Dorchester, MA Vital Records 1825 to 1850 [Marrages]
City Document 54-1905
Registry Department of the
City of Boston
Records Relating to Births, Marriages
and Deaths of Dorchester
Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger

Surnames starting with S to Y

Elizabeth of Plymouth and John Kneeland. Int. May 14, 1848.


Betsey D. and Chester Spaulding, Aug. 30, 1838.
Eliza and James R. Randall, May 20, 1841.


John and Mary Pelton, at Roxbury, Mar. 12, 1704-5.


George C.(Int. E.) and Martha Jane Hildreth, Oct. 29, 1848.


Samuel H. and Susan P. Porter, Feb. 4, 1828.

SARGENT(Sargant, Sargeant)

Agusta P. and Stephen Putman(Int. Putnam) of Danvers, Nov. 25, 1841.
Francis and Hannah Rollins of Pembroke, N.H. Int. Dec. 20, 1836.
George and Susan Constantine of Groton. Int. Feb. 25, 1849.
Dr. Howard and Charlotte Cunningham. Int. Apr. 26, 1836.
Laura and Howard Ford, Nov. 20, 1837.
Nancy and Aaron B. Fairbanks, Oct. 3, 1840.


Mary and Washington Daniels, Apr. 8, 1841.
William E. and Marsin A. Besse. Int. June 6, 1847.

SAVILL(Savil, Savils)

Eunice and Reuben Ricker, both of Quincy, Feb. 19, 1843.
Mary Ann and John Brown, Sept. 21, 1828.
Rosamond D.M. and Isaac Stetson of Scituate, Dec. 25, 1845.
Samuel K. and Cherry R. Swan. Int. Sept. 14,[1833].
Sarah of Braintree and Lemuel Badcock, at Braintree, Aug. 12, 1773.


Caroline S. of Boston and Stephen Tolman Jr. Int. Nov. 9, 1846.
Eliza Ann of Boston and Aaron Hanson. Int. Jan. 31, 1844.
Jonas(Mar. Joseph) of Lancaster and Susan Christian Passenger, Nov. 24, 1825.
Joseph(Int. Jonas) of Lancaster and Susan Christian Passenger, Nov. 24, 1825.
Margaret C.(Int. K.) and Andrew J. Davenport, Jan. 1, 1844.


Katherine of Roxbury and Edward Payson, at Roxbury, July 14, 1720.


William F. of Milton and Sarah L. Doane of Milton, Oct. 3, 1847.


Ann and John Chadwick of Quincy. Int. Dec. 12, 1829.
Isabella(Int. Mrs.) and Edward Tomline(Int. Tomlin), Sept. 26, 1830.


Anna and Lemuel White of Marshfield, at Marshfield, Feb. 3, 1731.
Christina Maria of Boston and George W. Stevens. Int. Aug. 8, 1847.
George(2d mar.) and Rachel Gilman, June 3, 1849.


Stephen and Caroline A. Ray. Int. Nov. 15, 1845.


Horace and Lydia S. Davis of Roxbury. Int. May 23, 1847.
Rebecca Bacon and Samuel Page Andrews, Oct. 23, 1845.


Harriet and William F. Porter of Dedham, Nov. 11, 1847.
Lucy H. and Headerson Kendall of Woburn, Sept. 30, 1849.
Susan C. and Judah S.M. Bellows, Dec. 21, 1848.


Ebenezer and Ruth Field of Milton, at Milton,---, 1766.
Samuel and Hannah Faxton of Braintree, at Braintree, Apr. 29, 1739.
William Jr., and Thankful[l] Stetson(Dup. Mrs.) of Braintree, at Braintree, June 21(Dup. Feb. 20, Braintree rec., June 21), 1771.


Charles and Sarah Baker Howe, Nov. 29, 1832.
Charles H. and Sarah L. Smith of Needham. Int. Nov. 18, 1832.
Martha Ann and William A. Gilbert, Nov. 5, 1835.
Sarah E. and William Adams. Int. Aug. 26, 1843.


Cylindia F. and Palemon M. Bickford. Int. Apr. 9, 1830.


James and Delight Hayden of Canton, Mar. 26, 1828.


John and Gertrude Bentrup. Int. Sept. 16, 1849.


Susan and James C. Doane, Sept. 1. 1836

SHADICK(Mar. Chadwick)

Eliza E. and Samuel W. Chapin, Mar. 24, 1836.


Robert of Randolph and Chloe Gay, July 7, 1830.


Clar[r]isa and Robert Richardson (Jr.), Jan. 1, 1835.
James Clement and Sarah Elizabeth Howe. Int. Sept. 3, 1843.
Lucretia B. and Robert Richardson(Int. Jr.) of Boston, July 28, 1830.
Mary H. and Calvin M. Thompson of Boston, June 2, 1847.


Hannah of Andover and Lemuel Clark, at Andover, Nov. 16, 1797.


John and Margaret Stevenson, Aug. 15, 1836.
Nathan G. and Mary Adams, Apr. 12, 1838.
Sally and Thomas Cushing of Plymouth. Int. Aug. 2, 1829.
William Jr., of Bridgewater and Parmilla Rugg, at Bridgewater, Oct. 9, 1791.


Charles D. of Sherburn, Vt., and Eliza Turner, Dec. 20, 1847.

SHEERGOOLD,James.(see Shurgoold)


Edwin Israel of New York and Adeline Maria Clapp. Int. July 2, 1836.


Alice and Abiel Winship of Boston, at Roxbury, Oct. 16, 1793.
Amelia T. of Boston and Consider Glass, May 22, 1845.
Annah and Charles Green(Int. of Boston), Nov. 28, 1844.
George of Canton and Almira Bailey, Apr. 26, 1827.
Hiram and Sarah Pope, June 19, 1826.
Hiram and Mary S. Munroe, Sept. 30, 1842.
Horatio G. and Mary A.L. Griffin, May 16, 1843.
James and Martha K. Southworth of Stoughton. Int. Aug. 25, 1833.
Margaret U. and Robert M. Lapham. Int. Dec. 31, 1842.
Mary and Joseph Williams Phillips, Aug. 31, 1834.
Thomas and Pricilla Tucker, at Boston, May 1, 1732.

Harriot G. (wid.) and Heman Bassett(widr.) of Boston, Mar. 24, 1846.


Charles and Esther Conner of Boston, Oct. 15, 1849.


Sarah H.(wid.) of Augusta, Me., and Edmund J. Baker, Sept. 1, 1847.


John and Maria Adams, Mar. 15, 1830.
William Jr., of Milton and Harriet Ann Veasey of Milton, Aug. 2, 1835.


Submit W. of Swansey and Calvin Young. Int. Aug. 13, 1842.


Ann and James Lawrence(Int. Lawrance), May 16, 1835.


John(widr.) and Lydia A. Stilman of East Hampton, N.Y., Mar. 12, 1848.
Sydney A. and Mary Walker(Int. Mrs.), Jan. 12, 1848.


Gilbert and Margaret Homer, Nov. 30, 1837.
Mrs. Margaret L.(Int. F.) and James Mansfield of Lynn, July 3, 1842.
Willard A. and Susan Parker, both of Boston, May 24, 1837.

SHURGOOLD(Int. Sheergoold)

James of Clifford, Great Britain, and Rebecca M. Snow, Dec. 21, 1834.


Desire and Phillip Liscum, at Scituate, Dec. 8, 1724.


Mary(Int. Mary J. Simonds) and Seth Crane, Oct. 8, 1829.


Abigail Frances of Newton and Calvin Hager of Newton, July 29, 1847.
Elizabeth and Rev. John Ballard, Aug. 6, 1835.
Hannah and Benjamin Z.(Int. F.) Whittemore of Boston, Dec. 3, 1840.
Micah and Nabby Webb of Weymouth, at Weymouth, Apr. 6, 1794.
Sarah and Thomas Hinchcliff, Feb. 22, 1830.
Stephen of Milton and Martha P. Henry, Jan. 27, 1831.


Mary and Daniel Sumner of Lowell, Mar. 5, 1842.


Abigail D. of Boston and William L. Wilcox. Int. Dec. 16, 1835.


