Dorchester, MA Vital Records 1825 1825 to 1850 [Marrages]
City Document 54-1905
Registry Department of the
City of Boston
Records Relating to Births, Marriages
and Deaths of Dorchester
Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger

Surnames starting with D to G


Caleb and Martha H. Bell, Dec. 30, 1830.

DAMON(Daman, Damman)

Deborah and William Withington, at Boston, Sept. 30, 1735.
Elizabeth of Dedham and Luke Trott, at Dedham, July 26, 1764.
Noah and Sarah Dickerman of Milton, at Milton, Nov. 14, 1720.


Edward A. and Sarah E. Mears, June 15, 1848.


John and Elizabeth Covel. Int. June 12, 1836.
Moses and Mary Covell(Int. Covel), Aug. 11, 1839.


Julia A. and Jacob G. French. Int. Nov. 23, 1846.


Michael and Ann Decoursy. Int. Mar. 16, 1842.
Rebecca and Elisha Crane of Stoughton, at Stoughton, Oct. 26, 1786.
Washington and Mary Saunders, Apr. 8, 1841.


Abigail and Andrew Bass of Braintree, Vt., Oct. 29, 1848.
Adam and Mary Billings of Milton, at Milton, Dec. 22, 1768.
Amasa and Abigail(Int. Abba) Ann Tolman, Nov. 16, 1840.
Ambrose and Olive Gay, Feb. 24, 1835.
Andrew J. and Margaret C. (Int. E.) Sawyer, Jan. 1, 1844.
Calvin and Lydia Davenport, Feb. 18, 1836.
Ebenezer, 3d, and Mary Crane of Milton, at Milton,---, 1767.
Electa and John Starbird of Boston. Int. Dec. 11, 1825.
Electa and James G. N. Glover. Int. Dec. 11, 1830.
Eliza B[abcock] W[ales] and George Washington Adams of Boston, Apr. 14, 1844.
Elizabeth and William H. Tucker of East Stoughton, Aug. 24, 1845.
Francis W. of Milton and Betsey Ruggles of Milton, Jan. 24, 1837.
Frederick I. and Hannah M. Cutting, both of Chelsea, Oct. 26, 1845.
Hannah L. and Abel P. Baker of Boston, July 3, 1836.
Harriot and James Baker. Int. Dec. 30, 1832.
James Jr. and Celia Humphrey, Feb. 7, 1848.
Joel B. and Sarah A. Howe, Oct. 14, 1840.
John and Mary Bent of Milton, at Milton, June 10, 1725.
John E.(widr.) of Boston and Sarah A. Clay, Nov. 27, 1845.
Josiah and Nancy Murdock of Newton. Int. Nov. 7, 1831.
Josiah(2d Mar.) of Needham and Sarah Lyon(2d Mar.) Jan. 1, 1849.
Lydia and Calvia Davenport, Feb. 18, 1836.
Mehetabel of Stoughton and Oliver Billing, at Stoughton,---,---,(Stoughton rec.) Dec. 6, 1756(?).
Sarah and Willaim B. Ellis, May 18, 1834.
Sarah Ann(Int. Ann Sarah) and John Tucker of Concord N.H., Apr. 8, 1841.


Mrs. Charity M. and Samuel Bridge. Int. Apr. 14, 1838.
Charles of Boston and rebeckah Baldwin. Int. Oct. 30, 1841.
David L. of Boston and Clari[s]sa Withington, May 1, 1836.
Elijah and Lydia Barnes of Hingham, at Hingham, May 30, 1751.
Elizabeth of Roxbury and Lemuel Crane, at Roxbury, Oct. 2, 1793.
John and Sarah T. Wheeler, Nov. 16, 1845.
John of Boston and Emeline Vinson, Nov. 2, 1848.
John T. of Milton and Sarah H. greenwood(Int. Mrs.), Apr. 7, 1842.
Jonathan Jr., of New Orleans, La., and Frances Elizabeth Holbrook, Oct. 22, 1849.
Lewis F. and Catharine M. Bowers, Oct. 29, 1849.
Lilly(Dup. Mrs.) and Joseph Beal(Dup. Beals) of Braintree, at Braintree, Aug. 1,(Dup. Oct. 8, Braintree rec., Aug. 1, 1767.
Lydia S. of Roxbury and Horace Scudder. Int. May 23, 1847.
William and Mary E. Wheeler, Apr. 13, 1848.


Abigail and Michael Bacon, at Boston, May 16, 1721.
Ephraim of Newmarket, N.H., and Hann[a]h(Int. Annah) Warren, Dec. 17, 1826.
Frances M. of Gloucester and D. Franklin Patch. Int. Sept. 27, 1846.


Nehemiah W. of Quincy and Eunice J. Ross. Int. Sept. 21, 1839.


Henry of Boston and Martha C. Marston of Milton, Jan. 1, 1834.
John W. of Boston and Emily Dockun. Int. Nov. 26, 1842.
Samuel of Brighton and Laurinda Jewell, Apr. 19, 1835.


