Dorchester, MA Vital Records to 1850 [Marrages]
City Document 54-1905
Registry Department of the
City of Boston
Records Relating to Births, Marriages
and Deaths of Dorchester
Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger

Surnames starting with H to L


Caroline of Boston and James P. Jaqueth of Billerica, Aug. 22, 1839.
Samuel D. and Mary A. Oliver of Boston, Jan. 3, 1844.


Hannah, 3d, of Norton and Noah Wiswall, at Norton, Nov. 8, 1758.


Calvin of Newton and Abigail Frances Simmons of Newton, July 29, 1847.


Mary and Patrick Wall. Int. June 6, 1847.


Almira of Carlisle and John Jackson. Int. Dec. 18, 1824.
Sarah and William L. Marden, July 5, 1840.


Mary Jane of South Boston and Enoch Wilson. Int. May 28, 1830.
Reuben F. and Maria Lord of Boston, Dec. 27, 1840.
Susan F. and John Yeaton, Nov. 13, 1845.


Charles and Cornelia Fuller of Charlestown. Int. June 28, 1829.
Charles F. of Dedham and Mary Hutchinson of Dedham, May 5, 1842.
Ebenezer and Meriam Hunt of Milton, at Milton,---,1762.
Elizabeth and James Webster of Roxbury, at Roxbury, June 30, 1793.
Elizabeth T. and John N.(Int. H.) Howe, Dec. 3, 1844.
George A. of Boston and Martha A. Walker(Int. both of Dorcheaster), Sept. 2, 1844.
George A. and Diadama Wiswall. Int. Sept. 16, 1849.
John and (Mrs.) Lydia Stowell, Aug. 5, 1834.
Luther and Lydia Elizabeth White, Oct. 19, 1834.
Lydia(Int. Mrs.?) and Joseph Whittemore of Wrentham, May 19, 1834.
Lydia S. and George Wadsworth(Int. Wardsworth)(widr.), Nov. 14, 1847.
Rev. Nathaniel and Sarah Elizabeth Coffin, at Boston, May 28, 1838.
Oliver and Laura Richards, Sept. 14, 1826.
Oliver and Eunice Lyen, Jan. 14, 1834.
Oliver of Roxbury and Claris[s]a D. Stone, Dec. 7, 1834.
Oliver and Caroline Laughton of Brookline. Int. Nov. 9, 1844.
Richard and Sarah Billings of Stoughton, at Stoughton, Sept. 9, 1773.
Sarah A. and Charles A. Maynard of Boston, Apr. 19, 1838.
Susan A. and Collins G. Nickerson*2d Mar.) of Chatham, Dec. 10, 1849.
Thomas B. and Kezia C. Adams of Boston, Nov. 1, 1827.

HAMILTON(Int. Hamliton)

Alexander and Huldah H. Nickerson, Dec. 24, 1845.
James and Eunice M. Patten, Feb. 21, 1847.
Rebecca M. and John G. Berry. Int. Oct. 30, 1840.
Thomas of Chatham and Mary J. Needham(Int. both of Dor.), Nov. 19, 1844.


Harriet and Albert Southworth(Int. of Stoughton), Mar. 17, 1831.
William and Rachel Howe of Westmoreland, N.H. Int. Aug. 19, 1827.


Caroline and George W. Pond of Roxbury. Int. Sept. 12, 1829.


Mary E.B. of Boston and William W. Huse of Newburyport, Oct. 24, 1848.


Aaron and Eliza Ann Sawyer of Boston. Int. Jan. 31, 1844.


John of Bristol, Me. and Lois Baton, Mar. 1, 1839.


Abigail and William H, Nightengale, July 26, 1838.
Mrs. Julia of Chatham and David Clark. Int. June 4, 1848.

HARLEY(Mar. Hearsey)

Sarah and Josiah Field, June 8, 1835.


William H. of Roxbury and Mary G. Hawes, May 24, 1838.


Rebecca of Braintree and Joesph Marshall, at Braintree, Feb. 19, 1784.


Catharine B.(wid.) and James Blake(widr.) of Newton, Mar. 25, 1845.
Emily of Quincy and James C. Wigginton, Jan. 1, 1846.
Frances and Henry K. Loring of Boston. Int. Aug. 23, 1845.
Hellen Maria and Charles W. Washburn of Quincy, May 4, 1845.
Henrietta and George A. Stowell of Boston. Int. Dec. 12, 1844.
Horatio and Elizabeth E. Crebore, Apr. 2, 1846.
John W. and Catharine B. Clapp, June 17, 1839.
Mehitable and Joseph W. Merrill, June 30, 1838.
Relief of Stoughton and Noah Withington, at Stoughton, Mar. 20, 1796.
Rev. Thaddeus Mason and Mary Dix of Worcester, at Worcester, Jan. 27, 1795.
Thomas and Lucy Peirce of Watertown, at Watertown, Aug. 22, 1745.
William of Boston and Anna L. Clapp, Oct. 11, 1835.
Willaim Jr., and Christann Pearson of Charlestown. Int. Aug. 2, 1844.
William A. and Harriet M. Adams, Apr. 28, 1846.


Catharine D. and George M. Farnum(Int. of Boston), June 4, 1846.
Charles D. and Mary R.S. Farnum, May 28, 1848.
Nancy D. and William Withington, 2d, Apr. 25, 1839.
Sarah A. and George Rixford of Boston, at Roxbury, Apr. 28,(27?), 1842.


Daniel and Catharine Corkery. Int. Jan. 21, 1849.
Elizabeth B. and Leonard Whiting of E. Abington. Int. Mar. 7, 1846.
Harriet of Quincy and Capt. Thomas Baldwin. Int. Oct. 30, 1842.
Henry and Sarah Louisa Hill, Apr. 17, 1849.
John and Celia Martin. Int. Sept. 10, 1848.
Lucy E. and David Turner, Aug. 24, 1846.
Martha A. and Robert F. Tolman, Oct. 9, 1844.
Mary and Thomas Baldwin,---(Int. Oct. 31), 1835.
Sarah W. of Westmoreland, N.H., and Philip B. Holmes. Int. July 23, 1836.
William N. and Caroline M. Clark. Int. Apr. 22, 1843.


Thomas and Elioner Jones, at Boston, Sept. 13, 1727.


Lydia M. of Roxbury and John N. Tileston, Apr. 28, 1842.


Thankful H. and Benjamin Capen. Int. Apr. 6, 1827.