James F. and Lucy A. Larabee, Mar. 23, 1836.


Hannah R. and Enock Homes(Int. Enoch Holmes), Feb. 11, 1838.

SISSON(Int. Sison)

Luther of Easton and Hannah(Int. Hannah S.) Church, Jan. 28, 1827.


Ann and John Gibson of Framingham, Nov. 1, 1827.
Francis and Hannah Dunmore. Int. May 25, 1833.
George and Sarah Adams of Milton. Int. Jan. 17, 1835.
John S. C. and Lydia S. Jewell. Int. Oct. 31, 1844.


Charles F. and Elizabeth R.(Int. K.) Melville, June 6, 1839.
David F. and Sarah M. Dickerman, May 23, 1841.
George J. and Hannah K. Kenney, Apr. 1, 1841.
Joseph W. Of Dedham and Julia A. Beckwith of Dedham(Int. both of Dorchester), Apr. 10, 1842.


Samuel of Cambridge and Eliza Allen, Feb. 1, 1826.


Eliza and Nathan Elridge(Int. Eldridge) of Hingham, Dec. 7, 1837.
Ruth of New Sharon, Me., and Aaron W. Rhoades. Int. Apr. 19, 1839.
Susannah and Joseph C. Doaue. Int. Aug. 3, 1836.


Amos and Charlotte Smith of Southborough. Int. Oct. 9, 1829.
Ann, d. of John and Moses Barrett, s. of Thomas of Chelmsford, at Chelmsford, Sept. 10, 1684.
Calvin and Caroline Morse of Franklin. Int. Apr. 7, 1832.
Charles H. and Susan Stetson(Int. Susan H. Studson), Dec. 31, 1844.
Charlotte of Southborough and Amos Smith. Int. Oct. 9, 1829.
Clarinda of New Boston, N.H., and John McCurdy. Int. Mar. 17, 1839.
Clarissa B. and Isaac W. Smith of Lynn. Int. July 1, 1836.
Edmund of Milton and Sophronia Dunbar. Int. Mar. 2, 1834.
Edwin A. and Deborah M.H. Williamson of Boston. Int. Nov. 21, 1840.
Harriet A. and Benne[t] W. Towner, Nov. 15, 1847.
Isaac W. of Lynn and Clarisa B. Smith. Int. July 1, 1836.
Jacob of Abington and Elizabeth Wheat. Int. May 1, 1843.
Jane and James Perry, Dec. 17, 1836.
John A. and Rebecca McKenny(Int. Rebeckah M. Kenney), Apr. 1, 1840.
Lucy A. and Henry Needham, Nov. 25, 1841.
Lydia Ann of Exeter and Michael Telyea. Int. Oct. 30, 1834.
Marcellus J. and Rachel P. Belcher, Nov. 26, 1839.
Martha and Samuel Knox, May 10, 1838.
Martha(Int. Easton) and Elijah Bird Jr., Apr. 22, 1845.
Mary and Ebenezer Knight of Milton, at Milton, ---, 1751.
Michael and Ann Magrurin. Int. Oct. 1, 1848.
Rebecca of Needham and William Bird, 2d, Oct. 2, 1834.
Sarah E. and Charles J. Bishop of Newburyport. Int. June 6, 1840.
Sarah L. of Needham and Charles H. Seaverns. Int. Nov. 18, 1832.
Simon Henry and Sarah Bradlee(Int. Bradley), Sept. 28, 1828.
William and Harriet Edes, Aug. 24, 1841.
William H. and Sarah Payson, both of Milton(prob. 1845 or 46?].


Henry of Landaff, N.H., and Mary Ware, Dec. 21, 1848.
Johathan Esq., of No. Bridgewater and Mrs. Elizabeth Tolman. Int. Aug. 16, 1828.
Julia A. of No. Bridgewater and Warrem Holmes. Int. Mar. 12, 1841.
Levi F. and Abby L. Calder of Boston. Int. Nov. 9, 1844.
Rebecca M. and James Shurgoold(Int. Sheergoold) of Cliford, Great Britain. Dec. 21, 1834.
Sarah G. of Boston and George Dodge. Int. July 27, 1844.


Patience and Edward Capen, at Boston, Mar. 28, 1739.


Hannah D. and Ira L. Gove. Int. Nov. 17, 1838.
John and Abigail Sprague. Int. Feb. 21, 1827.


Ebenezer T. and Mary M. Thompson of Halifax. Int. Dec. 4, 1828.


Joseph and Emily Wales(wid.), Dec. 14, 1846.


Albert(Int. of Stoughton) and Harriet Hammond, Mar. 17, 1831.
Elizabeth B. and Ira Tower, both of Stoughton, July 18, 1848.
Marcus and Sally Packard, Apr. 7, 1835.
Martha K. of Stoughton and James Shepard. Int. Aug. 25, 1833.


Elizabeth and Thomas Spargo. Int. Dec. 27, 1846.
Thomas and Elizabeth Spargo. Int. Dec. 27, 1846.
William and Elizabeth I.P. Capen, Dec. 4, 1848.


Mary A, of Walpole, N.H., and Aaron D. Capen. Int. Dec. 5, 1841.


Chester and Betsey D. Sanborn, Aug. 30, 1838.
Ozins of Cantor and Louisa Holmes, Sept. 15, 1846.


Rev. Nathan B. and Mrs. Mary A. White of Little Compton, R.I. Int. July 8, 1830.

SPEAR(Spears, Speares)

Ebenezer S. of Boston and Hannah Baker, May 10, 1841.
Edward Pulling and Abigail Richardson Clifton of Medford, Apr. 19, 1829.
Hannah of Braintree and Peter Blackman, at Braintree, Apr. 3, 1740.
Maria and Edward Preston(2d mar.), Oct. 4, 1848.
Martha of Roxbury and John Keen Jr., Oct. 22, 1846.
Mary E. of Boston and Charles Stone. Int. Nov. 8, 1835.
Sarah and Joseph Bryford, at Boston, Mar. 19, 1726.
William(M.) of Quincy and Nancy Brown, Dec. 26, 1847.


Hannah J. of Boston and Benjamin Fessenden, Apr. 14, 1836.


Abigail and John Somes. Int. Feb. 21, 1827.


Eliza Ann and Charles Howe(Int. of Brighton). June 22, 1845.
Lucy Ann and Joshua Thomas Reed(Int. Reid), Mar. 4, 1829.
Olive and Tully Freeman(widr.), July 18, 1847.
Rebecca and Robert Randall, at Roxbury, Sept. 8, 1793.
Thomas and Elizabeth Kinsley of Milton, Nov. 17, 1709.


Dorcas B. and William H. Park. Int. Aug. 11, 1843.
John and Rebecca Crowell, June 24, 1846.


George and Lucy Williams of Roxbury, at Roxbury, June 24, 1790.


Wilson and Lucinda A. Webb, Apr. 11, 1841.


Julia and Amon Goodwin, both of Milton, Feb. 27, 1840.


John of Boston and Electa Davenport. Int. Dec. 11, 1825.


Sally of Dedham and George Clarke, at Roxbury, Feb. 28, 1796.


Richard Westway of Boston and Mary Ann Murphy. Int. Dec. 14, 1842.


Abigail of Langdon, N.H., and Luke Putnam. Int. Mar. 2, 1832.
Henry (Int. Harvey) and Rebecca Brown, Jan. 11, 1829.
Rebecca B. of Medford and Nathan A. Adams. Int. Mar. 20, 1841.

STEPHENS(see Stevens)

Ann Maria and Charles S. Libbey(Int. Libby), (2d mar.), Apr. 27, 1848.
Lydia of Dighton and Thomas Fisher. Int. Mar. 2, 1826.