Ann and Michael Daniels. Int. Mar. 16, 1842.


Harriet N. of Framington and William G. Swan. Int. Mar. 23, 1839.


Abigail F. and Daniel C. Hutchinson of Quincy. Int. Oct. 15, 1842.
Emeline and George Delano, Dec. 29(Dup. Jan. 1, 1844), 1843.
George and Emeline Delano, Dec. 29, 1843.(Dup. Jan. 1, 1844).
Jane and David Joy Marble of Cohasset, Dec. 1, 1831.
John Jr., and Juliaett Wilder. Int. Nov. 6, 1841.
John Jr., and Lois P. Wilder of Pittsfield. Int. Aug. 30, 1844.
Mary T. and Lucian Crosby(Int. of Milton), Oct. 3, 1844.
Sarah and William Crossman, Apr. 29, 1827.
Sophia and Moses(Int. M.) Jackman of Hopkinton, May 5, 1844.
Willaim W. and Nareissa B. Felker of Brookline, Apr. 12, 1849.


John and Lucy Munroe of Cambridge, at Cambridge, May 26, 1797.


Gardner of Standish, Me. and Eliza R. Howe, Oct. 19, 1836.
Nathaniel 3d, of Portsmouth, N.H., and Charlotte Elizabeth Willis, June 11, 1848.


Lydia of Gloucester and George Minott. Int. Aug. 10, 1844.


Martha and John W. Legallee, Dec. 16, 1847.


Daniel of Boston and Harriet J. Gardner, Dec. 8, 1830.
Nancy and William Kendall Barnard, Mar. 16, 1830.


Jacobus and Mary Fower, at Milton, Jan. 14, 1747-8.


William of Milton and Elizabeth Lyon, at Boston, Aug. 25, 1732.


Rebecca of Dedham and Lemuel Clap, at Dedham, Nov. 3, 1768.


Eliza C. and William H.B. Root of Quincy. Nov. 6, 1849.
George and Elizabeth Perkins, Oct. 6, 1831.
Jerusha of Stoughton and Eljiah Jones at Stoughton, Sept. 10, 1777.
Mary of Stoughton and Ebenezer Nightingale, at Stoughton, Dec. 16, 1747.
Ruth and Warren Hunt of Canton, July 14, 1831.
Sarah of Milton and Noah Damman, at Milton, Nov. 14, 1720.
Sarah M. and David F. Sloan, May 23, 1847.
Waltstill of Stoughton and Ezekiel Tileston, at Stoughton, Dec. 3, 1772.


James W. of Northport, Me. and Phebe R. Marshall, Oct. 24, 1847.


John and Mrs. Martha Morse, Aug. 5, 1839.


Sarah G. and Ferdinand Urann, Oct. 25, 1849.


Beulah and William But[t]ler of Quincy, July 23, 1836.
Frances J.(Dup. and Int. I.) and Hugh Beaton(Dup. Benton and Int. Beaton of Quincy), Oct. 12, 1836.


Mary of Worcester and Rev. Thaddeus Mason Harris, at Worchester, Jan. 27, 1795.
Mary H. and George Green(Int. greene) of Waltham, Sept. 18, 1831.


Harriot and Joseph Knox, both of Milton, Jan. 15, 1840.
James C. and Susan Sewell, Sept. 1, 1836.
Joseph C. and Susannah Small. Int. Aug. 3, 1836.
Polly K. and John Kenney, Feb. 23, 1832.
Rebeccah C.(Int. Rebekah) and George(Int. G.) Needham of Dedham, Mar. 16, 1831.
Sarah L. of Milton and William F. Schroder of Milton, Oct. 3, 1847.


Emily J. and John W. Dearborn of Boston. Int. Nov. 26, 1842.


George and Sarah G. Snow of Boston. Int. July 27, 1844.


Isaac of Dedham and Rebecca Ellis, at Dedham, Dec. 17, 1784.


John and Sarah Mullan of Charlestown. Int. Dec. 28, 1844.


Patrick and Catharine Lee. Int. Aug. 19, 1849.


Thomas and Sarah Morse, at Boston, Jan. 13, 1752.


Silas and Charles D. Lyon of Milton. Int. Oct. 8, 1842.


Hannah(Int. C.) and Thomas G. Field of Dedham, June 1, 1845.


Margret of Sherborn and John Strachen, at Sherborn, July 12, 1739.


James and Catharine Killroy of Boston. Int. Mar. 23, 1837.


Sarah and William McLauglin. Int. Oct. 11, 1848.


Bridget and Francis Kiah. Int. Feb. 7, 1840.


Andrew Cunningham Jr. of Boston and Anne Bradish Billings. Int. Mar. 20, 1836.
Sarah W. D. and Edwin Lemist of Boston, Nov. 26, 1833.
Capt. William J. and Almira Horton of Boston. Int. Aug. 13, 1837.

DOTTEY(Int. Dotty)

Curtis of Lowell and Sally Needham, Apr. 25, 1830.