Asa P. of Boston and Sarah J. Carlton, Dec. 30, 1849.
Gidian of Barnstable and Patience Beumont, at Boston, Dec. 20, 1710.
Sarah of New Bedford and Parley Wilson. Int. Nov. 29, 1827.


Benjamin Franklin of Boston and Louisa Clap(Int. Clapp), Nov. 9, 1831.


Corinna and Capt. John Bishop of Boston, Sept. 2, 1832.


Mary G. and William H. Harlow of Roxbury, May 24, 1838.
Obediah and Mary Cobb of Dedham, at Dedham, May 19, 1726.
Sarah and Seth Clap, at Roxbury, Sept. 10, 1793.


Asenath of Braintree and Joseph Turner, at Braintree, Nov. 2, 1771.
Daniel R. and Mary L. Golbert, at Boston, May 12, 1836.
Delight of Canton and James Semple, Mar. 26, 1828.
Josiah(Int. Jr.) of Quincy and Sarah W. Stoddard(Int. Stodderd), Apr. 8, 1847.
Silence of Milton and Richard Clark, at Milton, Mar. 22, 1787.


Daniel and Emeline Bird, Feb. 17, 1839.


Malvina F. and Addison Farwell, Mar. 23, 1848.


Almira and John Hunt(Int. and pencil note James), Sept. 5, 1829.
(Int. Howes of Dedham), Bathsheba S. and Benjamin F. Hebard, July 3, 1838.
George and Abigail Adams, July 17, 1827.
Rebecca B. and Simeon(Int. Simon) Brown, Sept. 22, 1842.


Daniel of Braintree and Sarah H. Clapp, Mar. 22, 1840.
Mary and John Palmer, at Milton, July 31, 1746.
Ruth of Braintree and Israel Beale, at Braintree, Nov. 16, 1770.


Mrs.(?) Sophronia of Cowden, Me., and Albert Adams of North Chelmsford, Aug. 10, 1833.


John(Dr.) of Scarboro, Me., and Emily Withington, Oct. 9, 1838.


Benjamin F. and Bathsheba S. Hainns(Int. Howes of Dedham), July 3, 1838.
Ezra S. and Achsah W. Pratt, May 2, 1842.
Sylvester H. and Tryphosa Pratt, Apr. 8, 1841.


Eliza(Int. Elizabeth) S. and Lewis M. Howe, Dec. 3, 1835.
Elizabeth B. and Isaac W. Follonsbee, May 28, 1838.
John and Martha S. Knights(Int. Knight), July 25, 1841.
Susannah H. and Charles Walker(of Peacham, Vt.), May 20, 1838.


Mathew T. and Rebecca B. Adams of Milton. Int. May 24, 1846.


Partrick and Mrs. Susan Johnson. Int. Apr.26, 1826.


Benjamin R. and Sarah B. Mann, Dec.---, 1834.
John(foreigner) and Elizabeth Cheney, at Newton, Mar. 16, 1797.
Martha P. and Stephen Simmons of Milton, Jan. 27, 1831.
(Int. Kenney), Moses B. and mary Ann Forrens(Int. Torrens), Oct. 1, 1840.
Robert of Milton and Dorcas Conner, May 17, 1835.
William and Hannah Freeman, Nov. 5, 1829.


Henry[Rev.] of Dalton and Sarah Maria Wright, Feb. 19, 1835.


Sarah of Stoughton and John Dunlap, at Stoughton, Sept. 3, 1793.


Ebenezer B. of Quincy and Hannah S. Trumbull. Int. Apr. 17, 1840.
Elizabeth and Lemuel S. Blackman. Int. Mar. 7, 1889.
James of Randolph and Eliza(Int. C.) Johnson, June 27, 1839.
Mary Ann and Timothy R. Page, Feb. 27, 1834.
(Int. Harley), Sarah and Josiah Field, June 8, 1835.
Stephen F. and Elizabeth H. Munroe, Aug. 9, 1840.
Theodore and Hannah W. Adams, Dec. 15, 1848.
Thomas J. and Sabel P. Colby, Apr. 22, 1842.

HEWES(Hughes, Huse)
Mary and John Campbell of Charlestown. Int. Feb. 11, 1830.
Mary Harriet and Edmund Jackson of Roxbury, Jan. 18, 1827.
Sarah and Theophilus Cary of Harwich. Int. Nov. 15, 1836.
William W. of Newburyport and Mary E.B. Hannum of Boston, Oct. 24, 1848.


John C. and Charlotte A. Guild of Atteborough. Int. May 26, 1832.
Sarah H. of Roxbury and Ebenezer T. Reynolds of Boston, May 5, 1839.

HICKLEY(Int. Hinkley)

Sarah and George Field, both of Milton, Sept. 27, 1840.


Esther Ann and Issac F. Wilson, Nov. 14, 1848.


George and Lucy I. Winslow of Hanover. Int. Apr. 18, 1830.
James(Int. of Lowell) and Martha Howe, May 30, 1826.
James(2d. Mar.) and Mary Kelton(2d. Mar.), Oct. 11, 1848.
Martha Jane and George C.(Int. E.) Sanderson, Oct. 29, 1848.
Samuel B. and Elizabeth G. Balkam, Dec. 22, 1846.
Sophia A. and Alfred Nye of Boston. Int. Dec. 16, 1849.


Amos A. and Dolly Gleason, Oct. 18, 1832.
Asa of Lyndeborough, N.H., and Julia A. Burgess, Apr. 25, 1847.
Caleb and Sarah Holt. Int. Jan. 24, 1835.
Edward of Newton and Lucretia R. Tolman, Nov. 29, 1935.
Elizabeth Ann and Andrew Collins, Dec. 2, 1846.
Emily Ann and Joseph Bent, Oct. 17, 1845.
George and Mary Bromfield(Int. Brumfield) Mason Murphy, Apr. 18, 1828.
Henry Esq., of Bangor(Int. Exeter), Me., and Mary Jane Howe, Jan. 1, 1839.
Ira W. and Caroline C. Walbridge of Boston, Jan. 9, 1849.
James P. and Hepsabeth Allen of Braintree. INt. May 22, 1830.
John and Mary Agnes Burgoine. Int. Oct. 27, 1832.
Lucretia R.(Int. Mrs.) and Christopher C. Barney of Boston, Mar. 26, 1844.
Luther and Betsey(Int. Betsey Elizabeth) Bowen, Aug. 14, 1842.
Naomi(Int. Naomy) and Ebenezer S. Cate, Jan. 27, 1831.
Oliver C. and Adeline Hooker. Int. Oct. 5, 1828.
Sarah Louisa and Henry Hart, Apr. 17, 1849.


