Margaret, d. Thomas and Sarah, Oct 30, 1775
Margaret, d. John, laborer, and Mary, Aug. 22, 1848
Maria, d. Daniel, laborer, Mary 3, 1846
Martha Susanna, d. William and Susanna, June 30, 1810
Mary Ann, d. Patrick, shoemaker, and Bridget, both b. Ireland, May 3, 1849
Michael, s. W(illia)m, laborer, and Catherine, Aug. 12, 1848
Thomas, s. William and Martha, Nov 16, 1800
Thomas, s. W(illia)m, farmer, and Jane, Aug, 28, 1845
William (Mccarty. dup), s. William and Martha, Nov 19, 1803 (Dec.-dup)


Susan, d. wid. Sarah, June 10, 1843

McCLAFLIN (see also McLaughlin)

Thomas, s. Timothy, laborer, and Bridget (bet. May 1, 1844 and May 1, 1845)


Charles, s. John, pump maker, and B., Dec 19, 1843

McCLAUGHLIN (see also McLaughlin)

Edward, s. John, laborer, and Rosanna, Nov 11, 1846


Anne Jane, d. twin, David and Jane, Oct 15, 1838 c.r.5
David, inf. s. David and Jane, bp, Mar, 12, 1837 c.r.5
Samuel, s. twin, David and Jane, Oct. 15, 1838, c.r.5

McCLOUD (see also McClough)

Ann, d. Geo(rge), rope maker, and Ann, Mar. 10, 1843

McCLOUGH (see also McCloud)

Alex(ande)r Jr., rope maker, and Catherine, Jan 26, 1849

MacCLURE (see also Clure)

John, s. Richard and Ann, Mar. 16, 1752
Richard, s. Richard, jr and Ann, Jan. 4, 1754
Sarah, d. Richard, jr and Ann, May 18, 1757


Frank, s. Ichabod, merchant, tailor, and Mary E., Feb. 20, 1849


John, s. Thomas, laborer, and J., Oct 13, 1846


Hannah, d. James, laborer, and Catherine, Mar 7, 1847

McCORMAC (see also McCormick)

Mary A., d. Patrick, laborer, and Catherine, Nov 7, 1847

McCORMACK (see also McCormick)

Mary Ann, d. Thomas, laborer, and Ann, Mar 11, 1846

McCORMIC (see also McCormac, McCormack)

James, s. James, gardener, and Mary, Dec 15, 1844
Mary J., d. Patrick, servant, and Eliza, both b. Ireland, July 4, 1849


Jane, d. James, laborer, Oct 3, 1847


Catherine, d. Michael, laborer, and Mary, Apr 9, 1846
Charles, s. Richard and Susannah, bp Aug 8, 1802 c.r.2
Elizabeth, d. Richard and Susannah, bp (bef Feb. 23), 1974 c.r.2
John, s. Thomas, Teamster, and Catherine, Aug 10, 1848
Joseph, s. James, laborer, and Jane, Sept 10, 1845
Leonard, s. Richard and Susannah, bp. May 19, 1799 c.r.2
Mary, d. John, laborer, and Ellen, Feb 19, 1848
Mary J., d. James, currier, and Jane, both b. Ireland, Dec 26, 1849
Sally, d. Richard and Susannah, bp Nov 15, 1795 c.r.2
Sussanah d. Richard and Susannah, bp July 29, 1792 c.r.2
----------, d. Ivory, mason, and Sarah Ann, Apr 19, 1844

McDERMET (see also McDermot)

Mary, d. Andrew, gardener, and Julia, Dec 11, 1847

McDERMOT (see also McDermet)

Simon J., s. Andrew, gardener, and Julia, July 25, 1845

McDONALD (see also McDonell, McDonel)

Catharine, d. Peter, laborer, and Mary, Jan 20, 1843
Eliza, d. Michael, laborer, and Mary, May 28, 1844
Emily, d. John, wheelwright, and Emily, Feb 3, 1847
Hugh, s. Michael, laborer, and Mary, both b Ireland, Dec 5, 1849
James, s. James, laborer, and J., Feb 21, 1843
James, s. Owen, Laborer, and Mary, Sept 12, 1848
Mary C., d. George, stair builder, and Ellis, Feb 14, 1847
Mary J., d. Michael, laborer, and Mary, at Lowell, July 6, 1847
W(illia)m, s., Martin, trader, and Bridget, Mar 22, 1848

McDONELL (see also McDonald)

Michael, s. Patrick, laborer, and Catherine, Aug 6, 1848


Albert, s. John, teamster, and Wealthy, Aug 30, 1844
-------,d. John, currier, and Wealthy, Mar 6, 1849


Robert s. John and Sarah, bp June 16, 1776 c.r.2
Robert, s. John and Sarah bp Feb 15, 1778 c.r.2


Mary, d. Joseph, laborer, and Catherine, Aug 28, 1845

McGAN (see also McKan)

Joseph, s. Thomas, laborer and Catherine, Nov 15, 1845


Frances Eliza, d. John A. and Nancy, bp. May 16, 1841 c.r.6
Helen, d. John A. and Nancy, bp June 17, 1838, c.r.6


Andrew J., s. Andrew, laborer, and Bridget, both b. Ireland, Sept 1, 1849
Catherine, d. Matthew, trader, and Mary, July 11, 1847
James, s. Matthew, trader, and Mary, both b. Ireland, June 8, 1849
Michael, s. Matthew, grocer, and Mary, June 23, 1845


Mary Ann, d. Luke, hostler, and Elizabeth, both b. Ireland, May 27, 1849


Elizabeth, d. Dan (ie)l, weaver, and Ann, June 7, 1848
Francis W(illia)m s. Francis, trader, and Anna, Oct 5, 1847

McGLAFLIN (see also McLaughlin)

Sarah, d. James, laborer, and Ellen, June 30, 1844
Thomas, s. Thomas, laborer, and Mary, Apr 16, 1845


Daniel, s. Neil, laborer, and Ceselia, Jan 28, 1848

McGLAULIN (see also McLaughlin)

Stephen, s. Stephen and Mary, Sept 1, 1847
------,d. ------Feb 13, 1848

McGLEFLIN (see also McLaughlin)

Mary Ann H., d. John laborer, and Mary, Oct 19,1845


Ann, d. Martin, laborer, and Catherine, Oct 5, 1845


Ellen, d. John, laborer, and Mary, Aug 10, 1843


Alice, d. Hugh, laborer, and Mary, Aug 22, 1845


June M., d. James, laborer, and Catherine, Mar 18, 1847


John T., s. John, cabinet maker, and Sarah, Feb 21, 1846


John, s. Patrick, weaver, and Anna, June 11, 1847


Augustus B., s. Thomas, plasterer, and Mary, Nov 25, 1847


Margarett d. Dan(ie)l, carpenter, and Elizabeth, Dec 7, 1848


Theodore, s. John, laborer, b. France, and Johanna, b. Germany, May 24, 1849


Isabella d. James, weaver, and Catherine, both b. Scotland, Aug 24, 1849

McINTOSH (see also Mackendosh, Mackentosh, Mackintash, Mackintosh)

(Garaphilia M. different ink) d. W(illia)m H., provision dealer, and L., Dec 24, 1846
James, s. Stephen and Sarah, bp Apr 29, 1787, c.r.2
James, s. Stephen and Sarah, bp June 3, 1792, c.r.2
Moses, s. Stephen and
Sarah, bp July 26, 1789, c.r. 2
Phinehas, s. Stephen and Sarah, bp Oct 6, 1782, c.r. 2
Thomas, s. Stephen and Sarah, bp Nov 6, 1796, c.r.2
------, s. Michael, blindmaker, and Mary, Mar 22, 1844
------, d. W(illia)m, farmer, and Adaline, Apr 28, 1846
------, d. Michael, manufacturer, and Mary, Jan 7, 1847
------, s. Michael, manufacturer, and Mary, Feb 28, 1849