George G. and Elizabeth M. Jordan, Sept. 6, 1846.
Mary of Roxbury and Benjamin Gates, Dec. 27, 1829.


Juliann and Samuel D. Manning. Int. Mar. 30, 1833.


Ann Catharine and Capt. William Russell Austin, Dec. 6, 1830.


John and Mary Capen, Nov. 23, 1837.
Patrick and Margaret Hopkins. Int. Apr. 1, 1845.


Catharine of Charlestown and James Barron. Int. Nov. 4, 1835.
George W. and Mary Butler, Feb. 5, 1834.
Mrs. Mary of Boston and Stephen Gulliver. Int. Nov. 3, 1843.


Sheaf G. and Mary L. Wheeler. Int. Nov. 5, 1843.


Moses, Esq., and Mrs. Sabrina Draper, Mar. 22, 1841.
Mrs. Sabrina and Moses Draper, Esq., Mar. 22, 1841.


Asa and Harry Perry of Brookfield. Int. Nov. 30, 1831.
Charles S. and Elvira S. Roby of East Sudbury. Int. Apr.--, 1828.


Mrs. Martha J. and Samuel Adams, 2d., of Milton. Int. Sept. 3, 1842.(Married in Milton, Sept. 24, 1842. Milton record.)


Catharine and William Ross. Int. Oct. 21, 1849.


Rosanna and Martin Gerry. Int. Oct. 1, 1836.


Sophronia and Edmund Smith of Milton. Int. Mar. 2, 1834.


John Q. of Roxbury and Sarah J. Cassell. Int. Jan. 9, 1848.


Mary of Westminister, Vt. and Henry W. Ball. Int. Oct. 14, 1840.


John and Sarah Herritt of Stoughton, at Stoughton, Sept. 3, 1793.
Sophia W. and Harry D. Northey, Dec. 30, 1849.


Archibald and Betsey Jewell, Oct. 5, 1828.
Charles and Clarissa Fobes, Aug. 24, 1848.
Hannah and Francis Skinner. Int. May 25, 1833.
Lucy M. and M.D. Plumer of Milton, Dec. 19, 1847.


Adaline A. and Hiram C. Cole, Dec. 7, 1838.
Patrick and Catharine Marhill of Milton. Int. Nov. 13, 1835.


Martha W. and Arthur Wilkinson of Boston, Dec. 3, 1840.

DUNPHA(Int. Dunphe)

Elijah and Louisa L.(Int. S.) Leighton, June 30, 1842.
Mary and Thanal M. Jay. Int. Dec. 9, 1825.


Angeline of Milton and Richardson Huehingson of Milton, Apr. 7, 1841.


Samuel Jr., and Silence Gulliver, at Milton, May 9, 1788.


Louisa Margarette of Roxbury and Michael Hune(Int. Hum). Nov. 17, 1833.


James and Julia Bush. Int. Jan. 6, 1845.
Jonathan and Hannah Clap of Dedham, at Dedham, June 28, 1722.
Mary of Braintree and Gornil Price, at Braintree, May 1, 1729.
Sarah of Braintree and David Stone, at Boston, Dec. 2, 1723.

EASTY(Int. Esty)

Dexter B. and Elizabeth E. Fisher, Oct. 27, 1839.


Abigail H. of Framingham and Lemuel D. Clapp. Int. Oct. 22, 1836.
Caroline R[ichmond] and Stephen Bird, Mar. 25, 1827.
Catharine and Charles H. Rundlett of Gardner, Me. Apr. 19, 1835.
Charles O. and Caroline F. Holmes, Sept. 24, 1848.
Capt. Ebenezer and Mrs. Mary Preston Withington, Sept. 20, 1827.
Henry and Eliza Ann Brooks(wid.)(Int. Miss), Jan. 27, 1845.
Henry F. and Augusta G. Holmes, Oct. 4, 1847.
Margaret E. and William H. Pickard, Apr. 16, 1848.
Ruth of Bethleham, N.H. and Jesse Fowler. Int. Nov. 14, 1838.
Susan Stone and Frederick H. Stimpson of Boston. Int. May 2, 1834.
William M. and Emeline P. Wood(Int. of Gouldsboro, Me.), Oct. 6, 1847.


Almira and Caleb S. Poad, June 23, 1841.
Delia Theodore of Milton and Reuben Wetherbee(Int. Weatherbee), Nov. 24, 1842.
Elizabeth W. and Charles Pitman, at Chelsea, Oct. 2, 1842.
Hannah C. and George S. Eldridge, Apr. 22, 1849.
Lewis(Int. Levi) L. and Susan Pond, Mar. 3, 1844.


Harriet and William Smith, Aug. 24, 1841.
Rev. Richard S. of Eastport, Me. and Mary Cushing, Apr. 19, 1837.


Amasa of Bridgewater(Int. of Stoughton) and Mary Edson. Apr. 23, 1838.
Mary and Amasa Edson of Bridgewater(Int. of Stoughton), Apr. 23, 1838.