Thomas and Sarah Simmons, Feb. 22, 1830.


Mary(Int. Maria) of Milton and William Tescott, Aug. 1, 1839.
(Mar. Hickley), Sarah and George Field, both of Milton, Sept. 27, 1840.


Abram of Milton and Harriet Humphrey, Jan. 8, 1830.
Caleb of Abington and Elizabeth Ball, June 21, 1840.
William Jr., of Quincy and Ann Maria Sumner, Dec. 5, 1844.


Harriet W. and Rev. Frank P. Appleton of Danvers, Apr. 6, 1846.


Luther and Mary Ann Page, Oct. 17, 1841.


Caroline and William P. Peakes(Int. Peaks of Scituate), May 15, 1836.
Frances Elizabeth and Jonathan Davis Jr., of New Orleans, La., Oct. 22, 1849.
George and Susan Louge of Boston. Int. July 17, 1836.
Mary S. and George W. Leeds, Nov. 15, 1827.
Susan and James Jenkins of Milton, Apr. 2, 1835.


Albert P. and Julie G. Trufast of Boston. Int. Sept. 13, 1845.
Edward and Emily Alden, June 17, 1849.
Ezekiel and Mrs. Patty Glover of Cambridge, Aug. 8, 1838.
Frances B. and Elisha B. Bird of Boston. Int. Feb. 1, 1833.
John of Roxbury and Sarah Clap, at Roxbury, Dec. 3, 1793.
John B. and Susan Knights. Int. Mar. 21, 1840.
Lydia Elizabeth and James Glover Jr., Mar. 11, 1835.
Mary Ann Baker and Andrew Glover, May 15, 1832.


Mary and Beriah Billings, at Boston, June 7, 1722.
Ruth and Jonathan Coolidge of Watertown, at Boston, Aug. 15, 1718.


Daniel M. and Elizabeth T.(Int. E.) Bisbee, Dec. 18, 1842.


Maria H. of Milton and Emmor K. Cornell of Milton, May 7, 1835.


Almira Jane of Randolph and Luther Bird. Int. Dec. 30, 1836.
Mrs. Ann Elizabeth and Joseph Lambert of Roxbury. Int. Dec. 7, 1844.
Nathan of Randolph and Susanna[h] Bailey, Mar. 27, 1832.
William H. and Sarah Jane Barnes of Boston. Int. Apr. 14, 1839.


Mrs. Catharine and Peter Cook. Int. Oct. 14, 1843.

HOLMES(Holms, Homes)

Andrew P. and Martha D. Burgess, Jan. 10, 1837.
Ann Mary and William T. Jacobs, Dec. 16, 1849.
Augusta G. and Henry F. Eaton, Oct. 4, 1847.
Caroline F. and Charles O. Eaton, Sept. 24, 1848.
Ebenezer and Hannah Paul of Stoughton, at Stoughton(Dup. ent. at Canton), Oct. 25, 1787.
Edward B. and Caroline Buttrick of Boston. Int. Nov. 16, 1826.
Elizabeth of Milton and Jacob Cook, Jan. 30, 1848.
Elkanah C. and Ruth H. Bumpus, Apr. 6, 1843.
Enock(Int. Enoch) and Hannah R. Sinnot, Feb. 11, 1838.
Erastus N. of Worcester and Roxana(Int. Rosanna) Forter, May 9, 1833.
Galen B. and Juline E. Valler of Plymouth, Feb. 13, 1842.
George and Mrs. Frances M. Withington of Roxbury, Int. June 13, 1841.
George and Eliza Ann Lingley. Int. Dec. 30, 1849.
Hannah P. and Thomas Knapp, Nov. 29, 1849.
Harriet Gardner and Henry Smith Young of Milton, Sept. 15, 1845.
Louisa and Ozias Spaulding of Canton, Sept. 15, 1846.
Mary E. and Amos W. Phagins of Quincy. Int. Apr. 29, 1843.
Mary E.(Int. Eliza Walker) and Abion Bean, June 2, 1846.
Octivia S. of Dedham and John Lewis of Dedham, May 8, 1842.
Otis(Int. Capt.) and Sarah Preston, May 1, 1827.
Philip B. and Sarah W. Hart of Westmoreland, N.H. Int. July 23, 1836.
Richard T. and Mary L. Bevan. Int. Oct. 25, 1843.
Samwll. and Mary Bullard, at Dedham, Dec. 26, 1696.
Sarah E. and Asahel N.(Int. H.) Glover, Nov. 8, 1842.
Warren and Julia A. Snow of No. Bridgewater. Int. Mar. 12, 1841.
William and Mrs. Eliza G. Wheelock, Apr. 18, 1833.
Thankful and Edward Payson of Woodstock, at Boston, Oct. 29, 1712.


Eliza A. and Willet C. Blenus. Int. June 17, 1849.
Joseph of Pagwonnock, Conn., and Martha Rollins. Int. Oct. 1, 1843.
Margaret and Gilbert Shumway, Nov. 30, 1837.
Mary Lucy and Nathaniel Withington. Int. Mar. 2, 1845.


Adam M. and Martha H. Newhall of Newton. Int. Mar. 22, 1840.


Adeline and Oliver C. Hill. Int. Oct. 5, 1828.
Lemuel B.(Int. D.) and Abigail Mayo, Nov. 8, 1827.
Robert C. and Adeline D. Ripley of Springfield. Int. Nov. 19, 1846.


Deborah and Simeon Willey, June 30, 1826.
Margaret and Patrick Downs. Int. Apr. 1, 1845.
Priscilla and Shadrack(Int. Shadrach) Jenkins, Sept. 24, 1829.
Thankfull(Int. P.) and Ebenezer Glover, Oct. 9, 1826.


Patrick and Alice McCann. Int. Oct. 24, 1847.


Catharine and Patrick Glynn. Int. Feb. 13, 1848.


Edward of Boston and Rosanna Collins. Int. June 9, 1833.


