Roxbury 1852 City Directory
Names starting with R

retyped for the web by David Norton

Rafferty Felix H, painter, house Lowell
Ragin Cornelius, house Oxford
Rall Lewis, laborer, house Mechanic
Ramsay Royal (Hunt & T),house at Charlestown
Ramsey George, laborer, house Northampton, c. Davis
Ramsey Matthew J, expressman, boards at Mrs. D Green's
Rand Isaac, farmer, house East, c. Mt. Pleasant
Rand Obed, stone mason, house Simmons
Randall Elizabeth, widow, house East, cor. Eustis
Randall John N, druggist (B.), boards Norfolk House
Randall Nathaniel H, carpenter, house 68 Williams
Randall, William, baker, house 91 Washington
Ransom Chandler R, 7 State (B.), house 67 St. James
Raymond Francis, rope maker, house 127 Ruggles
Rea Archelaus, house Chestnut, near Vine
Rea John, provisions, house Ruggles, next railroad
Read (George) & Bronsdon (E.F.), auctioneers and real estate agents, 50 Washington, house 198 Wash. n Putnam
Readdy Arthur, mariner, boards at Henry Readdy's
Readdy Henry, fireman, house Parker near Ruggles
Reaples E. Mrs, house Rubbles, near Tremont
Reardon Thomas, weaver, house Factory, n. Orange
Reckord Almira, widow, house Rubbles, n. Mechanic
Redding Charles, painter and glazier (B.), house 70 Ziegler
Reed Andrew, gardener, house Heath
Reed David, house 129 Washington
Reed F. D., office 70 State St. (B.),house Elm
Reed John, carpet maker, house Belmont
Reed Levi, peincipal Washington School, house Auburn pl.
Reed Loring W, paper hanger, h. Linden Park, c Ruggles
Reed Lucy, widow, house 129 Washington
Reed Sampson, boards Smith
Reed William, bleacher and dyer, house Mechanic
Reed William, house Elm
Remick Ai (Wm. Rumrill & Co.),h. Warren,n. Rockland
Reynolds Charles G, book keeper (B),House Kenilworth
Reynolds Mary, widow, house 138 Washington
Reynolds Wm. J, book seller (B.),house 100 Warren
Rhodes A. H.,house Putnam
Rice John Edward, carpenter, boards 34 Davis
Rice Richard H, stair builder, house 23 Yeoman, n. Adams
Rice Thomas, stair builder, house 34 Davis, near Yeoman
Rice William D, coppersmith (B.),house 127 Eustos. n. Vine
Rice William D, carpenter, boards 34 Davis [n. Clift
Rich (Napthali D.) & Crosby (Benjamin), oysters, 140 Wash.
Rich Reuben, teamster, house Sumner, near Short
Richards Edward W, saddle and harness maker, 124 Wash., h. 1 Lyndeboro' place (B.)
Richards Geo. C, clerk, 3 Guild's building, house 54 Vernon
Richards Tolman C, coachman, boards City Hotel
Richardson Abijah, insurance agent, boards at G. Frost's Williams place
Richardson Augustus, house Oxford [Williams place
Richardson Henry H, carpenter, Eustis, corner Ziegler, house
Richardson James, painter, house 8 Adams
Richardson John S, steam planer, house r. Eaton, n. East
Richardson Josiah, merchant, house Sumner, n. Short
richardson William, teamster, boards 10 Magazine
Richie JOhn, laborer, house Davis, near East
Richmond Gideon B. (Crocker & R.),house 12 Franklin place
Ricker Benjamin, house Washington, opp. Putnam
Rider John, machinist, house Eustis, near East
Rider John jr., hair dresser, Ruggles, c. Tremont, h. at Boston
Riddle Edward, baker, house 40 Adams
Riedel Philip, carpenter, house Franklin place
Rigg Robert, carpenter, house Northampton, c. Davis
Rignall John, laborer, house Highland
Riker Nathaniel H, cabinet maker, house Cedar Square
Riley Charles, laborer, house Coventry
Riley James, laborer, house foot of Coventry
Riley John, blacksmith, boards 4 Adams
Riley John, laborere, house 48 Tremont
Riley Thomas, laborere, house Ruggles, near Vernon
Riley Thomas, laborere, house Tremont, cor. Cabot
Ring, Wm., silversmith, house 18 Spring court
Riley Nancy Mrs., widiw of Wm. P., house Circuit
Rising Darius B, merchant (B.), house Vernon, n. Auburn
Risley Hollis, driver, boards 3 Washington
Ritchie Edward S, merchant (B.), house Dedham
Ritchie James, city missionary, City Hall, house Marcella