Charlotte and Samuel Ela of Milton, Dec. 16, 1832.
Ivory of Trenton, Me. and Eliza Blake, Oct. 10, 1830.


Samuel of Milton and Charlotte Edwards, Dec. 16, 1832.

ELBRIDGE(Int. Eldridge)

Cyrus and Lucy Ann Needham, Nov. 12, 1830.


Elvira M. and George L. Howe of E. Bridgewater. Int. Dec. 7, 1849.
George S. and Hannah C. Eddy, Apr. 22, 1849.
Mrs. Lucy Ann and Caleb B. Monroe, Apr. 9, 1840.
Nathan of Hingham and Eliza Small, Dec. 7, 1837.


Elizabeth of Milton(Int. Elliot) and Andrew Black, Jan. 5, 1835
John of Milton and Catharine Hutchenson(Int. Hutcheson), June 14, 1836.
Mary and James Wiggins, Jan. 31, 1839.


Abigail Guild and Ebenezer Wales, 2d, May 19, 1831.
Beuliah A. and James F. Twombly of Woburn, at Roxbury, Apr. 14, 1842.
Charles and Mary Ann Read, Dec. 2, 1832.
Charles H. and Mary Ann Clukas. Int. Apr. 12, 1846.
Lucy E. and Merrill Bedell of Dedham. Int. Dec. 26, 1845.
Mrs. Mary and James G. Cassell. Int. June 23, 1830.
Rebecca and Isaac Doggett of Dedham, at Dedham, Dec. 17, 1784.
Rebeccah D. and John West of Woburn. Int. Jan. 17, 1842.
Samuel D. and Martha(Int. Marth) A. Kinsbury of Boston, Oct. 21, 1839.
William B. and Sarah Davenport, May 18, 1834.


Hepsibah(Int. of Scituate) and Edwin Fisher, May 3, 1829.
Martha and William Russel, Feb. 26, 1826.


Eugene of New York and Martha A. Newhall. Int. Sept. 26, 1843.


Charles E. and Abigail M. Brown, both of Quincy, Nov. 27, 1849.
Mary L. of Springfield and C. Bates Pierce. Int. May 24, 1846.
Samll. and Bathsheba Vose, at Boston, Sept. 22, 1726.


James and Esther Clap of Milton, at Milton, Nov. 26, 1728.


Harriot of Milton and Alva Martin of Milton, May 15, 1834.
Joseph and Anna Payson of Stoughtonham, at Sharon, Apr. 28, 1766.
Mary Ann and Joshua D. Wiggin. Int. Apr. 30, 1832.
Mary Ellen of Lynn and Thomas Frazar. Int. June 17, 1849.
Samuel D. and Claris[s]a Broad, Jan. 8, 1841.
Sarah and Ebenezer Houghton of Milton, at Milton, Sept. 27, 1722.


Benjamin anbd Ruth Bates, at Boston, Feb. 27, 1723.


Catharine E. and Milo J. Goss(Int. of Parsonsfield, Me.), May 1, 1839.
George and Mary V. Glover, Dec. 2, 1846.
Hannah and Dr. Henry Bartlett of Roxbury, Apr. 10, 1828.
Hannah B. and Charles Griggs of Roxbury. Int. July---,1827.
Lydia Holbrook(Int. Lydia Everett) and Samuel Reed Cummings of New York City, June 1, 1828.
Margaret B. of Dedham and Augustus Cary. Int. Sept. 21, 1834.
Rev. Moses and Lucy Balch of Dedham, at Dedham, Nov. 4, 1774.


Schwen of Germany and Anna Maria Iisabeh Wedel. Int. Apr. 25, 1844.


Charles Henry and Ann Bevan, Aug. 7, 1842.


Gardner W. and Aby White of Roxbury. Int. Oct. 1, 1840.


Aaron B. and Nancy Sargaent(Int. Sargant), Oct. 3, 1840.
Dorcas of Dedham and James Humphrey, at Dedham, May 20, 1714.


Mary E. and Lendall Nickerson, Jr. Int. Apr. 30, 1848.
Salome T. and William C. Jenkins. Int. Sept. 7, 1844.


Marshall of Medway and Hannah R[ebecca] Rice, Nov. 24, 1841.
Mary of Dedham and John White, at Dedham, Jan. 15, 1778.
Oliver and Deborah B. Baylies. Int. Mar. 21, 1835.
Sarah of Dedham and Jonas Humphrey, at Dedham, Aug. 11, 1748.


Agnes and Christopher Barrill. Int. Aug. 31, 1845.
Mary and John McCarren of Milton. Int. July 19, 1845.


Laura of Cambridgeport and Thomas W. Pilsbury. Int. Sept. 21, 1843.
(Mar. Tammer), martha Ann of Boston and Joseph(Int. Josiah) V. Marshall, May 27, 1841.


George M. (Int. of Boston) and Catharine D. Harod, June 4, 1846.
Mary R.S. and Charles D. Harod, May 28, 1848.
Rachel H. and Robert Anger, Apr. 4, 1847.