Almira of Boston and Capt. William J. Dorr. Int. Aug. 13, 1837.
Eunice and Miron Wight. Int. Aug. 5, 1827.
Hannah of Milton and Joseph Viles, at Milton,---,1765.
Isaac and Esther Wild of Braintree, at Braintree, May 2, 1782.
Jane of Canton and John Crowell. Int. May 15, 1835.
Mary and John Glover, at Boston, Dec. 22, 1724.


Ebenezer of Milton and Sarah Evans, at Milton, Sept. 27, 1722.
James and Marriam Carter of Roxbury. Int. Nov. 26, 1834.
Mary of Milton and Thomas Tolman, at Milton,---,1766.
Pamela and Edward M. Flower Jr., Oct. 1, 1841.
Ralph of Milton and Matha Bennet(Int. Martha M. Bennett), Sept. 11, 1842.

HOUSEN(Dup. Houston, Int. Houson)

Frederick O. of Dudley and Mary Eleanor Cooper, Feb. 25, 1837.


Ann Jane and Joshua Gardner, May 19, 1828.
Caroline F. and Capt. John B. White, Jan. 14, 1841.
Henrietta and Henry James Nazro of Lowell, Apr. 2, 1832.
Richard of Canton and Mary A. Crane, Oct. 5, 1848.
Sibil P. and Simon Brown(2d Mar.), Oct. 5, 1848.

HOWE(Howes, Hows)

Abigail and Nathaniel N. Gleason, Sept. 2, 1839.
Abigail B. and George Fowler, Nov. 27, 1834.
Abraham and Hannah Wheeler, at Boston, Aug. 10, 1725.
Alvan of Roxbury and Elizabeth Crane. Int. Apr. 6, 1827.
Ann Maria and Elisha H. Preston, Dec. 13, 1842.
(Mar. Hains) Bathsheba A.(Int. of Dedham) and Benjamin F. Hebard, July 3, 1838.
Charles(Int. of Brighton) and Eliza Ann Spurr, June 22, 1845.
Cranston of So. Boston and Sarah Moseley Withington, Apr. 14, 1831.
Edward S. and Laura F. Billings of Quincy. Int. Apr. 29, 1849.
Eliza Ann and Edward Pierce, Dec. 13, 1832.
Eliza R. and Gardner Dennett of Standish, Me., Oct. 19, 1836.
Eliza V. and Moses G. Lyon, Sept. 19, 1842.
Mrs. Elizabeth and Samuel Withington Jr., Aug. 10, 1826.
Elizabeth, 2d, and Lyman Willard of Cambridge, Dec. 19, 1844.
Enos and Mary Tolman, Dec. 24, 1829.
Frederick W. and Philenda H. Munroe, July 14, 1833.
George L. of E. Bridgewater and Elvira M. Eldridge. Int. Dec. 7, 1849.
George W. of Hopkinton and Abby L. Hyde of Hopkinton, Oct. 10, 1847.
Harvey and Frances W. Baker, Oct. 24, 1833.
Henry A. of Princeton and Mary B. Howe, Nov. 6, 1845.
Hezekiah W. and Louisa Bean. Int. May 20, 1843.
Isaac Jr., and Frances Randall of Sharon, at Sharon, Dec. 17, 1799.
James and Jane Meroth, at Boston, July 31, 1740.
James T. and Martha N. Jenkins, Aug. 29, 1838.
John N.(Int. H.) and Elizabeth T. Hall, Dec. 3, 1844.
Lewis M. and Eliza(Int. Elizabeth) S. Hendley, Dec. 3, 1835.
Lucy Ann and George Woodman, May 2, 1849.
Maria (Int. Maria Antoinette) and Daniel Pierce Jr., Sept. 23, 1835.
Martha and James Hildrith(Int. of Lowell), May 30, 1826.
Martha and Charles P. Ripley of Barre, Vt. May 12, 1837.
Mary Ann and Sarell Gleason, Mar. 15, 1832.
Mary B. and Henry A. Howe of Princeton, Nov. 6, 1845.
Mary Jane and Henry Hill, Esq. of Bangor(Int. Exeter), Me., Jan. 1, 1839.
Mehitable and George Bridgeman, Dec. 3, 1835.
Nancy M. and Warren Richards, June 15, 1838.
Rachel Jr. and Edward Robinson, at Roxbury, Dec. 6, 1793.
Rachel of Westmoreland, N.H., and William Hammond. Int. Aug. 9, 1827.
Rufus and Sophia Tayntor of Marlboro. Int. Nov. 12, 1829.
Sarah A. and Joel B. Davenport, Oct. 14, 1840.
Sarah Ann and Isaac Collins, Sept. 28, 1836.
Sarah Baker and Charles Seaverns(Int. Seavens), Nov. 29, 1832.
Sarah Elizabeth and James Clement Sharp. Int. Sept. 3, 1843.
Solomon A. of Bolton(Int. Boston) and Ruth A. Barnes, June 21, 1840.
Mrs. Thankful of Dedham and Thomas Leeds, at Dedham, June 18, 1761.
Theodore L. and Louisa A. Field, May 14, 1846.
Ursula A. and Albert D. Swan, Oct. 12, 1834.
Zadock C. and Sarah B. Withington of Dedham. Int. June 12, 1841.


Jabez Jr., Esq., of Barnstable and Hannah M. Wilde. Int. Oct. 6, 1843.


John and Sabra J. Mink, Apr. 25, 1841.
Sarah and Caleb Hill. Int. Jan. 24, 1835.


Daniel C. of Quincy and Abigail F. Delano. Int. Oct. 15, 1842.
Richardson of Milton and Angeline Durell of Milton, Apr. 7, 1841.


Deborah B. and George W.R. Carleton. Int. Mar. 14, 1847.
D. Montgmery(Mar. D.M. Hutchins) of Bangor, Me., and Anna Y.(?) Vinson. Oct. 27, 1840.
Samuel W. of Strafford, N.H., and Sarah E. Thayer, Apr. 18, 1843.

HUGHES(see Hewes)


Margaret and John Christain Walper of Dedham, July 3, 1842.
Michael and Friendsake Brown, Nov. 24, 1842.

HUM(Mar. Hume)

Michael and Louisa Margarette Dursh of Roxbury, Nov. 17, 1833.


Almira H. and Samuel B. Wheeler of Boston, Oct. 14, 1847.
Caroline E. and William G. Kettelle, Aug. 5, 1847.
Celia and James Davenport Jr., Feb. 7, 1848.
Harriet and Abram Hobart of Milton, Jan. 8, 1830.
Henry and Sarah Blake Clap, Dec. 2, 1830.
Isaac and Jane Urene, at Boston, Jan. 19, 1720.
James and Dorcas Fairbanks of Dedham, at Dedham, May 20, 1714.
Jonas and Sarah Fales of Dedham, at Dedham, Aug. 11, 1748.
Richard and Jurusha(?) Tolman, at Boston, May 21, 1723.