Abigail M. and Abner C. Kingman, Dec. 1, 1846.
Elizabeth H. and Edward Vose Muro(Int. Munroe), Mar. 9, 1829.
George D. and Harriet N. Cole of Lewiston, Me. Int. Dec. 5, 1844.
Isaac of Scituate and Rosamond D.M. Savil, Dec. 25, 1845.
Mary and Rufus Seaver Kelton, Feb. 19, 1832.
Sarah M. and Henry H. Moody of Roxbury. Int. Mar. 27, 1845.
Sarah N. and Ezra Hutchins, Dec. 18, 1848.
Susan(Int. Susan H. Studson) and Charles H. Smith, Dec. 31, 1844.
Thaddeus M. and Esther Kimball, Jan. 15, 1837.
Thankful[l](Dup. Mrs.) of Braintree and William Sever Jr., at Braintree, June 21(Dup. Feb. 20, Braintree rec., June 21), 1771.

STEVENS(See Stephens)

George W. and Hannah Whites, both of Quincy, Aug. 24, 1845.
Rachel and Joseph Brown, at Boston, June 22, 1738.


Margaret and John Shaw, Aug. 15, 1836.


Elenor Catharine of Boston and Samuel Jordan. Int. Mar. 7, 1845.


Lydia A. of East Hampton, N.Y., and John Shufelt(widr.), Mar. 12, 1848.


Frederick H. of Boston and Susan Stone Eaton. Int. May 2, 1834.
Stephen of Malden and Elizabeth Clap[p], Mar. 29, 1833.


John of Bristol, Me., and Lois Benton. Int. Feb. 14, 1839.

STODDARD(Stodderd, Stodder)

James and Margaret Mellish, Nov. 30, 1837.
James R. and Hannah Jackson, both of No. Bridgewater, July 29, 1838.
Sarah M. and William K. Wilson of Quincy. Int. Dec. 5, 1834.
Sarah W. and Josiah Hayden(Int. Jr.) of Quincy, Apr. 8, 1847.


Alanson of Thomaston, Me., and Sarah E. Wales, Nov. 26, 1846.
Ann and Samuel Capen, at Boston, Nov. 16, 1693.
Baman and Mary Walker of Framington. Int. Aug. 4, 1825.
Benjamin Jr., and Ursula S. Clay of Hookset, N.H. Int. Nov. 2, 1838.
Charles and Mary Wiggins of Tuftonboro, N.H. Int. Nov. 8, 1845.
Claris[s]a D. and Oliver Hall of Roxbury, Dec. 7, 1834.
David and Sarah Dyer of Braintree, at Boston, Dec. 2, 1723.
Elizabeth and Benjamin Carter, Jan. 8, 1839.
Harriet G. and Samuel F. White, July 23, 1846.
Henry of Boston and Sarah T. Ruggles. Int. Dec. 16, 1849.
James D. and Lydia Carter, Dec. 30, 1844.
Louisa and Orin Wilson of Framingham, Aug. 5(Dup. ent. May 15), 1834.
Mary Ann and Sylvanus Percival Jr., Nov. 5, 1842.
Rebecca and Burham(Int. Burnham) Royee, Nov. 3, 1844.
Sally S. and William B. Preston, May 15, 1831.
Sarah(Int. S.) and Andrew J. Woodward, May 1, 1842.
Susan H. of Harvard and Samuel McIntire. Int. June 10, 1834.
Thaddeus and Nancy S. Floyd. Int. May 25, 1833.


Edward of Quincy and Mary Quincy, Jan. 5, 1831.
William and Persis Lewis of Boston. Int. Aug. 7, 1841.


Henry of Westbrook and Hannah Wood of Boston, Mar. 9, 1834.


George A. of Boston and Henrietta Harris. Int. Dec. 12, 1844.
(Mrs.) Lydia and John Hall, Aug. 5, 1834.


John and Margret Doods of Sherborn, at Sherborn, July 12, 1739.


Ruth E. and John S. Kelly(Int. Kalley) of Jamesport, Me. Aug. 29, 1843.

STUDSON(See Stetson)

Susan H.


Anna Cabot Lowell of Brookline and Rev. Francis Cunningham. Int. Sept. 13, 1834.
Margaret and Morris Lee. Int. Mar. 30, 1847.


Benjamin(free negro) and Naomi Cole(free mulatto) of Braintree, at Braintree, Nov. 15, 1737.


Ann Maria and William Hobart, Jr., of Quincy, Dec. 5, 1844.
Beulah H. and Thomas W. Tuttle of Boston, Sept. 12, 1838.
Capt. Charles and Jane V.R. Walker of Boston. Int. Aug. 17, 1828.
Charles Henry of Boston and Sally Tileson, Apr. 23, 1846.
Charles J. and Lydia Ann Kelton, Nov. 24, 1842.
Clement of Milton and Elizabeth Randall, at Milton, May 19, 1772.
Daniel of Lowell and Mary Simonds, Mar. 5, 1842.
Elizabeth H. and Samuel R. Field. Int. Sept. 17, 1848.
Elvira and Col. Nathaniel Crane, June 5, 1845.
Francis C. of Milton and Mary W.(Int. Wales) Tolman, Oct. 7, 1830.
Gilbert and Catharine Riley, both of Milton, June 25, 1849.
John H. and Caroline A. Kinsbury(Int. Kingsbury), Sept. 9, 1845.
William of Milton and Ester Puffer, at Milton, June 2, 1697.
William and Polly Pond of Dedham, at Dedham, June 12, 1794.


David and Cecilia McGoveran(m.n. Cullin). Int. Nov. 12, 1849.


Albert D. and Ursula A. Howe, Oct. 12, 1834.
Charles Francis and Mary L. French of Canton. Int. Nov. 20, 1849.
Cherry R. and Samuel K. Savil. Int. Sept. 14, [1833].
Francis and Abby W. Constantine of Groton, Nov. 1841.
Robert and Mary Crane of Milton, at Milton, Apr. 30, 1724.
Robert and Lucy T. Cushing, Oct. 16, 1845.
Samuel and Elizabeth B. Cushing, May 28, 1842.
Sarah and Ebenezer Clapp Jr. Int. Mar. 15, 1833.
Sarah L. and James Pope Jr., Nov. 3, 1841.
William D. and Jane B. Capen of Stoughton, July 6, 1836.
William G. and Harriet N. Dedmun of Framingham. Int. Mar. 23, 1839.


Samuel D. and Maritta S. Alden of Walpole, July 14, 1844.


Betsy Robinson and Donald Ferguson, June 13, 1849.
Capt. Charles D. of New Bedford and Mary H. Crane, June 1, 1831.
Nathaniel(widr.) of Andover and Almena Jacobs, Oct. 13, 1847.

SYLVESTER(Silvester)(see Siluester)

Desire and Phillip Liscum, at Seituate, Dec. 8, 1724.
Everline of Phipsburg, Me., and Charles Tileston. Int. Aug. 2, 1845.

SYMMES(Symmes, Symns)

Jane and Caleb Williams, Sept. 25, 1828.
William(Int. of Boston) and Elizabeth(Int. Elizabeth W.) Ridgley, Mar. 13, 1826.
William and Eliza Taintor of Marlborough. Int. Nov. 8, 1834.
William and Eliza Ann Maling of Boston, May 2, 1836.


Mary L. and Josiah Field, Dec. 13, 1838.


Eliza of Marlborough and William Symmes. Int. Nov. 8, 1834.


Adeline and Cromwell Pierce of Methuen, Feb. 8, 1847.
Edward T. and Ann R. Moseley. Int. Jan. 17, 1835.
Martha and Lewis Morse Jr., Apr. 8, 1827.
Stephen P. of Medford and Sarah C. Hunt, May 13, 1845.


(Int. Farnsworth)Martha Ann of Boston and Joseph(Int. Josiah) V. Marshall, May 27, 1841.


Evelina and Thomas Watson Gowen, Nov. 29, 1827.


Mary of Charlestown and Joseph S. Hyde. Int. Sept. 10, 1848.


Lois of Chelsea and Samuel Allen, at Chelsea, Oct. 26, 1780.


Benjamin of Braintree and Rebecca(Int. Beckah) Nightingale, Oct. 19, 1834.
Betsey and John K. Wight, Oct. 12, 1834.
Lucy of Boston and William Bird. Int. Mar. 27, 1833.
Maria and Joshua D. Wiggins(Int. Wiggin), June 16, 1833.
Mary and J.S. Lovering of Boston. Int. Mar. 4, 1845.
Mary Ann and Henry A. Asgood of Boston. Int. Aug. 20, 1836.
Sally E. of Irasburg, Vt., and Ebenezer W. Ruggles. Int. Feb. 13, 1848.
Susannah(Int. Susan) and Walter Rowe, June 6, 1830.