Jennett, d. George, engineer, and Ann, both b. Scotland, Dec 9, 1849
-----, s. Samuel, gentleman, and Clarassa, Nov 15, 1846
-----, d. Sam(ue)l, trader, and Martha A., Feb 7, 1849


Adeline Jane, d. Andrew, weaver, and Eliza, Nov 17, 1848
Catherine, d. Pat, carpet weaver, and Bridget, Jan 29, 1849
Jane, July 9, 1848

McKAN (see also McGan)

Michael, s. Martin, yeoman, and Maria, Apr 23, 1849

MACKARTY (see also McCarty)

Samuel, s. Thaddeus, of Boston, bp 3:9m:1678 c.r.1


James, s. John and Esabellah, June 21, 1733
Thomas, s. John Esabellah, Sept 27, 1731
William, s. John and Esabellah, June--, 1735


John, s. Patrick, laborer, and Mary, May 27, 1848


George H., s. John, carpenter, and Mary Ann, June --, 1848

MACKENDOSH (see also McIntosh)

Abigail (Mackendosh, c.r.2) d. William and Abigail, Mar 11, 1754
Gideon, s. Will(ia)m and Abig(ai)l bp. Nov. 16, 1760 c.r. 2


Ellen M., d. Peter, laborer, and Ellen, Sept 10, 1843

McKENON (see also McCanaugh)

Catherine, d. Peter, laborer, and Mary, July 7,, 1845


Nathan, s.-----, bp Jan 9, 1763, c.r.2

MACKINTASH (see also McIntosh)

Abigail, (Mackendosh c.r. 2) d. William and Abigail, Mar11, 1754
John (Mackendosh, c.r.2), s. William and Abigail, Feb 17, 1749 (1748-9 c.r.2)
Samuel (MacEndosh, c.r.2) s. William and Abigail, Feb 17, 1749 (1748-9, c.r.2)

MACINTOSH (see also McIntosh)

Royall, s. William and Abigail, Jan 18, 1757
William, s. William, Aug 11, 1746

McLAUGHLIN (see also Caughlin, Lauchlen, Lauchin, McClaffin, McClaughlin, McGlaulia, McGlafin, McGleflin)

Andrew, s. Richard, laborer, and Hannah at Dorchester, June 2, 1847
Ann, d. Thomas, laborer, and Sarah, both b. Ireland, Nov 5, 1849
Elizabeth, d. Thomas, laborer, and Sarah, June 5, 1847\
Ellen, d. James, laborer, and Ellen, Dec 3, 1846
Mary Ann, d. John, laborer, and Mary, Nov 23, 1847
Mary Ann, d. Richard, laborer, and Hannah, Jan 18, 1849
Michael, s. Timothy, laborer, and Bridget, May 10, 1845
Orney, d. John laborer, and Margarett, both b. Ireland, Sept 27, 1849
Thomas, s. Michael, laborer, and Mary, both b. Ireland, Oct 19, 1849
Timothy W., s. Hugh, yeoman, and Mary, June 1, 1848
W(illia)m s. Barnard, laborer, and Mary, May 4, 1845


Joel S., s. James F., mariner, and Ann F., Oct 1, 1848


Catharine, d. Patrick, laborer, and M., June 12, 1843


Rosanna, d. John, laborer, and Catharine, June 11, 1846

McNEAL (see also McNeil, McNiel, Neal, O'Neal, O'Neil)

Ellen, d. James, gardener, and Alice, Nov 17, 1846
John, s. James, gardener, and Alice, Feb. 18, 1848
Nancy, d. James, gardener, and Alice, Dec 3, 1845


Mary Ann, d. Peter, laborer, and Mary, Dec 16, 1846

McNEIL (see also McNeal)

Sarah Rebecca, d. W(illia)m Henry, Aug --, 1807


Mary, d. Patrick, laborer, and Bridget, Oct 10, 1845

McNIEL (see also McNeal)

Sarah Rebecca, d. W(illia)m H., Mar--, 1805


Ellen, d. Ann, Feb 28, 1847
Hugh, s. Hugh, laborer, and Elizabeth, July 22, 1846
Hugh, s. Hugh, teamster, and Eliza, Sept 9, 1848
Thomas I., s. Hugh, laborer, and Eliza, Jan 7, 1843


John, s. John, laborer, and Mary, Aug 1, 1844


-----, d. Bradford, laborer, and Mary J.., Mary 9, 1845

McQUEEN (see also McQuinn)

John, s. Michael, laborer, and Ellen, June 2, 1846

McQUINN (see also McQueen)

Mary Jane, d. Michael, starch manufacturer, and Ellen, Mar 15, 1849


Ann E., d. W(illia)m, laborer, and Marga(ret), July 12, 1846


Daniel, s. Dennis, yeoman, and Ellen, Dec. 24, 1848


James, s. Patrick, weaver, and Ann, Apr 9, 1849


Charles, s. Francis, carpenter, and Sarah, Jan 11, 1846
Elizabeth, d. Edw(ard), laborer, and Bridgett, Aug 20, 1847
Mary Ann, d. Edward, starch maker, and Bridget, both b. Ireland, Sept 18, 1849
Sarah C., d. Francis, Carpenter, and Sarah, Apr 20, 1847
Thomas, s. Daniel, currier, and Mary, May 7, 1848
Thomas, s. John, spinner, and Christianna, both b. Scotland, July 23, 1849


Michael, s. John, laborer, and Catherine, Sept 27, 1848

MAHONEY (see also Mahoney)

Mary Ann, d. John, laborer and Mary, Sept 28, 1846


Jakob, s. Daniel, bp 19:1m:1673-6 c.r.1

MALADY (see also Malady)

Catherine, d. Michael, laborer, and Ellen, June 3, 1847

MALEY (see also Mulrey)

Ann W., d. James, laborer, and Bridget, Apr 26, 1846
Michael, s James, laborer, and B., Apr 10, 1843
-----, s. John, laborer, and Catharine, Jan 3, 1844

MALINEY (see also Malany)

Ann, d. Dennis, laborer, and C., Sept 22, 1843


William, s. James and Polly, July 17, 1812


David P., s. Paul, rope maker, and Louisa, Aug 3, 1846

MALONY (see also Melaney)

Margaret, d. Patrick, laborer, and Margarett, June 26, 1848


Henry, s. Benjamin D., carpenter, and Mary Aug 3, 1846
Seth B., s. Benj(ami)n, carpenter, and Mary, June --, 1844
Thomas, s. Thomas, laborer, and Bridget, Apr 16, 1846


Maria, d. John, laborer, and Celia, May 4, 1844

MANING (see also Manning)

Elizabeth, d. Edward and Patience, Sept 28, 1750
Patience, d. Edward and Patience, Dec 17,, 1752

MANNING (see also Maning, Manny)

Charles, s. Joseph, laborer, and Mary, both b. Ireland, at the almshouse, Aug 17, 1849
Edward, s. Edward, bp July 14, 1754 c.r. 1
George, s. Cha(rle)s, trader and Susan, Aug 8, 1843
Mary, d. Michael, laborer, and Ann, Oct 4, 1845
Patience, d. Edward bp. Dec 29, 1751, c.r. 1
Susan G., D. Charles, merchant, and Susan, Spet 25, 1847

MANNY (see also Manning)

-----, ch. Charles, merchant, and Susan (Bet. May 1, 1844 and May 1, 1845)


Charles, s. Stephen and Nancy, Oct 27, 1797
Georginna, d. Samuel, Jr., painter, and Sarah, b. Dorchester, Sept 15, 1849
Merrill s. Stephen, Aug--, 1802
Reuben Stoddart, s. Stephen and Nancy, Feb 3, 1800

MARAN (see also Moran)

Eliza J., d. Michael, carpenter, and Sarah, at Providence, RI, May 27, 1848


David, s. David, laborer, and June, Sept 10, 1843
Nelson, s. Nelson and Sarah, bp. Feb 18, 1827 c.r.2
-----, s. Andrew, morocco and Roxanna, Feb 10, 1849