Catharine and Jacob Funk, Feb. 23, 1836.
(Int. Hum) Michael and Louisa Margarette Dursh of Roxbury, Nov. 17, 1833.


Charles and Louisa Wilson, July 24, 1834.
Elijah M. of Milton and Olive Butler. Int. June 23, 1837.
Mrs. Elizabeth of Rehoboth and Elder James Blake, at Rehoboth, Sept. 17, 1695.
Elizabeth and Joseph W. Warren. Int. Nov. 13, 1839.
Jane and Eliphalet Thayer. Int. Sept. 7, 1833.
John(Int. and pencil note James) and Almira Haynes, Sept. 5, 1829.
Martin of Milton and Mehitable Randall. Int. Dec. 3, 1824.
Mary B. of Milton and William H. Felker, July 15, 1849.
Meriam of Milton and Ebenezer Hall, at Milton,---,1762.
Sarah C. and Stephen P. Talbot of Medford, May 13, 1845.
Warren of Canton and Ruth Dickerman, July 14, 1831.


Asahel(Int. A.) Esq., of Salem and Mrs. Caroline L.(Int. C.L.) Tucker, at Boston, Aug. 25, 1842.


Rev. Benjamin of Canton and Lydia Bowman Baker. Int. Apr. 2, 1841.
William M. and Caroline A. Gatterson. Int. Feb. 4, 1849.


Hannah of Dedham and Jonathan Lewis, at Dedham, Apr. 19, 1733.
Margaret of Dedham and John Lewis, at Dedham, Apr. 3, 1727.


Harriet N. and Isaac(Int. L.) Leavitt(widr.), Apr. 25, 1847.


D.M.(Int. D. Montgomery Huckins) of Bangor, Me., and Anna Y.(?) Vinson, Oct. 27, 1840.
Ezra and Sarah N. Stetson, Dec. 18, 1848.

HUTCHINSON(Hutchenson, Hutcheson)

Catharine and John Eliot of Milton, June 14, 1836.
Joseph and Sarah B. Marshall, Nov. 26, 1835.
Mary of Dedham and Charles F. Hall of Dedham, May 5, 1842.


Abbey L. of Hopkinton and George W. Howe of Hopkinton, Oct. 10, 1847.
Hester A. and Stilman Noyes Jr., Oct. 27, 1847.
Joseph S. and Mary Tapley of Charlestown. Int. Sept. 10, 1848.


Mary and Collins G. Nickerson(Int. of Chatam), Apr. 7, 1846.


Caroline B. and William D. Coolidge. Int. Oct. 13, 1833.


Louisa A. and Franklin Briggs, Jan. 4, 1846.


Moses(Int. M.) of Hopkinton and Sophia Delano, May 5, 1844.


(Mar. Johnson), Ebenezer and Mary McIntosh, Nov. 2, 1828.
Edmund of Roxbury and Mary Harriet Hewes, Jan. 18, 1828.
Hannah and James R. Stoddard, both of Bridgewater, July 29, 1838.
John and Almira Hale of Carlisle. Int. Dec. 18, 1824.
Mary J. and Thomas B. Richardson, Nov. 14, 1846.


Almena and Nathaniel Swift(widr.) of Andover, Oct. 13, 1847.
Benjamin and Sarah Foster, at Boston, Feb. 26, 1787.
Rebecca J. of Boston and Charles H. Wilder, Apr. 30, 1846.
William T. and Ann Mary Homes, Dec. 16, 1849.


Milton of Roxbury and harriet Leeds. Int. Sept. 30, 1827.


James P. of Billerica and Caroline Hadley of Boston, Aug. 22, 1839.


Elizabeth(Int. Eliza Garven) and Sewall(Int. Sewall) Bailey, July 27, 1828.


Thanal M. and Mary Dunpha. Int. Dec. 9, 1825.


Benjamin and Elizabeth Bradley, Nov. 27, 1839.
Frederick R. and Helen L. Brown, Oct. 7, 1846.
James of Milton and Susan Holbrook, Apr. 2, 1835.
Martha N. and James T. Howe, Aug. 29, 1838.
Mary Jane and Isaac C. Abbott of Groton. Int. Sept. 3, 1834.
Rebecca and Hiram Clapp, May 13, 1849.
Sarah and William T. Adams of Boston, Oct. 7, 1846.
Sewell T. and M. Annrietta Clapp. Int. Feb. 13, 1848.
Shadrack and Harriet[C.] Leach, Dec. 15, 1841.
Shadrack(Int. Shadrach) and Priscilla Hopkins, Sept. 24, 1829.
William C. and Salome T. Fairfield. Int. Sept. 7, 1844.


Mrs. Mabel of Charlestown and Samuel Bird, at Charlestown, July 9, 1747.


Mary B. and Lewis Bonner, both of Milton, Sept. 24, 1840.


Betsey and Archibald Dunmore, Oct. 5, 1828.
Laurinda and Samuel Dearbron(Int. Dearborn) of Brighton, Apr. 19, 1835.
Lydia S. and John S.C. Skinner. Int. Oct. 31, 1844.
Mary B. and Lewis Bowman of Milton. Int. Sept. 5, 1840.


Daniel and Eunice Ryder, May 3, 1832.
Samuel R. of Hopkinton, N.H., and Lauretta(Int. Lauret T.) Bird, Oct. 9, 1842.


Charlotte A. of Boston and Rev. James H. Means. Int. May 20, 1849.
Clarissa and James M. Penniman of Randolph, Apr. 1, 1832.
(Int. Jackson), Ebebezer and Mary McIntosh, Nov. 2, 1828.
Eliza(Int. C.), and James Hearsey(Int. Hersey) of Randolph, June 27, 1839.
Harriet W. and Albert Pope, Oct. 6, 1841.
Jerusha P. and Otis Orcutt of Randolph, Jan. 5, 1831.
Mary of Newton and Miron Wight. Int. Apr. 7, 1833.
Mrs. Susan and Patrick Henesey. Int. Apr. 26, 1826.