Caroline and George Baynton. Int. Oct. 17, 1847.


Sophia of Marlborough and Rufus Howe. Int. Nov. 12, 1829.


Frederick and Catharine Cook, Feb. 24, 1834.


Michael and Lydia Ann Smith of Exeter. Int. Oct. 30, 1834.


Ann Elizabeth and Sherburn Rowe of Boston. Dec. 10, 1844.
Caroline and Samuel Blake of Roxbury. Int. Nov. 28, 1828.
Eliza and Henry A. Norris, Aug. 30, 1827.
Sarah L. and James R. Norris, Jan. 26, 1834.


Aphia M.(Int. N.) and Nathaniel E. Tripp, at South Boston, Oct. 1, 1843.
Cyrus and Sarah Ann Jordan, Oct. 30, 1836.


Anna(Int. Ann) Quincy and Benjamin Cushing, Jan. 5, 1848.
Susan B. and Henry H. Peters, July 12, 1848.


Abiram of E. Randolph and Mary Baker. Int. Dec. 12, 1837.
Ann M. and William H. Clark, Nov. 28, 1848.
Azel(Int. Asazeel) of Milton and Elizabeth Gardner, July 22, 1827.
Dorothy of Weymouth and Ephraim Capen, at Weymouth, July 16, 1778.
Eliphalet and Jane Hunt. Int. Sept. 7, 1833.
George H. of Randolph and Mary A. Thayer, Dec. 31, 1848.
George R.M. and Julianna(Int. Juliana) Wait of Montreal, Quebec, Feb. 15, 1829.
Harriet N. of Braintree and Edward W. Wilder. Int. June 29, 1844.
Lydia and Benjamin Baker. Int. Sept. 3, 1831.
Mary A. and George H. Thayer of Randolph, Dec. 31, 1848.
Mary Ann of Milton and Henry Crane[Jr.], Mar. 24, 1847.
Sarah E. and Samuel W. Huckins of Stafford, N.H., Apr. 18, 1843.


Jeremiah S. of Hartford, Me., and Maria L. Jordan(Int. both of Dor.), Sept. 30, 1844.


Archibald and Olive Gleason, Mar. 16, 1834.
Calvin M. of Boston and Mary B. Sharp, June 2, 1847.
Ebenezer and Belinda Welch, Aug. 5, 1847.
Frances W. and William Masury, Nov. 29, 1838.
Louisa and Joseph D. Kent of Orrington, Me. Int. Apr. 5, 1834.
Mary M. of Halifax and Ebenezer T. Soule. Int. Dec. 4, 1828.
Pedee and Lewis Leeds, Apr. 23, 1826.
Phebe of Stoughton and Henry Motte(Dup. Morto), at Stoughton(Dup. Canton), May 1(Dup. 11), 1796.


Betsy and William Trout of Wellfleet. Int. July 24, 1832.


Falden and Sarah E. Littlefield, Oct. 27, 1846.


Caroline and Josiah Blake, Jan. 6, 1828.
Louisa and Elnathan Cushing Jr., Mar. 4, 1827.


Sarah of Newton and Ebenezer Withington, 4th, at Newton, May 3, 1793.


Ann and Thomas Boucher, at Boston, Oct. 1, 1744.
Ann Jane and Joseph P. Raymond of Boston, Apr. 25, 1844.
Charles and Everline Sylvester of Phipsburg, Me. Int. Aug. 2, 1845.
Edmund P. and Helen F. Cummins of Springfield. Int. July 1, 1843.
Emeline and Charles Amerigo of Boston. Int. Oct. 14, 1841.
Ezekiel and Waitstill Dickerman of Stoughton, at Stoughton, Dec. 3, 1772.
John and Sarah Woods of Roxbury, at Roxbury, Dec. 16, 1725.
John N. and Lydia M. Harvey of Roxbury, Apr. 28, 1842.
Mary Ann and Dr. Jonathan Ware of Milton, Apr. 29, 1831.
Sally and Charles Henry Sumner of Boston, Apr. 23, 1846.
Samuel and Roanna Bird. Int. Jan. 19, 1833.
Sarah Minns and Edward Crehore. Int. June 23, 1843.
Captain Thomas and Elizabeth Wait of Roxbury, at Roxbury, July 8, 1790.
Thomas, 2d, and Zebiah N. Kingman, Jan. 1, 1838.
Timothy and Hannah--- of Scituate, at Scitunate, Jan. 5, 1697.


Elizabeth C. and Stephen T. Farewell(Int. Farwell) of Cambridge, Apr. 25, 1834.


Abigail(Int. Abba) Ann and Amasa Davenport, Nov. 16, 1840.
Charles P. and Mary Ann Capen, Dec. 25, 1844.
Charlotte[e] and William Harrington Walker, May 11, 1832.
Clarisa and William Wakefield Jr., (wdr.) of Reading, Oct. 10, 1845.
Clari[s]a and John L. Fletcher of Littleton, Sept. 1, 1840.
Elisha of Lincoln and Lucretia Pike, at Roxbury, Sept. 18, 1797.
Eliza and Moses C. Whitehouse, Dec. 16, 1841.
Elizabeth of Stoughton and Ebenezer Jones, at Stoughton, Oct. 14, 1779.
Mrs. Elizabeth and Jonathan Snow, Esq., of No. Bridgwater. Int. Aug. 16, 1828.
Hannah[2d] and William Peck, Oct. 9, 1831.
Hannah and Ebenezer Pope, Apr. 5, 1832.
Hannah M. and Thomas I.(Int. J.) Cook of Roxbury, Mar. 26, 1834.
Jerusha and Richard Humphreys, at Boston, May 21, 1723.
Jonas P. and Sarah Wiswall, July 25, 1844.
Lemuel and Lydia(Int. C.) Brewer, June 4, 1840.
Lucretia R. and Edward Hill of Newton, Nov. 29, 1835.
Maria and Rev. Samuel Richards of Sutton, June 9, 1842.
Mary and Enos Howe, Dec. 24, 1829.
Mary A. and William A. Pease of Edgartown, May 6, 1847.
Mary Elizabeth and Ebenezer Johnson Bispham, May 25, 1834.
Mary W.(Int. Wales) and Francis C. Sumner of Milton, Oct. 7, 1830.
Robert F. and Martha A. Hart, Oct. 9, 1844.
Ruthy and Bailey Wood of Boston. Int. Mar. 11, 1832.
Sarah Ann and Benjamin Turner, Nov. 29, 1832.
Stephen Jr., and Hannah(Int. C.) Foster, Nov. 19, 1840.
Stephen Jr., and Caroline S. Sawyer of Boston. Int. Nov. 9, 1846.
Susanna of Stoughton and Thomas Pierce, at Stoughton, Mar. 11, 1784.
Thomas and Mary Houghton of Milton, at Milton,---,1766.
Timothy and Elizabeth Wadsworth of Milton, at Milton, May 26, 1725.


(Int. Tomlin) Edward and Isabella Scotney(Int. Mrs.), Sept. 26, 1830.


(Mar. Forrens) Mary Ann and Moses B. Henry(Int. Kenney), Oct. 1, 1840.


Eunice of Scituate and Kesekiah(Hezekiah) Barker, at Scituate, Jan. 3, 1722.
Jane L. of Weymouth and Henry Newton. Int. Sept. 6, 1835.


Bethia of Hingham and Thomas Merow, Jan. 29, 1775.
Ira F. of Stoughton and Elizabeth B. Southworth of Stoughton, July 18, 1848.
Ruth of Hingham and Ebenezer Brown, at Hingham, May(?) 29, 1768.


Bennet[t] W. and Harriet A. Smith, Nov. 15, 1847.


Charles and Sarah H. Leeds, Sept. 22, 1841.
James(Int. of Framingham) and Sarah Kellum, June 12, 1826.
(Dup. and Int.) Jane Matilida and John Townsend, Jan. 14, 1834.
John and Jane Matilida(Dup. and Int. Jane Matilida Tpwnsend), Jan. 14, 1834.