Andrew S(wift, c.r.6) Jr., s. Andrew S. and Ann Elizabeth, at Boston, June 24, 1833
Ann Elisabeth Ripley, d. Andrew S. and Ann E. bp, Sept 6, 1835, c.r.6
Ann Winslow, d. Andrew S., and Ann Elizabeth, Oct 18, 1841


Albert M., s. David and Mary Ann, June 25, 1836
Margaret, d. David, shoemaker, and Mary Ann, Nov 11, 1844
Mary Elizabeth, d. David and Mary Ann, Nov 11, 1842
Robert, S.G., s. David and Mary Ann, Dec. 16, 1839


John, s. Samuel and Bathsheba, May 2, 1807
Mary, d. Elizabeth, bp (Mar or Apr) --, 1751, c.r.2
Mary, d. Samuel and Bathsheba, June 8, 1804
Susanna, d. Samuel and Bathsheba, Mar 12, 1810
William Heath, s. Samuel and Bathsheba, Mar 15, 1802


Joseph, s. Edward, bp Jan 17, 1768, c.r.2


Henrietta d. Frederick and Lena, at the Almshouse, Nov 15, 1847


Honora, d. W(illia)m, laborer and Betsey, Nov 8, 1847


Thomas, s. John, laborer, and Catherine, Feb 10, 1847

MARSCROFT (see also Marshcraft)

Hanah, d. Daniel, May 6, 1677


Celia French, d. Warren and Hannah, Jan 23, 1820
Charles, s. Warren and Hannah, Mar 25, 1815
Hannah Withington, d. Warren and Hannah, Apr 11, 1813
Horatio Warren, s. Warren and Hannah, Apr 12, 1811
Jane Louisa, d. John and Caroline, bp, May 12, 1844, c.r.6
Louisa Lillis, d. Warren and Hannah, Apr 5, 1809
Lucy F(rancis, c.r.6), d. John, merchant, and Lucy, Spet 17, 1844
Lucy M., d. Charles, merchant, and Lucy Sept 17. 1844
Maris, d. Warren and Hannah, Aug 6, 1817
Mary Parks, d. John and Caroline, bp, May 16, 1841 c.r.6
Susanna Lincoln, d. Warren and Hannah, Jan 7, 1807
-----, d. John, stationery, b. Hingham, and Caroline b Tyngsboro, Dec 12, 1849


Benja(min), s. Benja(min), Feb --, 1807
Eliza, d. John, blacksmith, and Harriet, Oct 4, 1846
John, s. Benjamin and Susannah, Nov, 21, 1798
John James, s. Benja(min) and Susannah, Nov 21, 1798
John James, s. Benja(min) and Susannah, Nov 11,1799
Josiah Vose, s. Benja(min), Aug--, 1803
Julia Ann, d. Benja(min), Aug --, 1804

MARSHCRAFT (see also Manscroft, Mascraft, Mashcraft)

Daniel, s. Daniel, bp 10:9m1667 c.r.1
Mary, d. Daniel, bp 24:1m:1666-7, c.r.1


Mary Louise, bp, May 21, 1848, a, 8 m. c.r.5

MARSTINS (see also Marstins, Maston)

John H., s. John R., nailer, and Elizabeth, Mar 14, 1844
William Seaton Ogden, s. Ward and Marianna, May 23, 1838 c.r.5


Margaret, d. Phillip, laborer, and Mary, May 22, 1844


Alexander, s. twin, John and Mary, bp Nov 1, 1752, c.r.2
Henry McLane, s. Henry, doctor, b. England and Frances b. Lowell, Mary 15, 1849
John, s. twin, John and Mary, bp Nov 1, 1752, c.r.2
Mary, d. Dennis, mason, and Bridget, Aug 15, 1848

MASCRAFT (see also Marshcraft)

Mehetabel, d. Daniel and Mary, Jan 29, 1684, (1683-4, c.r.1)

MASHCRAFT (see also Marshcraft)

Samuel, s. Daniel, bp. 3:12:1683-4, c.r.1


Benjamin, s. W(illia)m T., cabinet maker, and Harriot L., Nov 17, 1848
Charlotte T., d. Clementina, bp (bet July 5 and Sept 6) 1840, c.r.7
Emily, d. W(illia)m, cabinet maker, and Harriot F., July 3, 1847
Emma J., d. Clementina, bp. (bet July 5 and Sept 6), 1840 c.r.7
Harriet E., d. Clementina, bp (bet July 5 and Sept 6), 1840 c.r.7
John, s. Robert and Elisabeth July 4, 1687, (bp 3:5m, c.r.1)
Mary, d. twin, Charles, clergyman, at Salem, Nov 22, 1844
Robert, s. Robert and Elisabeth, Jan 12, 1683-4
Sarah, d. twin, Charles, clergyman, at Salem, Nov 22, 1844
Sarah E., d. James, weaver, and Mary, Feb 5, 1848


Anne, d. John and Sarah, Oct 11, 1687

MASTON (see also Marston)

Mary F., d. Horatio, carrier, and Mary A., Sept 19, 1847
-----, s. John M., carpenter, and Ellen M., Apr. 10, 1849


Elizabeth, . Nathaniel, of Dorchester, bp, 10:2m: 1681, c.r.1
Hannah, d. Jeremia(h) and Hannah, Jan 7, 169-
Joseph, s. Jeremiah and Hannah, Oct 11, 1697
Mary, d. Jeremiah and Hannah, July 31, 1694
Susanna, d. Jeremia(h) and Hannah, Feb 3, 1700-1701
Timothy, s. Richard, of Dorchester, bp 10:1m:1680-81 c.r.1


Caroline, d. Charles L., and Susan L., bp May 21, 1843, c.r.6
Susan M(ooney, c.r.6) d. Ch(arle)s L., merchant, and Susan (S.c.r.6), Mar 30, 1845

MATHEW (see also Matthews)

Gersham, s. John, July 25, 1641

MATHEWS (see also Matthews)

Elizabeth, d. John, Oct 14, 1643

MATTHEWS (see also Mathew, Mathews, Matthew)

Cha(rle)s s., Charles, carpenter, and Mary J., Mary 18, 1846
Mary, d. Gardner and Lucy, Dec 2, 1798
Mary, d. Cha(rle)s W., carpenter, and Mary, Aug 18, 1843
Mary A., d. Athea, at the almshouse, May 17, 1847


Thomas, s. John, carpet weaver, and Martha, at Saxonville, Aug 1, 1848


Josephine, d. Sam(ue)l, painter, and Sarah E.S., Aug 15, 1847

MAY (see also Mayes, Mays, Mayse)