Abigail A. and Lewis B. West, Dec. 25, 1836.
Angeline and John Purington of Cambridgeport. Int. jan. 24, 1847.
Christopher and Triphosa Plumer, July 5, 1848.
Ebenr. and Lydia Norcot, at Boston, May 17, 1694.
Ebenezer and Elizabeth Tolman of Stoughton, at Stoughton, Oct. 14, 1779.
Edward Jr., and Elizabeth Ann Williams, June 16, 1836.
Elijah and Jerusha Dickerman of Stoughton, at Stoughton, Sept. 10, 1777.
Elioner and Thomas Hartley, at Boston, Sept. 13, 1727.
Elizabeth and Thomas J. Williams of Marshall, N.Y., Oct. 14, 1845.
George B. of Philadelphia and Mary Whitney of Milton, July 6, 1841.
Jonathan and Katharine Cutler of Charleston, at Charleston, Oct. 16, 1734.
Lydia and Moses McIntosh, at Boston, Aug. 5, 1734.
Mary of Salem and Madison McIntosh, Apr. 5, 1832.
Mary E. and Henry Beal of Dedham. Int. Feb. 1, 1835.
Sarah P. and Charles Munroe, July 15, 1841.
Stephen S.C. of Brookline and Rebecca Lyon, Apr. 21, 1834.
Thomas of Milton and Elizabeth Rider, at Milton, June 24, 1713.
William and Susannah Aldrich, Aug. 18, 1831.


Amelia L. and Joseph Burbank, June 14, 1841.
Elizabeth of Boston and Benjamin P. Lucas. Int. Feb. 28, 1841.
Elizabeth M. and George G. Dow, Sept. 6, 1846.
Foster and Sarah C. Garcelen of Boston, June 8, 1845.
James A. and Elizabeth Warner, May 20, 1847.
Margaret and William Neil of Milton. Int. Feb. 12, 1825.
Maria and David L. Morse of Roxbury, Apr. 22, 1836.
Maria L. and Jeremiah S. Thomas of Hartford, Me.(Int. both of Dorchester), Sept. 30, 1844.
Mary and Ralph Ware. Int. Apr. 30, 1846.
Oliver and Mrs. Louisa Turner, Jan. 12, 1830.
Samuel and Eleanor Catharine Stewart. Int. Mar. 7, 1845.
Sarah Ann and Cyrus Tewksbury, Oct. 30, 1836.


Enoch and Rebecca Rogers, Nov. 4, 1849.
Ephram of Bedford, Me., Hannah Greenwood of Boston, May 20, 1844.
Lemuel T. and Nancy Marden. Int. Nov. 23, 1840.


Judith and Edmund McCoy. Int. Nov. 12, 1849.


John Jr., and Martha Spears(Int. Speares) of Roxbury, Oct. 22, 1846.


Charles and Lucy S. Leonard of Quincy. Int. Mar. 14, 1847.


John and Eunice Withington. Int. Mar. 10, 1842.


Sarah and James Townsend(Int. of Framington), June 12, 1826.


(Int. Fuller), Caroline E. and David Beckwith, Jan. 30, 1837.
John of Roxbury and Whenneford Cunniff. Int. Dec. 29, 1843.
(Int. Kalley), John S. of Jamesport, Me. and Ruth E. Strout, Aug. 29, 1843.


Mrs. Eliza Ann(Int. Miss) and William Lucas, Oct. 5, 1834.
Eliza Ann and Charles A. Upham, Sept. 25, 1849.
Lydia Ann and Charles J. Sumner, Nov. 24, 1842.
Mary(2d Mar.) and James Hildreth(2d Mar.), Oct. 11, 1848.
Rufus Seaver and Mary Stetson, Feb. 19, 1832.
Thomas and Eliza Ann Childs, Feb. 14, 1827.


Charles H. of Boston and Martha H. Gorden of Boston, June 27, 1844.
Henderson of Woburn and Lucy H. Sears, Sept. 30, 1849.
Henry J. and Mary E. Bird, Oct. 29, 1837.
Mary E. and John Ford of No. Providence, R.I. Int. Nov. 21, 1847.
Sarah M. and William Chandler Jr., Nov. 3, 1845.
Volney and Hannah L. Clapp. Int. Dec. 22, 1844.
William and Martha Conant of Lowell. Int. Jan. 2, 1848.


Mary and Robert Redman, at Boston, Aug. 1, 1722.

KENNEY(Kenny, Kennie)

Abel and Elizabeth McIntosh. Int. Sept. 30, 1827.
Hannah K. and George J. Sloan, Apr. 1, 1841.
James and Thankful Ward, at Boston, Feb. 6, 1734.
John and Polly K. Doane, Feb. 23, 1832.
Mariam F. and Nelson Corning of Methuen, Oct. 24, 1837.
(Mar. Henry), Moses B. and Mary Ann Forrens(Int. Torrens), Oct. 1, 1840.
Zelotes and Lurana Nickerson, Nov. 11, 1846.


Alfred Jr. of Brookline and Sarah B. Gleason, Oct. 15, 1849.


George W. and Mary Paul of Dedham. Int. Mar. 3, 1843.
Joseph D. of Orrington, Me., and Louisa Thompson. Int. Apr. 5, 1834.


Joanna Sweeter and George Penniman of Milton, Sept. 17, 1837.
John Burks of Boston and Rebecca Gorham Vose, Oct. 8, 1838.
Maria and Enoch Brown Esq., of Bangor. Int. Jan. 8, 1836.
William G. and Caroline E. Humphrey, Aug. 5, 1847.


Joanna and Samuel Baker, at Boston, Nov. 26, 1748.


Francis and Bridget Dorphy. Int. Feb. 7, 1840.


Lovisa and Abijah Gregory of Weston, Mar. 3, 1840.


Almira of Boston and James Leach, Oct. 2, 1832.


Catharine of Boston and James Dooner. Int. Mar. 23, 1837.
Elijah and Diana Lyon, at Foxboro, Aug. 13, 1784.
Lois and Samuel Glover, at Roxbury, Mar. 7, 1793.

Catharine of Milton and Francis Pierce of Milton, Dec. 25, 1834.
Esther and Thaddeus M. Stetson, Jan. 15, 1837.


Mary G. and James Crowell, Oct. 19, 1834.
Michael of Waltham and Mary Riley. Int. Apr. 6, 1848.
Sarah of Roxbury and Edward Voy of Roxbury, Sept. 19, 1847.