Timothy and Rachel Vowdy, Feb. 22, 1848.

Adeline D. and Seth D. Whitney of Milton. Int. Oct. 14, 1843.

Ann and Daniel Lyons. Int. Jan. 10, 1846.
Margaret and Patrick Connell. Int. Dec. 12, 1844.


Diana P.(Int. Diann) and Israel Blaisdell, Oct. 24, 1839.
William(widr) and Ann Andrews, Apr. 26, 1846.
William B. and Rebecca Clapp[2d], Nov. 25, 1844.


Frank E. and Persis V. Preston, Nov. 4, 1847.


Mary and Timothy Crehore of Milton, at Milton, Dec. 24, 1712.
Sarah of Milton and Ichabod Maxfield, at Milton, May 8, 1729.
William and Mary(Int. Maria) Hinkley of Milton, Aug. 1, 1839.


Nathan and Elizabeth Blake, at Boston, Nov. 13, 1788.
Nathaniel E. and Aphia M. (int. N.) Tewksbury, at South Boston, Oct. 1, 1843.


John and Mary Chamberlaine of Roxbury, at Roxbury, Jan. 23, 1733-4.
Luke and Elizabeth Daman of Dedham, at Dedham, July 26, 1764.
Luke and Elizabeth Fuller of Dedham, at Dedham, Apr. 20, 1773.


William of Wellfleet and Betsy Thorning. Int. July 24, 1832.


(Int. Frucan), Edmund C. and Mrs. Hannah M. Colyer, Dec. 28, 1840.


Clementina and C.L. Cunningham. Int. Nov. 28, 1847.
Julia G. of Boston and Albert P. Holden. Int. Sept. 13, 1845.


Eliza Jane and Thomas R. Cooper, Feb. 28, 1843.
Hannah S. and Ebenezer B. Hearsey of Quincy. Int. Apr. 17, 1840.


Mrs. Caroline L.(Int. C.L.) and Ashel(Int. A.) Huntington Esq., of Salem, at Boston, Aug. 25, 1842.
Charles and Vesta Gates, May 22, 1839.
Rev. Elijah W. of New Market, N.H.(Int. of Milton), and Hannah W. Robinson, Sept. 22, 1841.
Elisha and Mary Ann Gates, Sept. 18, 1836.
Eliza(Int. Elizabeth) C. and Eldridge G. Packard, Nov. 6, 1833.
Elizabeth Plate and John Henry Gray. Int. Aug. 24, 1829.
Hannah P. and Elijah Russell, Aug. 20, 1829.
James Jr., and Rebecca Chamberlain, July 15, 1840.
Jane and Jonathan Clap, at Milton, Aug. 26, 1736.
John of Concord, N.H., and Sarah Ann(Int. Ann Sarah) Davenport, Apr. 8, 1841.
Mrs. Katharine of Roxbury and Thomas Randall, at Roxbury, Dec. 30, 1730.
Louisa of Canton and Rev. Bradley Minor. Int. May 15, 1841.
Mary B. and David S. Fogg(Int. Dr.) of Dedham, Nov. 28, 1847.
Priella and Thomas Shepard, at Boston, May 1, 1732.
William H. of East Stoughton and Elizabeth Davenport, Aug. 24, 1845.


Samuel of Milton and Margaret Koosman of Milton, June 17, 1838.


Sarah and William Weeks, at Boston, Dec. 3, 1724.


Benjamin and Sarah Ann Tolman, Nov. 29, 1832.
Charles W. of Taunton and Henrietta Gates, Nov. 29, 1846.
David and Lucy E. Hart, Aug. 24, 1846.
Jemimah of Scituate and Edward Foster, at Scituate, June 21, 1705.
Joesph and Asenath Hayden of Braintree, at Braintree, Nov. 2, 1771.


Joseph and Esther Noyce of Stoughtonham, at Sharon, Nov. 3, 1774.
Mrs. Louisa and Oliver Jordan, Jan. 12, 1830.
Mary of Hanover and Isaac Withington, at Hanover, Dec. 15, 1799.
Richd. of Scituate and Ruth Foster, at Scituate, Jan. 23, 1735-6.
Susan B. and Stephen A. Pierce of Boston, May 24, 1829.


Charlotte and Lemuel Clapp. 2d, June 9, 1840.
Thomas W. of Boston and Beulah H. Sumner, Sept. 12, 1838.


James F. of Woburn and Beulah A. Ellis, at Roxbury, Apr. 14, 1842.
Josiah F. and Susan A. Furniss(Int. Furness), July 3, 1839.


Amanda M. and Bazaleel(Int. Bacaleel) Lucas Jr., Sept. 10, 1828.


(Int. Ultor) Phebe Ann and Charles Clark(Clarke), Aug. 28, 1845.


Hannah of Scituate and Timothy Tyleston, at Scituate, Jan. 5, 1697.


Charles A. and Eliza Ann Kelton, Sept. 25, 1849.
Hephsibah of Reading and Nathl. Langley, at Reading, Jan. 29, 1756.
Jacob and Bethiah G. Church. Int. Oct. 25, 1830.
James H. and Mary Bird, June 19, 1845.


Ferdinand and Sarah G. Dimmock, Oct. 25, 1849.


Jane and Isaac Humphreys, at Boston, Jan. 19, 1720.


Juline E. of Plymouth and Galen B. Holmes, Feb. 13, 1842.
(Mar. Ball) Rachel T. and David L. Peterson of Plymouth, Nov. 24, 1842.


William of Westfield, N.Y., and Mary F. Gleason, Dec. 26, 1848.


Charles Jr., of Hallowell, Me. and Mary Susan Abbot. Int. July 1, 1832.


Harriet Ann of Milton and William Shields, Jr., of Milton, Aug. 2, 1835.
Susan and Holland Mason, May 15, 1827.


Samuel of Roxbury and Elizabeth H. Morse. Int. Mar. 18, 1831.


Joseph and Hannah Horton of Milton, at Milton,---, 1765.


Nancy and Sewall F. Winch, Feb. 13, 1839.


James L. and Phebe C. Adams, Nov. 13, 1836.


Anna Y.(?) and D. M. Hutchins(Int. D. Montgmery Huckins) of Bangor, Me., Oct. 27, 1840.
Cornelius M. and Anne B. Badlam of Boston. Int. Mar. 11, 1849.
Emeline and John Davis of Boston, Nov. 2, 1848.


Abigail and John Puffer, at Boston, Dec. 14, 1725.
Alexander Jr., of Brighton and Martha A[nn] Pierce, June 13, 1839.
Ann Sarah and Rev. Homer Henry Benson of Hinesburgh, Vt., Oct. 1, 1844.
Batheheba and Samil. Emory, at Boston, Sept. 22, 1726.
Ebenezer and Eunice Belcher of Braintree, at Braintree, Sept. 24, 1762.
Esther S. of Milton and Albert J. Mosher. Int. Nov. 30, 1839.
Hannah D. and Stephen Baker, May 2, 1830.
Harriot and William Marshall, Dec. 14, 1826.
Jemima and Elisha Pope, at Boston, Oct. 7, 1731.
Mary of Milton and Capt. John Billing, at Milton, Mar. 10, 1724 or 5.
Meriam of Milton and Moses Billings, at Milton, May 6, 1725.
Rebecca Gorham and John Burks Kettell of Boston, Oct. 8, 1838.
Robert and Abigail Pope. Int. Jan. 15, 1826.


Rachel and Timothy Trafton, Feb. 22, 1848.


Edward of Roxbury and Sarah King of Roxbury, Sept. 19, 1847.


John C. and Abigail M. Murdock of Middleborough. Int. Mar. 23, 1833.


David and Hannah Paul, at Milton, May 8, 1740.
Elizabeth of Milton and Timothy Tolman, at Milton, May 26, 1725.
George and Sophia R. Cheever, Dec. 8, 1841.
George(widr.) and Lydia S. Hall, Nov. 14, 1847.
Margaret H. and Warrne Reed, both of Milton, Feb. 25(Dup. ent. Jan. 15), 1837.