Aaron, s. Ebernez(e)r and Abigail, May 19, 1733
Abigail, d Ebenezer and Abigail, May 12, 1721
Abigail, d. Benjamin and Abigail, Mar 28, 1754
Abigail, d. Ebenezer and Susannah, Aug 11, 1754
Abgail, d. Lemuel and Katherine (Abigail c.r.1) Oct 27, 1769
Benjamin, s. John and Prudence, Mar 1, 1707-8
Benjamin, s. Benjamin and Abigail, Jan 12, 1759
Benjamin, s. (Capt. c.r.3) Lemuel and Katherine, Dec 14, 1781
Benjamin, s. Benjamin and Mary, Mar 30, 1812
Benjamin, s. Lemuel, carpenter, and Lucy, Jan 12, 1848
Catherine, d. Lemuel, bp Jan 4, 1776, c.r.3
Dina, d. Samuel and Mary, Sept 23, 1693
Dorothy, d. Eleazer and Dorothy, Dec 9, 1736
Ebenezer, s. John and Prudence, Oct, 198, 1692
Ebenezer, s. Ebenezer and Abigail, May 10, 1719
Ebenezer, s., Ebenezer and Susannah, June 22, 1756
Eleazer, s., Eleazer and Sarah, June 21, 1687
Eleazer, s. John and Prudence, July 9, 1705
Eleazer, s. Eleazer and Dorothy, Nov 10, 1738
Eleazer, s, Eleazer, bp July --, 1688, c.r.1
Elisha, s. John, bp 21:Im:1668-9, c.r.1
Ephraim, s. Eben(eze)r and Abigail, Jan 23, 1727
Experience, d. Samuel, Aug 28, 1673
Gideon, S Samuell, Jan 25, 1671 (1671-2 c.r.1)
Hanna (Mayo T.C.;Mayhue. CT.R), d.. John, Apr 24, 1657
Henry, s. Ebenezer and Susanna, Dec 23, 1762
Henry, s. Benjamin and Mary, Oct 19, 1815
Henry Virbeck, s. William and Margarett, Dec 29, 1799
Hezekiah, s. John and Prudence, Dec 14, 1696
John, s. John and Prudence, Apr 12, 1685
John, s (John T.C.) and Prudence, Nov 23, 1686
John, s. Ebenezer and Abigail, Spet 28, 1725
John, s. William and Margarett,Dec --, 1796
Johathan, s. Samuel, bp 7:12M: (----, c.r.1)
Katherine, d. Lemuel and Katherine, Jan 21, 1776
Lemuel, s. Benjamin and Mary, Feb 20, 1738-9
Lemuel, s. Lemuel, bp Feb 28k, 1779 c.r.3
Lemuel, s. Capt. Lemuel, bp. Dec 21, 1782, c.r.3
Lemuel, s. Benjamin and Mary, Mar 6, 1814
Martha Maria, d. Robert S., and Matilda M., bp Sept 22, 1829 c.r.6
Mary, d. John, Nov 7, 1657
Mary, d. Benjamin and Mary, Aug 6, 1746
Mary, d. Lemuel and Katherine, Jan 15, 1772
Mary H., d. Henry, wheelwright, and Martha Jane, Mar 23, 1848
Mehetabel, d. John and Prudence, Feb 27, 1702-3
Mehitabel, d. John and Prudence, Feb 27, 1703-4
Moses, s. Ebenez(e)r and Abigail, Feb 15, 1729-30
Nehemia(h), s. John and Prudence, June 28, 1701
Olive, d. (Capt. c.r.3) Lemuel and Katherine, Dec 7, 1777
Prudence, d. John and Prudence, Nov 29, 1694
Prudence, d. Benjamin and Abigail, June 24, 1757
Prudence, d. Capt. Lemuel and Katherine, Mar 24, 1785
Samuel, s. Eleaser and Sarah, Dec 26, 1688
Samuel, s. John and Prudence, Jan 8, 1688-9
Samuel, s. Ebenezer and Abigail, Feb 17, 1722-3
Sarah, d. John and Prudence, Oct 29, 1698
Sarah, d. Ebenez(e)r and Abigail, May 11, 1731
Soloman, s. Ebenezer and Susanna, June 5, 1761
Soloman, s. Ebenezer and Susannah, Mar 10, 1758
Stephen, s. Benjamin and Mary, Oct 17, 1743
Stephen, s. Benjamin and Mary, July 30, 1749
Susannah, d. Benjamin and Mary, May 13, 1741\
Susannah, d. Ebenezer and Susannah, May 22, 1753
Susannah, d. Benjamin and Mary, July 20, 1817
The (Theoda, c.r.1), d. Ebenezer and Susanna, Dec 14, 1759
Theede, d. Capt. Lemuel, bp, May 21, 1780, c.r.3
William, s. Eleazer and Dorothy, Oct 21, 1740

MAYALL (see also Mayvall)

George W., s. Miles, machinish and Polly, Nov 11, 1845
James T., s. James, paper stainer, and Caroline R., Feb 27, 1848
-----, s. Miles, blacksmith, and Polly, Mar 8, 1843

MAYES (see also May)

Abigail, d. Sam(ue)ll, May 22, 1659
Eleazor, s. John (Jr c.r.1) Feb 12, 1661 (1661-2 c.r.1)
Elieser, s. Samuell, Mar 6, 1668 (1667-8, c.r.1)
Elisha, s John, Mar 20, 1668-9
John, s. John, May 19, 1663
John, s. Samuell June 17, 1670
Johnathan, s. Samuel, Feb 4, 1663
Sarah, d. John, jr., bp 29:3m: 1659 c.r.1)
Sarah, d. John (jr. c.r.1), Sept 8, 1659


Aaron Davis, s. Thomas, 3d, and Amey, Mar 13, 1796
Abigail, d. Thomas and Elizabeth, Sept 6, 17?5
Abigail, d. Thomas, jr. and Elizabeth, Dec 27, 1748
Abigail, d. Capt. Joseph and Esther, July 4, 1766
Abigail, d. Tho(ma)s and Rebecca, bp July 6, 1766 c.r.2
Anna, d. Joseph and Esther, Sept 20, 1756 (bp Sept 19 c.r.2)
Anna, d. Thomas, jr. and Anna, June 24, 1765
Benjamin, s. John, Mar 29, 1672
Benjamin, s. Joseph and Esther, Dec 11, 1750
Benjamin Franklin, s. Thomas and Amey, July 5, 1810
Caleb, s. Joseph and Esther, Sept 28, 1754
Caroline, d. Thomas and Amey, Nov 23, 1813
Catharine, d. John and Mary, bp Apr 29, 1798, c.r.2
Charles Thomas, s. Thomas and Amey, Oct 30, 1806 (Nov --, dup)
Daniel, s. Joseph and Esther, Sept 30, 1762
David, s. Joseph and Esther (Rebecca, c.r.2) July 31, 1764
Edward, s. John and Mary, bp Sept 4, 1803 c.r.2
Edward Richards, s. Thomas and Amey, Sept 30, 1808
Elizabeth, d. Joseph and Elizabeth, Mar 17, 1693
Elizabeth, d. Thomas and Elizabeth, Sept 22, 1707
Elizabeth, d. Thomas and Mary, Oct 12, 1753
Elizabeth, d. Joseph and Esther, Mary 9, 1760
Elizabeth, d. John, bp Dec 26, 1763 c.r.2
Esther, d. Joseph and Esther, Nov 26, 1752
Farley (Pharley, c.r.2), d. Thomas, jr and Anna, Apr 16, 1773
Hanna, d. John, Feb 16, 1660 (1600:61, c.r.1)
Hannah, d. Thomas and Elisabeth, Apr 4, 1700
Hannah, d Capt. Joseph and Esther, May 8, 1768
Hannah Davis, d. Thomas 3d and Amey Jan 9, 1798
Henrietta, d. Thomas and Amey, Oct 19, 1801
Henry Whiting, s. Thomas and Amey, Feb 5, 1816
Jesse, s. Thomas, jr. and Anne, Jan 19, 1771
John, s. John, Feb 15, 1658 (1658-9 c.r.1)
John, s. Thomas and Elizabeth, Sept 17,. 1709
John, s. Thomas, jr., and Elisabeth, Feb 21, 1743 (1742-3 c.r.2)
John, s. Elizabeth, bp Sept 25, 1785 n. 20 n, c.r.2
John Flavel Jenkins, s. Thomas and Amey, May 31, 1819
John Matthers, s. John and Mary, bp Feb 2, 1800 c.r.2
Joseph, s. John, Jan 11, 1666 (1666-7 c.r.1)
Joseph, s. Thomas and Elizabeth, June 13, 1717
Joseph, s. Thomas and Elizabeth, Feb 28, 1720 (1720-21, c.r.2)
Joseph, s. Joseph and Esther, Jan 24, 1747-8
Joseph, s. Joseph and Esther, bp July 30, 1749, c.r.2
Katherine, d. Lt. Thomas and Mary, June 25, 1762
Lemuel, s. Thomas and Mary, bp Oct --, 1769, c.r.2
Lucy, d. Lt Thomas and Mary, June 4, 1761
Maria, d. John and Mary, bp, June 28, 1795, c.r.2
Mary, d. Thomas and Elisabeth, Oct 22, 1702
Mary, d. Thomas and Elizabeth, Feb 20, 1718 (1718-9 c.r.2_
Mary, d. twin, Tho(ma)s, jr., and Elisabeth, Nov 3, 1744
Mary, dl John and Mary, deceased, bp Dec 29, 1782 c.r.2
Mary Ann, d. Thomas and Amey, Feb 7, 1812
Mary Payson, s. Sam(ue)l, -----, 1804
Mehitabell, d. John, Jan 6, 1668 (1668-9 c.r.1)
Nancy, d. Anna, bp Sept 25, 1785, c.r.2
Prudence, d. Thomas and Mary, Dec 18, 1755
Rebeca, d. John (jr, c.r.1) and Sarah, May 14, 1686
Rebecca, d. John, June 30, 1664
Rebecca, dl Joseph and Elizabeth, Dec 26, 1692
Rebecca, d. Thomas and Elizabeth, Oct 21, 1711
Rebecca, d. Joseph, bp Oct 12, 1746 c.r.2
Rebecca, d. Thomas and Elizabeth, bp May 10, 1747 c.r.2
Rebeckah, d. Joseph and Esther, Sept 29, 1746
Rebeckah, d. Thomas, jr and Elizabeth, May 10, 1747
Roxana, d. Thomas and Amey, Apr 4, 1794
Samuel, s. Joseph and Esther, July 4, 1758
Sarah, d. John and Sarah, June 9, 1688
Sarah, d. Thomas and Elisabeth, May 30, 1705 different ink
Sarah, d. Thomas, jr (and Eliza(beth) c.r.2) Nov 14, 1738
Sarah, d. Thomas and Mary, Oct 9, 1751
Susanna d. Lt Thomas and Mary May 16, 1759
Thomas, s. John, Nov 16, 1670
Thomas, s. John, bp 16:9m: 1673 c.r.1
Thomas, Dec 12, 1676
Thomas, s. Thomas and Elizabeth, Sept 23, 1713
Thomas, s. Thomas, jr and Eliza (be)th, Mar 5, 1741 (1740-41 c.r.2)
Thomas, s. Thomas, jr and Anna (Hanah c.r.2) July 24, 1767
William (Williams c.r.2) s. Lt (Thomas c.r.2) and Mary, Nov 6, 1757
William, s. Thomas, jr and Mary, Dec 8, 1798
W(illia)m Henry, s. Samuel Dec --, 1806
-----, s. John, Feb 23, 1686