Michael of Milton and Margaret Brining. Int. Nov. 23, 1834.


Abigail of Dedham and James White, at Dedham, Apr. 28, 1714.(1715?)
Abigail of Dedham and Thomas Weatherby, at Dedham, Nov. 3, 1784.
Alvan(Int. Alvin) and Agnes Maxwell, Apr. 3, 1848.
Anne of Dedham and William White, at Dedham, July 2, 1712.


Daniel of Boston and Frances Fisher of Roxbury, Oct. 13, 1831.


Addison and Malvina F. Hayford, Mar. 23, 1848.
Sarah and Robert W. Lougee, Nov. 20, 1835.
Stephen T. of Cambridge and Elizabeth C. Todd, Apr. 25, 1834.

FASS(Int. Faas)

John J.(Int. T.) and Elizabeth T. Chase, Apr. 22, 1847.


Hannah of Braintree and Samuel Sever, at Braintree, Apr. 29, 1739.
Rachel of Braintree and John G. Wood. Int. Sept. 21, 1833.


Clarissa Ann of New Bedford and Capt. Stephen A. Pierce. Int. Oct. 27, 1837.


James W. of Nottingham, N.H., and Lydia J. Bird. Int. Aug. 16, 1846.
Narcissa B. of Brookline and William W. Delano, Apr. 12, 1849.
William H. and mary B. Hunt of Milton, July 15, 1849.


Enoch of Milton and Mary Fisher, Dec. 18, 1831.
Jesse qnd Elizabeth Arnold of Quincy, at Quincy, Oct. 10, 1798.
John and Hannah Billings of Milton, Dec. 15, 1726.
Joseph and Sarah White of Milton, at Milton, Dec. 8, 1726.
Mary and Ebenezer Glover of Stoughton, at Roxbury, Sept. 21, 1797.

FERGUSON(Int. Fergusan)

Donald and Bestsy Robinson Swift, June 13, 1849.


Hiram(Int. of Upton) and Amelia M. Childs, Oct. 15, 1836.


Benjamin of Boston and Hannah J. Spooner of Boston, Apr. 14, 1836.
Harriot and Friend Crane, Nov. 23, 1826.
Mary Ann and Aaron D. Field. Int. Nov. 29, 1824.


Elizabeth A. R. G. and James S. Reed of Milton, Apr. 29, 1830.
William E., of Marblehead and Nancy J. Barry(Int. Berry), Feb. 26, 1837.


Aaron D. and Mary Ann Fessenden. Int. Nov. 29, 1824.
George and Sarah Hickley(Int. Hinkley), both of Milton, Sept. 27, 1840.
Hannah(Int. Harriet) B. and William T. Cooper, Nov. 4, 1840.
Harriet S. and Gardner E. Weartherbee. Int. Aug. 29, 1829.
Isaac Jr., and Elizabeth Leeds, Jan. 24, 1848.
Josiah and Sarah Hearsey(Int. Harley), June 8, 1835.
Josiah and Mary L. Tafton, Dec. 13, 1838.
Louisa A. and Theodore L. Howe, May 14, 1846.
Lucy M. of Quincy and George B. Billings. Int. Oct. 6, 1827.
Mary and Nathaniel Badcock of Milton, May 1, 1710.
Mary Ann and John B.[H.] Lambert of lexington, May 1, 1833.
Nancy B. and Jonathan Rollins of Charlestown, May 21, 1837.
Ruth of Milton and Ebenezer Seaver, at Milton,---,1766.
Samuel R. and Elizabeth H. Sumner. Int. Sept. 17, 1848.
Sarah B. and George Baxter of Quincy, Oct. 29, 1838.
Susanna(Int. Susannah N.) and William J.(Int. G.) Gill, Apr. 10, 1828.
Thomas G. of Dedham and Hannah(Int. C.) Dolliver, June 1, 1845.
William of Braintree and Abigail Brighton(Dup. and Braintree Rrec. Beighton), at Braintree, July 29(Dup. Aug. 19, Braintree rec. July 29), 1762.


Isaac H. and Eleanor R. Groover. Int. Aug. 18, 1843.


Edwin and Hepsibah Elms(Int. Ellms of Scituate), May 3, 1829.
Edwin(widr.) and Caroline Beckwith(wid.), Sept. 19, 1847.
Elizabeth E. and Dexter B. Easty(Int. Esty). Oct. 27, 1839.
Frances of Roxbury and Daniel Farror of Boston, Oct. 13, 1831.
George of Roxbury and Magdalena Kroft, Nov. 23, 1833.
George L. Elizabeth McKendry of Milton. Int. May 15, 1830.
Jemima of Dedham and Hezekiah Gay, at Boston, Apr. 16, 1724.
Joseph of Dedham and Mary Lewis, at Dedham, Dec. 7, 1726.
Lois V. and Albert McKendry(Int. of Milton), Apr. 13, 1828.
Mary and Enoch Fenno of Milton, Dec. 18, 1831.
Thomas and Lydia Stephens of Dedham. Int. Mar. 2, 1826.