Abner C. and Abigail M. Stetson, Dec. 1, 1846.
Zebiah N. and Thomas Tileson, 2d, Jan. 1, 1838.


Caroline A. and John H. Sumner, Sept. 9, 1845.
Mrs. Hannah and Josiah Foster. Int. Dec. 9, 1832.
Joanna and John Capen of Boston, Apr. 12, 1849.
Martha(Int. Marth) A. of Boston and Samuel D. Ellis, Oct. 21, 1839.
Susan of Walpole and Joel Capen. Int. Aug. 14, 1834.


Abigail of Milton and Eljah Glover, at Milton,---, 1751.
Elizabeth of Milton and Thomas Spur, at Milton, Nov. 17, 1709.


Anna P.(2d. Mar.) and Walsteing(Int. Walstein) S. Brown of Cincinnati, Ohio, July 24, 1848.


John(Int. of Milton) and Jane Clary(Int. Clarye), May 10, 1829.


Joseph and Gertrude Obde.(?) Int. Oct. 27, 1849.


Seaman(Int. Seman) of Boston and Ann R. Parker, Apr. 16, 1847.


Polly H. and Moses W. Needham. Int. June 17, 1832.
Rebecca and Jewett Peaslee, Apr. 22, 1841.
Thomas and Hannah P. Holmes, Nov. 29, 1849.


John and Elizabeth Sampson of Plymouth. Int. May 14, 1848.


Albert of Roxbury and Chloe Robbins. Int. Mar. 14, 1840.
Ebenezer of Milton and Mary Smith, at Milton,---,1751.
Martha S. and John Hendley, July 25, 1841.
Susan and John B. Holden. Int. Mar. 21, 1840.


Mary and Joseph Wiswell, May 6, 1838.


Benjamin F. and Anna Collins, Apr. 9, 1846.
Joseph and Harriot Doane, both of Milton, Jan. 15, 1840.
Samuel and Martha Smith, May 10, 1838.


Margaret of Milton and Samuel Tuckington of Milton Jr. June 17, 1838.


Magdalena and George Fisher of Roxbury, Nov. 23, 1833.


(Int. Laberee), Rev. Benjamin of Andover and Eliza P. Capen, Sept. 29, 1831.


John B.[H.] of Lexington and Mary Ann Field, May 1, 1833.
Joseph of Roxbury and Mrs. Ann Elizabeth Hollis. Int. Dec. 7, 1844.


Rev. Daniel of Gilmanton, N.H., and Ann E. Lemist, Aug. 30, 1827.
John of Aeworth, N.H., and Mary Lemist(Int. Mrs.), Feb. 14, 1832.


Charles(widr.) and Elizabeth S. Carlton(Int. Carleton), Apr. 10, 1845.
Irene of Hingham and Ebenezer Wiswell Jr., at Hingham, Oct. 10, 1748.
Marshall of Abington and Ruth G. Winslow. Int. Mar. 18, 1836.


John H.B. of Boston and Mehitable P. Moseley, Nov. 4, 1846.


Elizabeth E[ustis] of Portsmouth, N.H., (Boston rec. of Dor.) and George W. Porter(Int. Rev.), at Boston, Apr. 9, 1849.


Nathl. and Hephsibah Upham of Reading, at Reading, Jan. 29, 1756.


Eliza and Ebenezer Newell of Dedham. Int. Mar. 2, 1827.
Robert M. and Margaret U. Shepard. Int. Dec. 31, 1842.


Lucy A. and James F. Sinclair, Mar. 23, 1836.


John Sanford of Charlestown and Harriet Townsend Barnard, Feb. 11, 1830.


Edward H. and Nancy Leonard. Int. June 20, 1830.
Enoch and Martha Bailey, July 3, 1828.


Caroline of Brookline and Oliver Hall. Int. Nov. 9, 1844.


Cordelia of Gardiner, Me., and Ira Blarlisle of Boston, Oct. 16, 1849.
James and Ann Shortriggs, May 16, 1835.
Nathan of Baltimore and Adeline M. Leach, Oct. 7, 1847.


Adeline M. and Nathan Lawrence of Baltimore, Oct. 7, 1847.
Caroline J. amd Ira W. Ruggles, Feb. 17, 1839.
Eunice N.(Int. V.) and Isaac Leavitt, July 3, 1839.
Hariett (C.) and Shadrach Jenkins, Dec. 15, 1841.
James and Almira Kidder of Boston, Oct. 2, 1832.
Lucy and Seth Williams, June 15, 1834.
Mary Ann and Theodore C. Leeds, Sept. 20, 1832.
Mary N. (Int. V.) and Ira Greeley, May 23, 1836.


Sarah and Ebenezer Weeks, at Boston, Oct. 8, 1732.


Isaac and Eunice N.(Int. V.) Leach, July 8, 1839.
Isaac(Int. L.)(widr.) and Harriet N. Hussey, Apr. 25, 1847.
Sarah and Nehemiah Clapp, at Hingham, Apr. 14, 1678.


Catharine and Patrick Doland. Int. Aug. 19, 1849.
Morris and Margaret Sullivan. Int. Mar. 30, 1847.


Anna and William Parker. Int. Jan. 14, 1826.
Elizabeth and Isaac Field Jr., Jan. 24, 1848.
George W. and Mary S. Holbrook, Nov. 15, 1827.
Harriet and Milton James of Roxbury. Int. Sept. 30, 1827.
Josiah and Anna Glover of Stoughton, at Stoughton, Mar. 28, 1796.
Lewis and Pedee Thompson, Apr. 23, 1826.
Sarah H. and Charles Townsend, Sept. 22, 1841.
Sophia and Frederick Wentworth(of Boston), Mar. 23, 1836.
Theodore C. and Mary Ann Leach, Sept. 20, 1832.
Thomas and Mrs. Thankful Howe of Dedham, at Dedham, June 18, 1761.
Thomas and Abigail Packard of Milton, at Milton,---, 1767.
Warren and Mary T. Alden, July 18, 1838.


(Int. Lealand) Sarah and Moses Young of Boston, Jan. 1, 1834.


Edwin A. and Mary N. Berry, Apr. 8, 1846.
Moses D. of Wiscasset, Me., and Lucy Ann Cain, Nov. 5, 1846.

John W. and Martha Dennison, Dec. 16, 1847.


Louisa L.(Int. S.) and Elijah Dunpha(Int. Dunphe), June 30, 1842.

Letitia and Francis Grune(Int. Green) of Boston, Apr. 21, 1829.