William, s. Sarah, single woman, Mar 10, 1845

MAYS (see also May)

Ephrim, s. John, Dec 23, 1670 (bp 25:10m, c.r.1)
Johannah (Joanna c.r.1), d. Samuell, Mar 7, 16666 (bp 11:1m: 1665-6 c.r.1)
Mehitabell, d. John, May 6, 1665
Neomye (Naomi May c.r.1) John, May 20, 1667

MAYSE (see also May)

John, s. John, bp 10:2m: 1685 c.r.1

MAYVALL (see also Mayall)

Charles, s. Andrew, laborer and M., June 18, 1843


Corney, s. W(illia)m, laborer, and Sabine, Apr 3, 1848
Marcellus W., s. John D., provisions, and Elizabeth, Aug 14, 1847


John L., s. James, blacksmith, and H., June 1, 1843


Hanna, d. Phillip, Feb 1, 1642

MEAKAN (see also Meakins)

Patrick, s. John, laborer, and Mary, on the ocean, Dec 5, 1848

MEAKINS (see also Meakan, Mekins)

Hanna (Mekins, c.r.1) d. Thomas, bp Mar 13, 1647 (1647-7 c.r.1)


Abigail, d. James, blacksmith, and D., Sept 30, 1843
Amos Adams, s. James and Ann, Aug 26, 1748
Catharine, d. James, jr. and Nancy, bp Apr 2, 1758 c.r.1
George Zeigler, s. John, May --, 1803
James, s. James and Mehitabel, Oct 22, 1731
James, s. James, jr and Anne (Nancy, c.r.1) Apr 7, 1759
John, s. John and Abigail, bp Dec 13, 1761 c.r.1
John, s. James, jr and Anne (Nancy c.r.1) Aug 14, 1764
John Shirley, s. James and Nancy, bp May 13, 1770 c.r.1
Katharina, d. James and Mehitabel, Oct 14, 1730
Katherine , d. James jr and Ann (Nancy c.r.1) July 19, 1762
Mary, d. James and Mehitabel, Mar 31, 1729
Mary Ann, D. Amos A., July --, 1807
Mehitabel, d. James and Mehitabel, Oct 25, 1727
Sarah, d. James, jr and Mary, Feb 27, 1787


Charles F., s. Edward, currier and Jane, B Easton, June 15, 1849
Edward Frances, s. John and Lois, June 27, 1813
Edward Francis, s John and Lois, Nov 24, 1814
Michael, s. Patrick, laborer, and Ann, Nov 6, 1845


Mary Ann, d. Francis, laborer, and Margarett, Dec 18, 1847


Catherine, d. Luke, teamster, and Winneford, Feb 21, 1846
Thomas, s. Patrick, laborer, Dec 13, 1847


Mary, d. John, laborer, and A., Mary 14, 1843

MEKINS (see also Meakins)

John, s. Thom(as), bp 28:11m:1648-9 c.r.1

MELANEY (see also Malony)

Ellen, d. Michael, mason, and Ellen, Apr 22, 1848
Richard, s Dennis, laborer and Catherine, Feb 25, 1845


Mary, d. Edmund, laborer, and Mary, Jan 31, 1848


An, d. John, bp 8:11m: 1687-8 c.r.1

MERIAM (see also Miriam)

Catharine, d. Maj. Abijah and Caty, Sept 21, 1806 (Oct--, dup)
William, s Maj. Abijah and Caty, Aug 19, 1810

MERKHAM (see also Merkham)

Anne Maria, d. Robert and Catharine, May 29, 1840 cr.5


Mary Jane, d. John carpenter, b. South Berwick and Mary b. Limerick, Nov 23, 1849
Mills, s. George and Abigal, bp. Jan 16, 1776 a. 11 y. c.r.2


Augusta, d. John, tanner, and Jane, Mar 20, 1849
Catharine Poole, d. Ezekiel and Hannah C., Feb 28, 1837
Ellen A., d. Cyrus, brakeman, and Ellen, Dec 25, 1848
Harriet Anne, d. Ezekiel and Hannah, Nov 11, 1835 c.r.5
Lucy C., d. Ezekiel, carpenter and Hannah, May 15, 1845
-----, d. Ezekiel, carpenter, and Hannah, May 15, 1844


Andrew, s. Isaac H. and Martha B., June 19, 1843
George W., s. Isaac H., farmer, and Martha B., Jan, 1845
Isaac C., s. Isaac H., keeper of the almshouse, and Martha, Mar 27, 1847


Elisabeth Marshall, d. William W., Aug 16, 1810
Fanny, d. W(illia)m D., merchant, and Sarah, July 7, 1845

MIGHIL (see also Mighil)

Hanna, d. Tho(mas), bp 22:1m:1673-4, c.r.1


Samuel, s. Capt. John and Sarah, Aug 15, 1702


David, s. Geo(rge), yeoman, and Cecelia, May 7, 1848
Ellen A., d. John, laborer, and Harriot, Nov 18, 1845
Francis, s. Capt Francis and Elizabeth, Aug 23, 1765
Hannah, d. Samuel and Hannah, bp Aug 8, 1731 c.r.2
Isabella, d. George, laborer, and Cecelia (bet May 1, 1844 and May 1, 1845)
John, s. John, blacksmith, and H., Sept 22, 1843
Mehittophell, d. John July 12, 1638
Sam(ue)l, s. James May 10, 1724
Susanna (susan c.r.1) d. John Aug 24, 1647
Zebedee, d. John, laborer, and Catherine, on Atlantic Ocean Feb 5, 1846
-----, s. Henry, weaver, and Elizabeth, at Danvers, Feb 11, 1849
-----, d. Cha(rle)s, bookkeeper, and Sarah, b. Halifax Nov 2, 1849