John George of Roxbury and Eliza Jane Wendemouth. Int. May 28, 1848.


Amanda and Henry I. Packard, Nov. 27, 1834.
Annetta and William Patterson, July 31, 1834.
Elizabeth of Roxbury and Capt. Thomas Tileston, at Roxbury, July 8, 1790.
Elmira(Int. Almira) and Zimri T. Burgess, Nov. 27, 1834.
Hannah F. and Charles H. Barton, Nov. 10, 1835.
Julianna(Int. Juliana) of Montreal, Quebec, and George R.M. Thayer, Feb. 15, 1829.


Lydia Maria and Lucas Parmenter, Feb. 14, 1827.
William Jr., and Mary B. Flint of Reading. Int. July 8, 1841.
William Jr.,(widr.) of Reading and Chris[s]a Tolman, Oct. 10, 1845.


Caroline C. of Boston and Ira W. Hill, Jan. 9, 1849.


John and Harriet Eliza Marsh of Quincy. Int. Dec. 5, 1846.


Ann S. and William E. Abbot of Billerica, Apr. 20, 1837.
Ebenezer, 2d, and Abigail Guild Ellis, May 19, 1831.
Elihu and Emily Ocane(Int. Crane), Sept. 11, 1831.
Elijah and Sarah Clifton(Int. Clefton), Sept. 3, 1826.
Emily(wid.) and Joseph Southwick, Dec. 14, 1846.
Harriet M. and William Norcross, Sept. 1, 1836.
Mary of Boston and David H. Gilbert. Int. Sept. 26, 1834.
Oliver and Susan H. Francis of Boston. Int. June 14, 1846.
Sarah E. and Alanson Stone of Thomsaton, Me., Nov. 26, 1846.
Stephen and Anna Glover, at Roxbury, Apr. 7, 1793.
Stephen Jr., and Lydia V. Read of Milton. Int. Apr. 22, 1833.
Susan, 2d, and Calvin Alden, June 5, 1831.
William and Elizabeth A.W. Quincy of Boston. Int. Sept. 14, 1844.

WALHOPTER(Int. Wolhanpter)

John R. and Jane Gannet[t](Int. Mrs.), Mar. 27, 1836.


Ann of Boston and Edmund Pope Jr., Apr. 3, 1835.
Charles(of Peacham, Vt.) and Susannah H. Hendley, May 20, 1838.
Charles(widr.) and Eliza McIntosh, May 29, 1845.
Eliza of Freeman, Me., and Harris Lynds. Int. May 2, 1846.
Eliza(Mar. Mary E. Holmes) and Albion Bean, June 2, 1846.
Jane V. R. of Boston and Capt. Charles Sumner. Int. Aug. 17, 1828.
Martha A. and George A. Hall of Boston(Int.both of Dorchester), Sept. 2, 1844.
Mary of Framingham and Baman Stone. Int. Aug. 4, 1825.
Mary(Int. Mrs.) and Sydney A. Shufelt, Jan. 12, 1848.
Mary Ellen and Ephraim Wales Bull, Sept. 10, 1826.
William Harrington and Charlotte Tolman, May 11, 1832.


Patrick and Mary Hakey. Int. June 6, 1847.


John Christian of Dedham and Margaret Hulm, July 3, 1842.


Emeline B[illings] and Joseph E[ckley] McIntire, Apr. 13, 1834.
John and Mrs. Hester Fobes. Int. Jan. 14, 1836.
Joseph T. of Pepperell and Elizabeth B. Robinson of Boston, Apr. 2, 1844.
Thankful and James Kennie, at Boston, Feb. 6, 1734.


Lydia of Boston and James H. Clapp. Int. Oct. 5, 1844.


Hannah and Ephraim Chaddock, June 23, 1845.
Dr. Jonathan of Milton and Mary Ann Tileston, Apr. 29, 1831.
Lucia L. and Frederick Paterson(Int. Patterson), Dec. 28, 1845.
Mary and Henry Snow of Landaff, N.H., Dec. 21, 1848.
Ralph and Mary Jordan. Int. Apr. 30, 1848.


Catharine of Quincy and Charles Butler, Nov. 27, 1845.
Elias S. and Jane B. Adams. Int. Feb. 20, 1842.
Elizabeth and James A. Jordan, May 20, 1847.
Mary Ann and James L. Chaddock, Nov. 14, 1848.


Abigail of Lowell and Joel Wilson. Int. May 3, 1833.
Hann[a]h(Int. Annah) and Ephraim Day of Newmarket, N.H., Dec. 17, 1826.
John and Mary(Int. B.) Withington, Feb. 21, 1834.
Joseph W. and Elizabeth Hunt. Int. Nov. 13, 1839.
Phila A. of Roxbury and John A. Pierce. Int. Mar. 14, 1840.
Sophia and Major Jacob Clarke of Dedham, Mar. 27, 1827.

WARTOW(Int. Warton)

Ann and James Lewis, Nov. 27, 1834.


Charles W. of Quincy and Hellen Maria Harris, May 4, 1845.
Susan S. and Sumner G.(Int. T.) Ruggles, Jan. 8, 1829.


Nancy and Woodbury C. Cheney. Int. Oct. 10, 1845.


Edward(Int. W.) and Susan I. Capen, Aug. 25, 1836.
Emily and John Wing. Int. July 29, 1849.

WETHERBEE(Weartherbee, Weatherbee, Weatherby)

Gardner E. and Harriet S. Field. Int. Aug. 29, 1829.
Rebeckah of Easton and Elijah Tucker, at Easton, Feb. 23, 1797.
Reuben and Della Theodore Eddy of Milton, Nov. 24, 1842.
Thomas and Abigail Farrington of Dedham, at Dedham, Nov. 3, 1784.


Elizabeth of Quincy and Oliver Billings, Jr., at Quincy, July 11, 1798.
Emma M. of Dedham and Nathaniel H. Nickerson. Int. Aug. 30, 1846.
Frances E. of Boston and Thomas O. Billings. Int. May 26, 1838.
Josiah of Milton and Betsey Crowell, Apr. 26, 1835.
Lucinda A. and Wilson Stanley, Apr. 11, 1841.
Nabby of Weymouth and Micah Simmons, at Weymouth, Apr. 6, 1794.
Sarah C. and Isaac Bent(Int. of Braintree). Dec. 2, 1830.


James of Roxbury and Elizabeth Hall, at Roxbury, June 30, 1793.
Nathaniel F. and Mariam Couch of Salisbury, N.H. Int. Aug. 23, 1834.
William A. and Mary E. Colyer, May 4, 1848.


Anna Maria Iiabeli and Schwen Everton of Germany. Int. Apr. 25, 1844.


Ebenezer and Sarah Leadbetter, at Boston, Oct. 8, 1732.
Mindwell and Abiel Bird, at Roxbury, Jan. 29, 1704-5.
Submit and Robert Cook, at Boston, Oct. 26, 1693.
William and Sarah Tukekee, at Boston, Dec. 3, 1724.


Belinda and Ebenezer Thompson, Aug. 5, 1847.


Rebecca of Roxbury and Edward Preston, at Roxbury, June 11, 1793.


Cordelia R. of Boston and Thomas W. Capen. Int. Nov. 25, 1840.


Eliza Jane and John George Waisner of Roxbury. Int. May 28, 1848.


Bathsheba of Stoughton and Francis More, at Stoughton, June 4, 1752.
Charles and Mary H. Gifford, Dec. 25, 1848.
Eunice Frances of Lowell and Jesse Fowler. Int. Apr. 11, 1844.
Frederick[of Boston] and Sophia Leeds, Mar. 23, 1836.
Ithamer J. and Sophia Nason, June 21, 1847.
Moses Warren and Mary Nason, Aug. 11, 1842.
Ruth of Stroughton and Benjamin Lyon, at Stoughton, Nov. 17, 1785.


John of Woburn and Rebecakah D. Ellis. Int. Jan. 17, 1842.
Lewis B. and Abigail A. Jones, Dec. 25, 1836.


Gilman M. and Martha Lord, June 18, 1838.


Eliza and Samuel W. Marston, Feb. 8, 1849.