(Int. Leeman) Mary T. and James Butler, Sept. 16, 1832.


Ann E. and Rev. Daniel Lancaster of Gilmanton, N.H., Aug. 30, 1827.
Edwin of Boston and Sarah W.D. Dorr, Nov. 26, 1833.
Mary(Int. Mrs.) and John Lancaster(Int. Lancester) of Aeworth, N.H., Feb. 14, 1832.


Ellen and Michael Manning. Int. Jan. 24, 1847.


Betsey and John Burt. Int. May 8, 1830.
Elizabeth of Roxbury and John Adler. Int. Sept. 28, 1844.
Esquire and Elizabeth White of Roxbury, at Roxbury, Nov. 24, 1799.
Hannah and Henry Beckwith. Int. Dec. 28, 1839.
Lucy S. of Quincy and Charles Keener. Int. Mar. 14, 1847.
Lydia S. and Joseph L.(Int. S.) Perkins, Sept. 17, 1835.
Nancy and Edward H. Lathrop. Int. June 20, 1830.
Nancy and Thomas F. Fletcher of Cambridge. Int. July 15, 1839.
Roxana and Marshall Goodspeed of Milton. Int. Nov. 30, 1837.
Silas and Lucy A. Norcutt, Apr. 4, 1841.
Tyler(Int. Tyle) A. and Thomas J.(Int. I.) Cornall of Milton, July 7, 1838.


Hannah S. and Josiah Goss, Jan. 5, 1847.
James and Theodosia M. Chorley(Int. Chorley), Feb. 22, 1831.
James and Ann Wartow(Int. Warton), Nov. 27, 1834.
John and Margaret Huntting of Dedham, at Dedham, Apr. 3, 1727.
John of Dedham and Octavia S. Holmes of Dedham, May 8, 1842.
Johathan and Hannah Huntting of Dedham, at Dedham, Apr. 19, 1733.
Capt. Joshua S. of Roxbury and Lydia H. Barnett. Int. Apr. 3, 1827.
Lydia and Benjamin Bowen, Nov. 8, 1838.
Mary and Joseph Fisher of Dedham, at Dedham, Dec. 7, 1726.
Persis of Boston and William Story. Int. Aug. 7, 1841.
Samuel Jr., of Dedham and Mehitable(Int. F.) Reed, Mar. 18, 1839.
Sarah Ann and James Clap, Mar. 10, 1829.
Thomas and Lydia Whitcomb, Apr. 9, 1829.


Ellen of Boston and Charles Regen. Int. Sept. 13, 1844.

LIBBEY(Int. Libby)

Charles S. (2d Mar.) and Ann Maria Stephens, Apr. 27, 1848.


John and Eliza Ann Noyes. Int. Nov. 30, 1826.


Tamar N. of Milton and Harlem P. Griffin of Milton, May 26, 1842.

Rebecca of Charlestown and Ephraim Mann, at Charlestown, Oct. 30, 1797.


Eliza Ann and George Holmes. Int. Dec. 30, 1849.


Philip and Desire Siluester(Silvester?), at Scituate, Dec. 8, 1742.


Maria and Eli Marsden, Jan. 27, 1831.


Lucinda S. and Sergant(Int. Sergent) Blake, Dec. 12, 1830.
Sarah E. and Falden Thulm, Oct. 27, 1846.
Susan B. of Braintree and Thomas Robie of Charlestown, Nov. 29, 1835.


Mary of Weston and Marshall S. Rice. Int. Mar. 12, 1825.


Margaret and Jonathan F. Pulsifer of Boston, Nov. 27, 1832.


Margaret and James L. Pynchan(Int. James Lawrence Pynchon) of Boston, Nov. 17, 1836.


Maria of Boston and Reuben F. Haley, Dec. 27, 1840.
Martha and Gilman M. Weymouth, June 18, 1838.


Charles and Mary Frances Roby, Aug. 15, 1849.
Elisha T.(2d Mar.) and Eliza W. Wing, Aug. 6, 1849.
Henry K. of Boston and Frances Harris. Int. Aug. 23, 1845.
Jonathan H. and Clarisa Withington, Dec. 6, 1834.
Thomas of Hingham and Amelia Beach Fudger, Oct. 11, 1842.
Thomas C. and Laura Beals. Int. Aug. 27, 1848.


Polly of Easton and Samuel Pierce, at Easton, May 1, 1792.


Robert W. and Sarah Farwell(Int. Farewell), Nov. 20, 1836.
Susan of Boston and George Holbrook. Int. July 17, 1836.


Mary and John Bradley, at Boston, JUly 20, 1778.


J.S. of Boston and Mary Taylor. Int. Mar. 4, 1845.


Quinby W. and Paulina Nickerson of Harwich. Int. July 6, 1832.


Sarah Ann of Canton and Clark Pratt. Int. Oct. 6, 1840.


Bazaleel Jr.(Int. Bacaleel), and Amanda M. Tyler, Sept. 10, 1828.
Benjamin P. and Elizabeth Jordan of Boston.
Joel Jr., and Sally Osgood Munro[e], May 28, 1832.
Mary T. and Ephraim Capen, at Roxbury, May 4, 1842.
Moses B. and Mary Bigwood of London, Eng. Int. Aug. 26, 1843.
William and Mrs.(Int. Miss) Eliza Ann Kelton, Oct. 5, 1834.


Harris and Eliza Walker of Freeman, Me. Int. May 2, 1846.


Benjamin and Ruth Wentworth of Stoughton, at Stoughton, Nov. 17, 1785.
Clarissa D. of Milton and Silas Dole. Int. Oct. 8, 1842.
Diana and Elijah Kilton, at Foxboro, Aug. 13, 1784.
Elizabeth and William Deverix of Milton, at Boston, Aug. 25, 1732.
Emily and George Glover, Feb. 25, 1836.
Eunice and Oliver Hall, Jan. 14, 1834.
Mary W. of Milton and Jonathan S. Willis. Int. Nov. 3, 1832.
Moses G. and Eliza V. Howe, Sept. 19, 1842.
Rebecca and Stephen S.C. Jones of Brookline, Apr. 21, 1834.
Sarah(2d. Mar.) and Josiah Davenport(2d Mar.) of Needham, Jan. 1, 1849.
Thomas and Sarah Clapp, June 8, 1841.
Daniel and Ann Trainer. Int. Jan. 10, 1846.

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