Elizabeth, d. Stephen, bp Mar 25, 1770 c.r.1
Mary, d. William and Mary Aug 25, 1727
Mary Anna, d. Lemuel and Lucy Feb 18, 1836
Nathan(ie)l, s. Nathan and Martha, bp Dec 3, 1749 c.r.2


Joseph Hunneman, s. Joseph F. and Anne H., bp Apr 7, 1833 c.r.5

MINCHIN (see also Muncern, Munchan, Munchin)
Alicia Ellen, d. John and Maria Dec 16, 1846 c.r.5


Rebecca, d. Joseph and Abigail Mar 31, 1802


Benjamin Franklin, s. Benjamin F. and Henrietta, May 28, 1820
Edward Goddard, s. Benjamin F. and Henrietta Sept 21, 1824
Sarah Henrietta, d. Benjamin F. and Henrietta May 3, 1829


Almira, d. Christopher and Mary July 16, 1813
Mary Ann, d. Christopher and Mary Aug 24, 1809


Alice Woodbourn, d. W(illia)m, lawyer, and Catherine July 10, 1847
George R., s. Geo(rge) R.. merchant, and Harriot Mar 3, 1849

MINTIN (see also Minton)

Mary, d. Barney, mason, and Bridget Dec 15, 1847

MINTON (see also Mintin)

Catherine, d. Michael, laborer and Mary, both b. Ireland Sept 25, 1849
John, s. Michael, laborer, and Catherine June 24, 1845
Mary J., d. James, gentleman, and Abba Apr 16, 1847
Michael, s. Michael, mason, and Catherine June 25, 1848
Thomas, s. Bryan, trader, and Bridget, both b Ireland July 10, 1849
William, s. Michael, mason, and Catherine, both b Ireland June 11, 1849

MIRIAM (see also Meriam)

Abijah Seaver, s. Maj Abijah and Caty Oct 1, 1808


Ann B., d. Benjamin and Sarah at Watertown May 1, 1802
Benjamin, s. Benjamin and Sarah Jan 29, 1804
Benjamin, s. Benjamin and Sarah Nov 20, 1805
Elizabeth, d. Benjamin and Sarah July 28, 1812
Emily, d. Benjamin and Sarah Sept 3, 1807
George, s. Benjamin and Sarah Oct 11, 1810
Sarah, d. Benjamin and Sarah Jan 24, 1809


Daniel, s. James, laborer, and Mary Ann Jan 5, 1846
James, s. James, laborer and Margarett, both b Ireland Oct 12, 1849

MOLAN (see also Nolan)

William, s. Michael, laborer and Bridget Aug 29, 1846


-----, d. Paul, rope maker, and Louisa Apr 14, 1849

MOLINEAX (see also Molineax)

Anne Woodbury, d. Robert W. and Paulina Jan 14, 1841 c.r.5
Ellen Louisa, d. R.W. and Paulina C., Dec 26, 1848 c.r.5
Henry Clark, s. Robert W. and Paulina Aug 8, 1838 c.r.5
Robert Gibson, s. Robert W. and Pauline C., Feb 2, 1843 c.r.5

MONAGHAN (see also Monnahan)

Margaret, d. James, laborer, and Ann Feb 23, 1843

MONCRIEF (see also Muncrief)

Joseph, s. Joseph, jr and Abigail Jan 10, 1798
Mary, d. Joseph, jr and Abigail July 24, 1799


Dorothy, d. Elias and Dorothy Nov 3, 1715
Elias, s. Elias and Dorothy Apr 9, 1723
Hannah, d. Elias and Dorothy Feb 17, 1717
Thomas Henry, s. James, gardener, and Charlotte, both b England July 19, 1849

MONNAHAN (see also Monaghan, Monnohan)

Mary Ann, d. Patrick, laborer, and Bridget July 22, 1846

MONNOHAN (see also Monnahan)

John, s. John, laborer and Sarah Mar 11, 1847


Will(ia)m I., s. Robert, laborer, and Alice Dec 30. 1844
Winslow L., s. W(illia)m, manufacturer, and Hellen L., Sept 8, 1848


Mary, d. Matthew, puddler Aug 8, 1847


Henry, s. W(illia)m., carpenter, and Sarah M., Aug 12, 1846


Mary E., d. John, laborer, and Mary, both b Ireland, Nov 9, 1849

MOOR (see also Moore)

-----, s. Sam(ue)l P., physician, and Mary Ann Apr 2, 1847

MOORE (see also Moor)

Arthur W., s. Page, leather dresser, and Emily Nov 24, 1848
Charles M., s. Michael, laborer, and Ann Oct 13, 1844
Frank S., s. Cha(rle)s H., gentleman, and Emily A., at Belfast, Me., July 1, 1847
Frederick A., s. E.D., editor, and Harriet S., Nov 22, 1847
John W., s. John and Sarah, Mar 20, 1842
Joseph I., s. Augustu M., baker, and Sarah, Sept 28, 1844
Joseph Moody, s. Joseph, bp Apr 4, 1819 c.r.3
Mary Elizabeth, d. John and Sarah Dec 29, 1837
Sarah Ann, d. John and Sarah Nov 29, 1834
Sarah H., d. Augustus, baker, and Sarah Dec 7, 1846
-----, d. Cha(rle)s, and Emely Feb 22, 1849
-----, s. Jacob B., coachman, and Mary E., Apr 12, 1849

MORAN (see also Maran)

John, s. John, hostler, and Catherine, both b Ireland Nov 28, 1849
Mary, d. John, laborer, and Ellen Mar 23, 1848
Nicholos, s. Patrick, Laborer, and Mary Apr 24, 1848

MORDOCK (see also Murdock)

William, s. Ephraim and Charity, bp Feb 21, 1773 c.r.2

MOREDOCK (see also Murdock)

Sarah, d. Ephraim and Sarah, bp Sept 16, 1762 c.r.2

MOREY (see also Mory)

Abigail, d. John and Hannah Aug 30, 1741
Elisabeth, d. John and Hannah Nov 5, 1733
John, s. John and Hannah Nov 30. 1736
John, s. John and Hannah Jan 23, 1737-8
Mary, d. John and Hannah Sept 29. 1739

MORGAINE (see also Morgan)

John, s. James bp Sept 30. 1645

MORGAN (see also Morgaine, Morgin)

Abraham, s. James bp 3:7m:1648 c.r.1
Andrew, s. John, laborer, and Mary, both b Ireland Dec 2, 1849
James, s. James, bp 3:1m:1643-4 c.r.1
John, s. James, bp 30:1m:1645 c.r.1
Joseph, s. James bp 29:9m:1646 c.r.1
William, s. William, gardener, and Mary, both b Ireland Dec 17. 1849
-----, d. James, bp 17:9m:1650 c.r.1

MORGIN (see also Morgan)

Hannah, d. James, July 18. 1642

MORIARTY (see also Moriety)

Mary Ann, d. John, currier, and Margarett, both b Ireland Dec 22, 1849

MORICE (see also Morris)

Elizabeth, d. Edward, jr bp 17:12:1683-4 c.r.1
Elizabeth, d. Edward, bp 15:1mm: 1684-5 c.r.1
Margreat, d. Edward Spet 25, 1668
Martha, d. Edward, 10:11m: 1674 (1674-5 c.r.1)

MORIE (see also Morris)

Hannah, d. Edward, bp 14:9m: 1686 c.r.1

MORIETY (see also Moriarty)

Anna, d. Edward, currier, and Anna Feb 13, 1848

MORISE (see also Morris)

Samuel, s. Edward Mar 19, 1670


Ann Wallace, d. John and Ruth, bp Jan 1, 1818 c.r.3
Elizabeth, d. John and Ruth, bp Nov 11, 1820 c.r.3


Nicholos, s. Michael, laborer Sept 4, 1847


Michael, s. James, laborer and Bridget Oct 16, 1848

MORRELL (see also Morrill)