Mrs. Hannah Glover and Samuel Blake of Boston, Nov. 24, 1830.
Sarah D. of Worcester and Otis Pierce. Int. Mar. 12, 1825.


William A. of Boston and Mary W. Wheeler, June 6, 1839.


Edward(mariner) and Lucy A. Gould. Int. Aug. 19, 1827.


Stephen S. of Dedham and Mariada A. Rider of Dedham, Nov. 25, 1841.


Mary and Martin McGuire. Int. June 20, 1847.


John L. of Litleton and Claris[s]a Tolman, Sept. 1, 1840.
(Int. Fleecher) Margaret and Isaac Chamberlain of Roxbury(Int. Boston), Apr. 9, 1826.
Mercy Oliver and John Bell of Bridgewater. Int. Aug. 12, 1843.
Thomas F. of Cambridge and Nancy Leonard. Int. July 15, 1839.


Jacob Deacon and Bathsheba McIntosh of Boston. Int. Aug. 24, 1839.


Mary B. of Reading and William Wakefield Jr. Int. July 8, 1841.


Catharine and James Carberry. Int. Aug. 27, 1835.


Nancy S. and Thaddeus Stone. Int. May 25, 1833.


Clarissa and Charles Dunmore, Aug. 24, 1848.
Henry F. and Almira P. Bicknail. Int. Nov. 23, 1838.
Mrs. Hester and John Ward. Int. Jan. 14, 1836.
Sarah and Wilbur F. Allen, Dec. 25, 1845.


David S.(Int. Dr.) of Dedham and Mary B. Tucker, Nov. 28, 1847.

FOLLANSBEE(Follonsbee, Follingbee)

Angeline H. and Joseph S. Perkins, Apr. 4, 1839.
Harriot I. and Samuel E. Cobb. May 18, 1836.
Isaac W. and Elizabeth B. Hendley, May 28, 1838.


Jane C. and Jonathan Pratt of Braintree. Int. July 28, 1838.


Levi G. of Quincy and Persis Cox. Int. Feb. 24, 1839.


Caroline and Joseph W. Foster, Oct. 4, 1837.
Elisha and Mrs. Hannah G. Robinson. Int. Mar. 26, 1845.
Elizabeth W. and William Withington[2d], Apr. 5, 1832.
Howard and Laura Sargent, Nov. 20, 1837.
Jane B. and Benjamin W. Adams, May 2, 1830.
John of North Providence, R.I., and Mary E. Kendall. Int. Nov. 21, 1847.
Joseph, 2d, and Vilot S. Cummings of Lowell. Int. Mar. 10, 1838.
Sarah B. and Thomas Beales(Int. Beals), Sept. 5, 1844.

FORRENS(Int. Torrens)

Mary Ann and Moses B. Henry(Int. Kenney), Oct. 1, 1840.


Ann(Int. Anna) Elizabeth and George Washington Carr of Orland, Me., Oct. 24, 1847.
Edwards and Jemimah Turner of Scituate, at Scituate, June 21, 1705.
Col. Edward and Ann H. Baker of Roxbury. Int. Oct. 2, 1825.
Elizabeth and Alexander Pope, Nov. 11, 1830.
Hannah(Int. C.) and Stephen Tolman Jr., Nov. 19, 1840.
Ira and sarah W. Crane, May 17, 1829.
Ira and Cynthia Newhall, both of Danvers, Aug. 12, 1849.
Jacob and Hannah Pierce. Int. Jan. 3, 1833.
Jacob Jr., and Elizabeth A. Bird, Dec. 3, 1835.
James Jr., and Mary E. Ayers, Nov. 25, 1847.
Joseph W. and Caroline Ford, Oct. 4, 1837.
Josiah and Mrs. Hannah Kingsbury. Int. Dec. 9, 1832.
Lucinda R. and Jonathan Rogers, Aug. 27, 1848.
Ruth and Riehd. Turner of Scituate, at Scituate, Jan. 23, 1735-6.
Sarah and Benjamin Jacobs, at Boston, Feb. 26, 1787.
Sarah Ann and William Pope Jr. of Boston, June 8, 1836.
Timothy and Abiell Williams of Roxbury, at Roxbury, Mar. 3, 1742-3.


Ebenezer D. and Rachel Pattee of Scarsmont, Me. Int. Aug. 3, 1839.
Edward M., Jr. and Pamela Houghton, Oct. 1, 1841.
George and Abigail B. Howe, Nov. 27, 1834.
Jesse and Ruth Eaton of Bethleham, N.H. Int. Nov. 14, 1838.
Jesse and Eunice Frances Wentworth of Lowell. Int. Apr. 11, 1844.
Mary and Jacobus Derkinderen, at Milton, Jan. 14, 1747-8.


Susan B. of Boston and Oliver Wales. Int. June 14, 1846.