Roark Michael, laborer, house Washington, near Parker
Roark Patrick, boards 190 Tremont
Roark Thomas, laborer, house Tremont place
Robbins Alvin M, house foot of Williams place
Robbing Chandler, moulder, house Centre, near Dudley
Robbins ____, beer manufacturer (B.), boards 3 Washington
Robbins Joseph W, book keeper (B), h. St. James, c. Regent
Robbins Peter G, physician, house 163 Wash. c. Williams
Robbins William, boards at A. Sanderson's
Robert David, house Parker, near Washington
Roberts Andrew J, shoe maker, Davis, opp. Yeoman, boards 4 Reed's court
Roberts Lewis A, book binder, boards 16 Linden Park
Robinson Dexter, blacksmith (B.), house Clift
Robinson Gilman B, coachman, boards Franklin House
Robinson Henry, waiter, house rear Davis, opp. Yeoman
Robinson Henry W, merchant (B.), house Oak
Robinson Jonathan P, merchant, 1 Commercial wharf (B.), h. Cedar, head Lambert avenue
Robinson Luther, teacher (B.), house Mt. Vernon place
Robinson Wm, carpenter, house East, near Island
Roby Ebenezer, boards 3 Church place
Rockwell William A, clerk, house Centre
Rodgers Ammon, soap manufacturer, house 62 Zeigler
Roessle Christian, laborer, house Eustis, near Wash.
Roessle John, brewer, Washington, cor. Lowell, house do.
Rogers John, treasurer Vt. and Mass. Railroad Co. 11 R.R. Exchange (B.), house Cedar, near Highland
Rogers Joseph A, clerk at City Hotel
Rogers Patrick H, carpenter, house SMith, foot of Phillips
Rogers Russell, lamplighter, house Cabot, near Ruggles
Rogers Robert B, painter (B.), house 10 Sumner [Lambert av.
Rogers Shubael G. jr, secretary Firemen's Ins. Co. (B.), house
Roguski Theodore, laborer, house Davis, near East
Rollins Sarah, widow, house Tremont, near the factory
Ronimus Michael, laborer, house Reed
Rooney Luke, laborer, house rear 17 Union
Rook (Wm. H.) & Loring (C.), manuf. Rook's patent looms, 39 Wash. c. Williams place, house Belmont
Ropes Benjamin H, confectioner and baker, 98 Wash. h. do.
Ropes Joseph S, merchant (B.), boards at Mrs. Atkins's
Rose Samuel, bolt maker, house rear Eaton, near East
Roskell George (J. & G. Roskell), house 10 Washington
Roskell Gilbert, cabinet maker, house 18 Washington
Roskell J. & G., cabinet makers, 10 Washington, house do.
Ross Jane W, dress maker, Mechaninc
Ross Jeremiah, tailor (B.), house St. Hames
Ross John C,mason, house Mechanic
Roston James, baker, house Cunard
Roston James W, painter, house 6 Cunard
Roston Thomas, painter, house Cunard
Rourke James, mildman, house Rockingham place
Rourke Patrick, wire dresser, house Milldam)
Rourke Roger, laborer, house Island
Rowlands Thomas, wool sorter, house 5 Water
Rowley Edward, patent leather, boards 64 Vernon
Rowley John, boarding house, 64 Vernon
Ruck Joseph, instrument maker, 14 Adams, near East
Ruggles Frederick, clerk, boards 266 Washington
Rumrell L, nurse, house Union, near Warren
Rumrill Ebenezer B, pattern maker, boards at J. W. Dudley's
Rumrill Wm. & Co. (A. Remick & J. L. Stanton), carpenters, Walnut, c. Waren, h. Blanchard place, C. Norfolk
Rusner John, weaver, house 10 Tremont place
Russell Thomas, counsellor, boards Montrose avenue
Russell True, carpenter, Dudley, near Warren, house 177 Washington, near Williams
Russell W. B., baker, boards Sumner, cor. Short
Rupp John, clerk Boylston Market (B.), house Linwood place
Rupp William, merchant (B), house Linwood place
Rutherford William A, clerk (B.), boards Allen place
Ryan Joanna, widow, house rear Short
Ryan John, laborer, house Plymouth, near Hunneman
Ryan Joseph, house 2 Davis
Ryan Patrick, carpenter, house 3 Yoeman
Ryan Richard, laborer, house Swett
Ryan William, laborer, house Milldam
Ryder Charles C, piano-forte maker (B.), house Akron
Ryder Wm. H. Rev., pastor Universalist Church, h. Kenilworth
Ryerson Eben., manuf. leather splitting machine knives, East, near Eaton, house 4 Reeds Court

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