Abram, s. Isack June 6, 1640
Elisabeth, d. Isacc--:3m:1638 CT. R.
Isaac, s. Isaac, 5:12m:1633, CT.R

MORRICE (see also Morris)

Edward, s. Edward bp 13:1m: 1658-9 c.r.1
Elizabeth, d. Edward, bp 25:1m: 1666, c.r.1
Grace, d. Edw(ard), bp 17:12m:1660-61 c.r.1
Isaac, s. Edw(ard) bp 19:7m:1658 c.r.1
Samuel, s. Edward, bp 9:2m: 1671, c.r.1

MORRILL (see also Morrell, Morroll)

Abner, s Joseph and Nancy W., bp-----, 1839 c.r.6
George, s. Joseph and Nancy W., bp -----, 1839 c.r.6
Lucretia, d. Joseph and Nancy W., bp -----, 1839 c.r.6
Nancy W., d. Joseph and Nancy W., bp -----1839, c.r.6
Sarah, d. Joseph and Nancy W., bp -----, 1839 c.r.6

MORRIS (see also Morice, Morie, Morise, Morrice, Morriss)

Ebeneser, s. Edward Apr 14, 1664
Elisabeth, d. Edward Mar 26. 1665
Isack, s. Edward Sept 16. 1656
Samuel, s. Samuel and Mehetabel Aug 13, 1695
-----, d. Emanuel, mason, and A., Jan 26. 1843


Allen H., s. George W., mason, and S., Apr 26. 1843
Daniel Edmund, s. Jonathan Holmes, bp Dec 24, 1809 c.r.3

MORRISS (see also Morris)

Benjamin, s. Samuel and Mehetabel Oct 18, 1696
Dorothy, d. Samuel and Mehetabel Feb 7, 1701
Edward, s. Edward and Elizabeth Nov 9, 1688
Elisabeth, d. Edward and Elisabeth Feb 12, 1683-4
Elisabeth, d. Edward and Elisabeth Feb --, 1685
Hannah, d. Samuel and Mehetabel Nov 9, 1700
Mehetabel, d. Samuel and Mehetabel June 25, 1698
Prudence, d. Samuel and Mehetabel Jan 31, 1702
Rebeca, d. Samuel and Mehetabel Sept 15, 1699

MORROL (see also Morrill)

Hanna (Morrell. CT.R) d., Isack, Sept 12, 1636 (6:7m. CT.R)
Isack (Morroll. CT.R) s. Isack Nov 27. 1632 (28:9m CT.R)


Alberts, s -----, bp Oct --, 1823 c.r.2
Azra Dwight, s. Luther and Elizabeth Oct 4, 1807
David Lewis, s. Luther and Elizabeth Sept 24, 1804
Edith A., d. Edwin A., baker, and Anna Moore Dec 3, 1847
Edward, s. Horatio D., doctor and Sarah Dec 8, 1848
Elizabeth, d. Harford and Lucy Dec 7, 1814
Elizabeth, d. Luther and Elizabeth Aug 26, 1819
Ezra, s. Ezra and Rebecca June 25, 1822
Florance, d. Sargent, machinist, b Amesbury, and Rosanna, b Maine Oct 18. 1849
George W., s. Chester, soap boiler, and Abba Feb 22, 1847
Hannah, d. Asa and Hannah, bp Feb 21, 1779 c.r.2
Hannah H.A., d. Cyrus, tailor and Maria Sept 18. 1848
Harriet B., d. Chester H., soap boiler, and Abby Jan 19. 1845
Harvey, s. Luther and Elizabeth, Aug 6. 1817
Lucy Gay. d Harford and Lucy July 4, 1813
Luther, s. Luther and Mary Oct 21, 1802
Martha, d. Adam and Martha July 1, 1812
Mary E., d. Robert, merchant, and Sarah M.,. June 15, 1846
Mary Holmes, d. Luther and Mary Apr 22, 1799
Olive, d. Joseph and Olive, of Boston, bp Jan 13, 1754 c.r.1
Sarah H., d. Perley and Sarah May 7, 1818
Sarah Jane, d. George and Hannah bp Nov 27. 1825 c.r.2
Trie, s. George and Hannah, bp Oct 15, 1826 c.r.2
William Wallace, 3d, s. Ezra and Eliza Jane Mar 30. 1838
-----, d. Orin B., carpenter, and Sarah May 8, 1843


Abigail, d. James and Abigail Feb 6, 1775
Helen I., d. James P., shoemaker, and Helen Aug 30, 1846
James, s. James and Abigail Aug 21, 1771
Joseph E., s. Joseph and Mary S., June 21, 1807
Josephine Eugenia, d. Joseph and Mary S., Feb 18, 1811
Margaret, d. Edward, laborer, and Mary Sept 29,. 1846
Mary, d. James and Abigail Jan 18, 1779
Mary Hersey, d. Joseph and Mary S., Dec 31, 1805
Robert, s. James and Abigail Apr 23, 1773
Sarah Bradford, d. Joseph and Mary S., Aug 12, 1812
Susan A., d. Freeman, carpenter, and Harriet A., Apr 28, 1847
William Saxton, s. Joseph and Mary S., Sept 22, 1809

MORY (see also Morey)

Abigail, d. Thomas, Mar 30. 1681
Abigal, d. Tho(mas) bp 4:2m:1680 c.r.1
Abigal, d. Mary, of Milton, bp, 8:6m: 1680 c.r.1
Ebenezer Cheaney, s. John and Mary, bp Mar 6, 1774 c.r.2
Hannah, d. John and Mary, bp June 30. 1771 c.r.2
John, s. Thomas and Susanna July 13, 1687
John, s. John and Mary bp. Aug 20. 1769 c.r.2
Lewis, s. Patrick mariner, b Newfoundland and Bridget B Halifax N.S. Aug 25, 1849
Mary, d. Thomas, Aug 11, 1682
Mehetabel, d. Thomas and Susanna July 20, 1698
Nathanael, s. Thomas and Susanna May 28, 1694
Susanna, d. Thomas and Susanna Apr 27, 1685
Susanna, d. John and Hannah Oct 7, 1731 (bp Oct 10 c.r.2)
Thomas, s. Thomas May 15, 1675

MOSEMAN (see also Mosman)

Timothy s. James Nov 17. 1679


Theodore B., s. Theodore B., music teacher and Frances L Nov 22, 1846


Ellenor, d. Jeremiah and Esabella (Isabel c.r.1) June 17. 1756
Hannah, d. Jeremiah and Essabellah (Isabel c.r.1) Nov 5, 1753
Jeremiah, s. Jeremiah and Essabellah (Isabel, c.r.1) Jan 2, 1755
Mary, d. Jeremiah and Esabella (Isabel, c.r.1) Jan 27,. 1758
Phillip, s. Jeremiah and Essabella (Isabel, c.r.1) Jan 3, 1760

MOSMAN (see also Moseman)

Elisabeth, d. James, Dec 18, 1696
Samuel, s. Timothy and Sarah Feb 21, 1702-3


Benjamin Bussey, s. Tho(ma)s and Maria, bp Oct 8, 1837 c.r.3


Robert, s. James and Janet May 17, 1837 c.r.5


George H., s. George, carpenter, and Phebe Dec 25, 1845
-----, d. W(illia)m, carpenter, and Elizabeth, Jan 29, 1847
-----, s. A.K., clergyman, and Julia Ann Mar 23, 1848


Josiah, s. Josiah and Martha Mar 3, 1718
Mary, d. Josiah and Martha Aug 17, 1715


Joseph, s. Tho(mas) of Dorchester, bp 24:2m:1681, c.r.1


Luke, s. Luke, laborer and Mary Sept 2, 1845
Margarett, d. John, laborer, and Ann July 26, 1848
Mary. d. John, laborer and Ann Mar 26. 1844
Michael, s. Luke, laborer, and Mary July 10, 1843

MULLEN (see also Mullin)