Thomas and Mary Ellen Evans of Lynn. Int. June 17, 1849.


Fully of Watertown and Dolly Pratt. Int. May 19, 1838.
Hannah and William Henry, Nov. 5, 1829.
Tully(wid.) and Oliver Spurr, July 18, 1847.


Elijah of Milton and Fanny Almira Adams, July 30, 1835.
Jacob G. and Julia A. Danforth. Int. Nov. 23, 1846.
Mary L. of Canton and Charles Francis Swan. Int. Nov. 20, 1849.
Samuel(H.) of Milton and Sally Needham, Oct. 11, 1849.


Sarah E.S. and Maxfield Jr., of Roxbury. Int. Apr. 26, 1846.

FRUEAN(Mar. Trucan)

Edmund C. and Mrs. Hannah M. Colyer, Dec. 28, 1840.


Amelia Beach and Thomas Loring of Hingham, Oct. 11, 1842.


Abner of Boston and Lucinda S. Pulsifer of Boston, July 22, 1832.
(Mar. Kelley), Caroline E. and David Beckwith, Jan. 30, 1837.
Cornelia of Charlestown and Charles Hall. Int. June 28, 1829.
Edwin of Roxbury and Mary Ann Pond. Int. Nov. 23, 1846.
Elizabeth of Dedham and Luke Trott, at Dedham, Apr. 20, 1773.
Mehitable S. of Dedham and Richard H. Wiswall. Int. Mar. 24, 1832.
Mehitable S. and Asa F. Cockran of Boston, Apr. 14, 1835.
Ruth L. and Nathaniel Anderson Jr., June 25, 1846.


Robert W. and Thirza Gilmore, Mar. 31, 1835.


Jacob and Catharine Hune, Feb. 23, 1836.


Roxselenah M. and Michael Whittemore, May 2, 1842.
Susan A. and Josiah F. Twombly, July 3, 1839.


Phebe P. of Boston and William M. Blackman. Int. May 19, 1839.


William and Emily Collins. Int. Mat 6, 1849.


Jane(Int. Mrs.) and John R. Walhopter(Int. Wolhanpter), Mar. 27, 1836.
Thomas(widr.) of Scituate and Deborah T. Bailey, Sept. 23, 1847.


Sarah C. of Boston and Foster Jordan, June 8, 1845.


Elizabeth(col.) and Nathaniel Cobb(col.), June 28, 1827.
Elizabeth and Azel(Int. Asazell) Thayer of Milton, July 22, 1827.
Harriet J. and Daniel Danny(Int. Denny) of Boston, Dec. 8, 1830.
Harriot and Andrew Robertson of Roxbury, June 1, 1826.
Harriot and Andrew Robertson of Roxbury, June 1, 1826.
Joshua and Ann Jane Howard, May 19, 1828.


Eliza(Mar. Elizabeth Jaroen) and Sewall(Int. Sewell)Bailey, July 27, 1828.


Benjamin and Mary Dow of Roxbury, Dec. 27, 1829.
Elizabeth G. and James H. Case. Int. Dec. 30, 1849.
Emily M. and Francis H. Bird of reading, Aug. 5, 1849.
Henrietta and Charles W. Turner of Taunton, Nov. 29, 1846.
Mary Ann and Elisha Tucker, Sept. 18, 1836.
Vesta and Charles Tucker, May 22, 1839.


Chloe and Robert Shankland of Randolph, July 7, 1830.
Henry A. of Quincy and Anne(Int. Ann) Clapp, Nov. 17, 1841.
Hezekiah and Jemima Fisher of Dedham, at Boston, Apr. 16, 1724.
Olive and Ambrose Davenport, Feb. 24, 1835.
Sarah and Daniel Pierce(2d Mar.). Int. Dec. 16, 1849.


Elizabeth and Nathaniel Man of Wrentham, at Wrentham, Dec. 19, 1704.
John and Judith Rocket of Wrentham, at Wrentham, May 28, 1703.


Martin and Rosanna Dugen. Int. Oct. 1, 1836.


John of Framingham and Ann Skinner, Nov. 1, 1827.


Mary H. and Charles Wentworth, Dec. 25, 1848.


Dr. Daniel of Brattleboro, Vt. and Ann S. Ridgway. Int. Oct. 5, 1833.
David H. and Mary Wales of Boston. Int. Sept. 26, 1834.
William A. and Martha Ann Seavers(Int. Seavens), Nov. 5, 1835.

GILE(Int. Guile)

Benjamin W. and Margaret C. Newhall, Nov. 14, 1839.


Mary and Nicholas Bonemort of Roxbury, Apr. 15, 1832.
Sally of Milton and Stephen Peirce at Milton, June 18, 1799.
William J.(Int. G.) and Susanna(Int. Susannah N.) Field, April 10, 1828.


David and Lucy Grover. Int. Nov. 9, 1828.
Rachel and George Scott(2d Mar.), June 3, 1849.


Thirza and Robert W. Fulton, Mar. 31, 1835.