Edward and Eliza Breed. Int. Feb. 3, 1828.


Elizabeth and Jacob Smith of Abington. Int. May 1, 1843.


Eleanor of Concord and Rev. Joseph Whitman, Jr. of Hubbardston, Aug. 13, 1840.
Hannah and Abraham Howe, at Boston, Aug. 10, 1725.
Haratio and Mary Reed, feb. 2, 1831.
Mary and Willard Onion of Roxbury. Int. May 18, 1833.
Mary E. and William Davis, Apr. 13, 1848.
Mary L. and Sheaf G. Drake. Int. Nov. 5, 1843.
Mary W. and William A. Fitzgerald of Boston, June 6, 1839.
Samuel B. of Boston and Almira H. Humphrey, Oct. 14, 1847.
Sarah T. and John Davis, Nov. 16, 1845.
Simeon and Mary Ann Humphrey Clap, Mar. 16, 1829.


Mrs. Eliza G. and William Holmes, Apr. 18, 1833.
Silas and Eliza Glover, May 4, 1830.


Gardner of Boston and Angeline Chamberlin, Sept. 18, 1828.


Frances A, of Portsmouth, N.H., and Richard L. Palmer. Int. Sept. 5, 1840.


Ariel C.(Int. of Milton) and Elizabeth(Int. Eliza) McIntosh, Aug. 15, 1836.
John L. of Boston and Mary G. Reed. Int. May 5, 1844.


Alvin and Mary Nute, Jan. 18, 1839.
Eliza Ann and William Brooks, Dec. 10, 1837.
John and Louisa L. Andrew[s], Nov. 1, 1841.
Louisa L. and William H. Pickard of Canterbury, N.H. Int. Dec. 9, 1849.
Lydia and Thomas Lewis, Apr. 9, 1829.


Aby of Roxbury and Gardner W. Ewell. Int. Oct. 1, 1840.
Albert C. and Sarah A. Carter of Woburn, Nov. 30, 1848.
Elizabeth of Weymouth and Lemuel Pope, at Weymouth, Nov. 25, 1773.
Elizabeth of Roxbury and Esquire Leonard, at Roxbury, Nov. 24, 1799.
Hannah and George W. Stevens, both of Quincy, Aug. 24, 1845.
Henry of Boston and Jane Elizabeth Williams, June 26, 1826.
Henry H. and Loronda Bond of Boston, Apr. 16, 1838.
Isaac H. of Roxbury and Mary W. Preston, Feb. 12, 1835.
James and Abigail Farrington of Dedham, at Dedham, Apr. 28, 1714(1715?)
John and Mary Fales of Dedham, at Dedham, Jan. 15, 1778.
Capt. John B. and Caroline F. Howard, Jan. 14, 1841.
Lemuel of Marshfield and Anna Scot, at Marshfield, Feb. 3, 1731.
Lydia Elizabeth and Luther Hall, Oct. 19, 1834.
Mrs. Mary A. of Little Compton, R.I., and Rev. Nathan B. Spauldwin. Int. July 8, 1830.
Mary J. of Canton and James H. Blackman. Int. May 12, 1844.
(Mar. Wight) Mary Jane and William Melville of Boston, July 2, 1849.
Moses and Sarah Woodcock of Dedham, at Boston, Aug. 9, 1723.
Nicholas of Milton and Margaret McMannis. Int. Apr. 28, 1840.
Patrick and Abigail Clifford. Int. July 12, 1846.
Rebecca and John Ballard, at Boston, May 29, 1718.
Samuel F. and Harriet G. Stone, July 23, 1846.
Sarah of Milton and Joseph Fenno, at Milton, Dec. 8, 1726.
Sarah of Braintree and Andrew Glover. Int. Nov. 6, 1836.
Sarah E. and Royal D. Boston of Maidstone, Vt., Oct. 29, 1846.
William and Anne Farrington of Dedham, at Dedham, July 2, 1712.


Moses C. and Eliza Tolman, Dec. 16, 1841.


Aaron and Adaline C. Miller(wid.)(Int. Miss), Sept. 10, 1844.
(Dup. Whitingail) Edwin and Mary D. Battles, May 29, 1836.
Leonard of East Abington and Elizabeth B. Hart. Int. Mar. 7, 1846.
Lydia of Abington and George Clap. Int. July 29, 1849.

WHITINGAIL(Dup. Whiting)

Edwin and Mary D. Battles, May 29, 1836.


Rev. Joesph Jr., of Hubbardston and Eleanor Wheeler of Concord, Aug. 13, 1840.


Mary of Milton and George B. Jones of Philadelphia, July 6, 1841.
Seth D. of Milton and Adeline D. Train. Int. Oct. 14, 1843.


Andrew of Roxbury and Susan Newell of Roxbury, Aug. 23, 1841.
Benjamin Z.(Int. F.) of Boston and Hannah Simmons, Dec. 3, 1840.
John of Peterborough, N.H., and Lucretia Glover, Jan. 21, 1843.
Joseph of Wrentham and Lydia Hall(Int. Mrs.?), May 19, 1834.
Michael and Roxselenah M. Furness, May 2, 1842.


Mrs. Mary Ann and George W. Brooks, Apr. 9, 1840.
William Jr., of Boston and Mary Ann Bird, Mar. 31, 1828.


George of Woburn and Elizabeth Gowen. Int. Dec. 30, 1849.


James and Mary Elliot, Jan. 31, 1839.
Joshua D. and Mary Ann Evans. Int. Apr. 30, 1832.
Joshua D. and Maria Taylor, June 16, 1833.
Ruth of Tuftonboro, N.H., and Charles J. Stone. Int. Nov. 8, 1845.
Timothy and Nancy Norris, Aug. 25, 1835.


James C. and Emily Harris of Quincy, Jan. 1, 1846.


John K. and Betsey Taylor, Oct. 12, 1834.
(Int. White) Mary Jane and William Melville of Boston, July 2, 1849.
Miron and Eunice Horton. Int. Aug. 5, 1827.
Miron and Mary Johnson of Newton. Int. Apr. 7, 1833.


William L. and Abigail D. Simons of Boston. Int. Dec. 16, 1835.


Esther of Braintree and Isaac Horton, at Braintree, May 2, 1782.
Hannah M. and Jabez Howland Jr., Esq., of Barnstable. Int. Oct. 6, 1843.
Rachel of Milton and Nathaniel Minot, at Milton, June 21, 1798.


Charles H. and Rebecca J. Jacobs of Boston, Apr. 30, 1846.
Edward W. and Harriet N. Thayer of Braintree. Int. June 29, 1844.
Joshua H. and Elizabeth Ann Wiswell(Int. Wiswall), Jan. 22, 1845.
Juliaett and John Delano Jr., Int. Nov. 6, 1841.
Lois P. of Pittsfield and John Delano Jr. Int. Aug. 30, 1844.
Marshall P. and Abigail Baker of Franklin. Int. Aug. 10, 1833.
Martin of Boston and Hannah H. Churchill. Int. Apr. 27, 1847.


Parker E. of Boston and Ellen S. Page, Oct. 30, 1848.


John H. of Boston and Mrs. Thomazine Elizabeth Minott, Nov. 19, 1826.


Arthur of Boston and Martha W. Dunning, Dec. 3, 1840.


Lyman of Cambridge and Elizabeth Howe, 2d, Dec. 19, 1844.
Sarah B. of Roxbury and Edward Bird. Int. May 10, 1829.


Simeon and Deborah Hopkins, June 30, 1826.