Daniel, s. Patrick, gardener, and Sally July 13, 1848
John, s. Michael, laborer, and Bridget, both b Ireland Sept 27, 1849
Mary, d. John, laborer, and Margaret (Bet. May 1, 1844 and May 1, 1845)
Mary Jane, d. Martin, laborer, and Mary A., both b Ireland June 28, 1849
Michael, s. Michael, laborer, and Bridget F., Sept 29, 1847

MULLIN (see also Mullen)

Julia, d. Michael, laborer, and Mary Sept 21, 1844
Michael, s. Patrick, laborer, and Sally Dec 10, 1844


Ellen L., d. Robert W., trader, and Elvina Dec 26. 1848


Elizabeth, d. Thomas, servant, and Mary Sept 24, 1848

MULRAIN (see also Mulreaning)

Mary, d. Michael, laborer and Ann May 20, 1846
Michael, s. Michael, laborer, and Ann, both b Ireland, July 16. 1849

MULREANING (see also Mulrain)

Luke, s. Mich(ael), laborer, and A., July 9, 1843

MULREY (see also Maley)

John, s. John, laborer, and Catherine, in Ireland Aug 20. 1848

MUNCERN (see also Minchin)

Ann F., d. Michael, gardener, and Winneford Sept 25, 1847

MUNCHAN (see also Minchin)

Oliver, s. John, rope maker and Sarah Feb 6, 1849

MUNCHIN (see also Minchin)

Alice E., d. John, gardener, and Maria Dec 16. 1846

NUMCRIEF (see also Moncrief, Muncrieff)

Abigail Freeman, d. Joseph and Abigail Aug 23, 1792
Anne, d. Joseph and Mary, bp Apr 15, 1770 c.r.1
Elizabeth, d. Joseph and Sarah, bp June 7. 1760 c.r.1
Elizabeth, d. Jos(eph) and Sarah, bp May 16. 1762 c.r.1
Joseph, s. Joseph and Abigail Feb 14, 1794
Mary, d. Joseph, bp Feb 14, 1773 c.r.1
Mary, d. Joseph and Abigail July 24, 1799
Nancy Young, d. Joseph and Abigail Dec 8, 1795\
Sarah, d. Joseph and Sarah, bp. Mar 13, 1757 c.r.1

MUNCRIEFF (see also Muncrief)

Joseph, s. Joseph and Mary, bp Oct 25, 1767, c.r.1


Hopestill, d. Elias and Dorothy Oct 31, 1720


Abby F., ud. James morocco dresser, and Abby Apr 13, 1848
Abigail, d. Daniel and Abigail Dec 26. 1780
Annetta, d. James, morocco dresser, and Elizabeth Aug 24, 1848
Charles, s. Daniel and Abigail June 19, 1795
Charles, s. Cha(rle)s W., tailor, and Martha May 11, 1848
Daniel, s. Daniel and Abigail July 13, 1775
George, s. Cyrus, nailor, and Elisabeth Nov 19, 1845
George H., s. Josiah, painter, an d Adeline July 30, 1848
John, s. Daniel and Abigail Oct 11, 1784
Mary, d. Jedidiah and Sarah Nov 1, 1796
Mary E., d. James, morocco dresser, and Elizabeth Feb 15, 1843
Mary E., d. John, yeoman, and Sarah (bet. May 1, 1844 and May 1, 1845)
Nathaniel, s. Daniel and Abigail June 21, 1777
William, s. Daniel and Abigail Dec 15, 1778
-----, d. Thomas, blacksmith, and Mary Nov 3, 1848
-----, d. Charles, tailor, and Martha, b. N.H., Oct --, 1849

MURDOCK (see also Mordock, Moredock)

Benjamin, s. Robert and Hannah Mar 4, 1699-1700
Betsey, d. Ephraim and Charity, bp Mar 18, 1781, c.r.2
Betsey, d. Dea. Ephraim and Charity Apr 27. 1783
Charity (Moredock, c.r.2), d. Ephraim and Charity Apr 13, 1771
Charlotte, d. Dea. Ephraim and Charity Nov 26, 1789
Ebenezer, s. Ebenezer and Hannah, bp May 13, 1804, c.r.2
George, s. Geo(rge), weaver, and Marianne Apr 10, 1849
Hannah, d. Robart and Hannah Jan 22, 1692-3
Hannah, d. Ephraim and Sarah Aug 31, 1762
John, s. Robert and Hanna Mar 25, 1695-6
John, s. Ebenezer and Charity Mar 10, 1798
Mary, d. Dea. Ephraim and Charity July 30, 1787
Nabbe, d. Ephraim and Charity Jan 26, 1775
Nancy, d. Ephriam and Charity, bp Feb 7, 1779, c.r.2
Nancy, d. Dea. Ephraim and Charity Feb 20, 1785
Nathaniel Davis, s. Ebenezer and Hannah, bp July 27, 1806 c.r.2
Roberts, s. Robert and Hannah Feb 1, 1693-4
Samuel, s. Robert and Hannah Mar 24, 1697-8
Sarah (Moredock, c.r.2), d. Ephraim and Charity June 30, 1769
William Davis, s. Ephraim and Charity Jan 27, 1777


Andrews, s. Jeremiah, laborer, and Hannah June 15, 1846
Catherine, d. Daniel, laborer, and Sarah, both b. Ireland Nov 15, 1849
Catherine M., d. Patrick F., laborer, and Julia Aug 20, 1848
Edward, s. Hugh, laborer, and Ann Sept 11, 1844
Edward, s. John, laborer, and Hannah, at Brookline Nov 9, 1847
Elnora, d. Thomas, stage proprietor, and Lydia May 9, 1845
Franklin, s. Mark, laborer, and Anna in Ireland Dec 14, 1847
James, s. Hugh, laborer, and Ann Mar 28, 1847\
John, s. Timothy, laborer, and Almira Apr 10, 1849
John, s. John, plasterer, and Catherine, both b Ireland June 21, 1849
Mary A., d. Martin, laborer, and Fanny, both b Ireland Aug 15, 1849
William, s. Michael, laborer, and Jane May 9, 1844
William, s. James, carpenter, and Sarah June 19, 1844
-----, d. Edward, carpenter, and Joanna Apr 1, 1849

MURRAY (see also Murrey, Murry)

Angeline, d. John, laborer, and Jane June 10, 1847
Catherine, d. John, laborer, and Mary, both b. Ireland Aug 12, 1849
Charles Tyng, inf. s. William and Eliza H., bp. (bet July 20 and Sept 17_, 1834, c.r.5
Edward Roleff Classon, s. William and Eliza H., bp Sept 1, 1833, c.r.5
Mary, d. Thomas, laborer, and Catherine Nov 7, 1847
Mary Ann, d. Edward, laborer, and Ellen Jan 7, 1846
Michael, s. John, teamster, and Margarett Jan 2, 1849
Patrick, s. John, laborer, and Mary Mar 11, 1846
Peter, s. James, weaver, and Ann, both b. Ireland Sept 20. 1849
William, s. John, machinist, and Eliza Aug 3, 1847
William, s. Thomas, laborer, and Julia, both b Ireland May 10. 1849
William Gilman Robbins, s. Eliza H., bp July 2, 1843, c.r.6

MURREY (see also Murray)

James, s. John, jr., merchant, and Martha June 28, 1844
Rosanna, d. Thomas, laborer, and Julia July 27. 1844
Rosanna, d. Patrick, laborer, and Catherine Jan 31, 1848


-----, s. W(illia)m, weaver, and Mary Ann Aug 29, 1848

MURRY (see also Murray)

Julia, d. Thomas, laborer and Jane, Mar 4, 1845
Julia, d. Thomas, Farmer, and Jane June 8, 1845


Mary Ann, d. Patrick, founder, and Mary Jan 25, 1849


Emma I., d. Henry J.V., paper stainer, and Sarah Apr 17. 1846
Mary E., d. Henry J.V., carriage painter, and Sarah Mar 17. 1848

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