Abiell of Roxbury and Timothy Foster, at Roxbury, Mar. 3, 1742-3.
Caleb and Eunice Clap, at Roxbury, May 2, 1793.
Caleb and Jane Symnes, Sept. 25, 1828.
Caroline A. and David Brown, Mar. 30, 1845.
Elizabeth and John Armstrong, at Boston, May 6, 1779.
Elizabeth Ann and Edward Jones, Jr., June 16, 1836.
Galen of Milton and Fanny Cutting of Milton, Apr. 18, 1848.
Jane Elizabeth and Henry White of Boston, June 26, 1826.
Louisa of Taunton and Moses H. Bass. Int. Apr. 9, 1839.
Lucy of Roxbury and George Standdart, at Roxbury, June 24, 1790.
Mrs. Sarah of Roxbury and Edward Brick, at Roxbury, May 22, 1735.
Seth and Lucy Leach, June 15, 1834.
Mrs. Susanna of Roxbury and John Robinson, at Roxbury, May 11, 1727.
Thomas J.(Int. G.) of Marshall N.Y., and Elizabeth Jones, Oct. 14, 1845.
William of Framington and Abigail R. Baggs. Int. Sept. 23, 1849.
Williams of Milton and C. Copeland of Milton, Apr. 27, 1837.


Deborah M.H. of Boston and Edwin A. Smith. Int. Nov. 21, 1840.


Charlotte Elizabeth and Nathaniel Dennett, 3d, of Portsmouth N.H., June 11, 1848.
Jonathon S. and Mary W. Lyon of Milton. Int. Nov. 3, 1832.
Julia A. of No. Bridgewater and Clark Bellows. Int. Apr. 2, 1841.
Marietta(Int. Mariette) and Moses Glenson, Oct. 15, 1829.
Sophia N.(Int. V.) and Elbridge G. McElroy, Nov. 14, 1833.


Caroline Eliza(Int. Elizabeth) and Charles Austin Wood, May 3, 1841.
Enoch and Mary Jane Hailey of So. Boston. Int. May 28, 1830.
Isaac F. and Esther Ann Higgins, Nov. 14, 1848.
Joel and Abigail Warren of Lowell. Int. May 3, 1833.
Louisa and Charles Hunt, July 24, 1834.
Lucretia R. and Gardner Rideout, July 12, 1836.
Orin of Framington and Louisa Stone, Aug. 5, 1834.(Dup. ent. May 15, 1834.)
Parley and Sarah Hathaway of New Bedford. Int. Nov. 29, 1827.
William K. of Quincy and Sarah M. Stodder. Int. Dec. 5, 1834.


William B. and Hannah S. Bird. Int. Nov. 16, 1842.


Sewall F. and Nancy Vinal, Feb. 13, 1839.


Henry of Dedham and Abigail McIntosh. Int. Feb. 26, 1825.


Eliza W. and Elisha T. Loring(2d. mar.), Aug. 6, 1849.
John and Emily Watson. Int. July 29, 1849.


Abiel of Boston and Alice Shepard, at Roxbury, Oct. 16, 1793.


Lucy I. of Hanover and George Hildrith. Int. Apr. 18, 1830.
Ruth G. and Marshall Lane of Abington. Int. Mar. 18, 1836.

WISWELL(Wiswall, Wiswale)

Diadama and George A. Hall. Int. Sept. 16, 1849.
Ebenezer Jr. and Irene Lane of Hingham, Oct. 10, 1748.
Elizabeth Ann and Joshua H. Wilder, Jan. 22, 1845.
Ichabod and Jerusha Norton of Edgartown, at Edgartown, Dec. 9, 1735.
Joseph and Mary Knowles, May 6, 1838.
Noah and Hannah Hadyes, 3d, of Norton, at Norton, Nov. 8, 1753.
Richard H. and Mehitable S. Fuller of Dedham. Int. Mar. 24, 1832.
Sarah and Jonas P. Tolman, July 25, 1844.


(Int. Wetherell) Hannah and Seth Clark, Aug. 20, 1846.


Abijah W. and Eliza Jane Nixon, Dec. 24, 1833.
Clarisa and Jonathan H. Loring. Dec. 6, 1834.
Clari[s]sa and David L. Davis of Boston, May 1, 1836.
Ebenezer, 4th, and Sarah Thwing of Newton, at Newton, May 3, 1793.
Elizabeth(Mrs.) and Thomas Withington of Attleborough, June 14, 1835.
Emily and (Dr.) John Heard of Scarboro, Me., Oct. 9, 1838.
Eunice and John Keith. Int. Mar. 10, 1842.
Mrs. Frances M. of Roxbury and George Holmes. Int. June 13, 1841.
Franklin and Mary Ann Brazier of Boston. Int. Oct. 22, 1836.
Rev. Hiram and Elizabeth H. Clapp, Nov. 19, 1844.
Isaac and Mary Turner of Hanover, at Hanover, Dec. 15, 1799.
Isaac Jr., and Sarah Ann Bethune of Canton. Int. May 26, 1832.
John and Elizabeth Russell of Cambridge, at Cambridge, May 4, 1710.
John and Susanna Cushing, at Boston, May 18, 1790.
Lucy and David Gould Jr., of Chatham, July 5, 1849.
Mary and Capt. James Robinson, at Roxbury, Dec. 5, 1793.
Mary and Edward Preston, 3d(Int. Jr.), May 1, 1827.
Mary and John Warren, Feb. 21, 1831.
Mrs. Mary Preston and Capt. Ebenezer Eaton, Sept. 20, 1827.
Melis[s]a and Lewis Francis Pierce, Nov. 30, 1834.
Nathaniel and Mary Lucy Homer. Int. Mar. 2, 1845.
Noah and Relief Harres of Stoughton, at Stoughton, Mar. 20, 1796.
Noah and Martha Newmarch of Boston. Int. June 6, 1840.
Samuel Jr., and Mrs. Elizabeth Howe, Aug. 10, 1826.
Sarah B. and Bartholomew W. Worley of Roxbury(Int. Newton), Apr. 20, 1826.
Sarah B. of Dedham and Zadock C. Hows. Int. June 12, 1841.
Sarah Moseley and Cranston Howe of South Boston, Apr. 14, 1831.
Thomas of Attleborough and [Mrs.] Elizabeth Withington, June 14, 1835.
William and Deborah Damon, at Boston, Sept. 30, 1735.
William[2d] and Elizabeth W. Ford, Apr. 5, 1832.
William, 2d, and Nancy D. Harrod(Int. Harod), Apr. 25, 1839.

WOLCOTT(INt. Wolcutt)

Rev. William of Petersham and Mary Ann Penniman, Sept. 13, 1832.


Bailey of Boston and Ruthy Tolman. Int. Mar. 11, 1832.
Caroline and David Clark of Reading. Int. July 8, 1843.
Charles Austin and Caroline Eliza(Int. Elizabeth) Wilson, May 3, 1841.
Eliza Ann and William Adams, July 3, 1833.
Elizabeth P. of Somerset and George Read. Int. Jan. 24, 1846.
Emeline P. (Int. of Gouldsboro, Me.) and William M. Eaton, Oct. 6, 1847.
Hannah of Boston and Henry Stover of Westbrook, Mar. 9, 1834.
John G. and Rachel Faxon of Braintree. Int. Sept. 21, 1833.
Samuel G.(Int. P.) and Mary Abigail Pierce, June 4, 1849.


Sarah of Dedham


Bartholomew W. Worley of Roxbury(Int. Newton), and Sarah B. Withington, Apr. 20, 1826


Martha H. and M. Olcott Barry of Boston, May 25, 1847.
Sarah Welles and William H. Richardson of Boston. Int. June 11, 1836.


Esther R. and Josiah W. Capen, Jan. 1, 1827.


Henry and Mary Jane Cushing, Dec. 15, 1844.
Lydia C. and Dexter Reed of E. Bridgewater, Nov. 15, 1842.
Sarah Maria and Henry Herrick of Dalton, Feb. 19, 1835.
William of Great Britain and Silence Bird, at Boston, Aug. 5, 1713.


Capt. Benjamin of Bangor, Me., and Mrs. Mary Coffin. Int. Mar. 7, 1846.


Thomas and Elizabeth Minot, at Boston, Jan. 27, 1729.


Ruth and Josiah Randall, at Woburn, June 29, 1775.


John and Susan F. Haley, Nov. 13, 1845.


Calvin and Submit W. Short of Swansey. Int. Aug. 13, 1842.
Henry Smith of Milton and Harriet Gardner Holmes, Sept. 15, 1845.
Jane and Andrew Black of Milton. Int. May 20, 1834.
Moses of Boston and Sarah Leeland(Int. Lealand), Jan. 1, 1834.

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