Bridget and Daniel Rally of Quincy, Int. May 31, 1846.


Consider and Amelia T. Shepard of Boston, May 22, 1845.
Reuben and Mary Moore, Oct. 25, 1848.


David and Augusta J. Rice of Lowell. Int. Oct. 22, 1848.
Dolly and Amos A. Hill, Oct. 18, 1832.
Mary F. and William Vandervoort of Wheatfield, N.Y., Dec. 26, 1848.
Moses and Marietta(Int. Mariette) Willis, Oct. 15, 1829.
Nathaniel N. and Abigail Howe, Sept. 2, 1839.
Olive and Archibald Thompson, Mar. 16, 1834.
Sarah and Seth B. Bass, Apr. 21, 1836.
Sarah B. and Alfred Kenrick Jr., of Brookline, Oct. 15, 1849.
Sareel and Mrs. Sarah B. Bird. Int. Oct. 14, 1827.
Warren and Mercy Crowell, Sept. 24, 1829.


Alexander and Hannah Pope of Stoughton, at Stoughton, Dec. 28, 1769.
Andrew and Mary Ann Baker Holden, May 15, 1832.
Andrew and Sarah White of Braintree. Int. Nov. 6, 1836.
Anna and Stephen Wales, at Roxbury, Apr. 7, 1793.
Anna of Stoughton and Josiah Leeds, at Stoughton, Mar. 28, 1796.
Asahel N.(Int. H.) and Sarah E. Holmes, Nov. 8, 1842.
Ebenezer of Stoughton and Mary Fenno, at Roxbury, Sept. 21, 1797.
Ebenezer and Thankfull(Int. Thanfull P.) Hopkins,---,1751.
Elijah and Abigail Kinsley of Milton, at Milton,--,1751.
Eliza and Silas Wheelock, May 4, 1830.
Ezra and Elizabeth Belcher of Chelsea, at Chelsea, June 1, 1786.
George and Emily Lyon, Feb. 25, 1836.
James Jr., and Lydia Elizabeth Holden, Mar. 11, 1835.
James, G. N. and Electa Davenport. Int. Dec. 11, 1830.
Jerusha and Daniel Arnold of Braintree, at Braintree, June 30,(Dup. Oct. 4, Braintree rec., June 30)1763.
John and Mary Horton, at Boston, Dec. 22, 1724.
John and Abigail Pope, Mar. 29, 1832.
Lucretia and John Whittemore of Peterborough, N.H., Jan. 21, 1834.
Mary V. and George Everett, Dec. 2, 1846.
Nancy Holden and Elijah Marble Greenwood, Oct. 1, 1829.
Mrs. Patty of Cambridge and Ezekiel Holden, Aug. 8, 1838.
Sarah and Ephraim Man of Boston, at Boston, Apr. 23, 1760.
Sarah and Albert Adam Bent. Int. Feb. 2, 1833.
Thomas O. and Elizabeth Richardson Byrne of Boston. Int. July 6, 1828.


Patrick and Catharine Horn. Int. Feb. 13, 1848.

GOCHA(Mar. McGeoch)

Martha and Elijah Bird(widr.), Oct. 12, 1845.


Mary L. and Daniel R. Hayden, at Boston, May 12, 1836.


Peter and Betsey O'Neal. Int. Feb. 3, 1844.


Mary B. of Stow and Henry Richards. Int. Mar. 25, 1840.


Marshal of Milton and Roxana Leonard. Int. Nov. 30, 1837.


Amos and Julia Staples, both of Milton, Feb. 27, 1840.
Mrs. Eliza and John Mitchell(Int. Mitchel), Mar. 16, 1843.
Phinehas and Hannah L. Marvel of Cohasset. Int. Apr. 21, 1827.
Samuel and Mary Ann Clapp of Boston. Int. Apr. 29. 1841.


Martha H. of Boston and Charles H. Kendall of Boston, June 27, 1844.
William and Susanna B. Clapp, Nov. 3, 1839.


Michael and Eliza Monks. Int. Apr. 25, 1847.


Josiah and Hannah S. Lewis, Jan. 5, 1847.
Milo J.(Int. of Parsonsfield, Me.) and Catharine E. Everett, May 1, 1839.


David Jr., of Chatham and Lucy Withington, July 5, 1849.
Lucy A. and Edward Flagg(mariner). Int. Aug. 19, 1827.


Ira L. and Hannah D. Somes. Int. Nov. 17, 1838.


Elizabeth and George Whittum of Woburn. Int. Dec. 30, 1849.
Thomas Watson and Evelina Tant, Nov. 29, 1827.


Richard of No. Bridgewater and Mary Bennett. Int. Jan. 7, 1849.


Hannah and Leighton Colboth(Dup. Colbath and Cobutt, Int. Colbath), May 11, 1836.


Whiting and Jane Pierce, June 22, 1826.


Jacob A. of Lynn and Susan L. Munroe, Sept. 24, 1838.


Ebenezer F. and Lettice T. Rowe of So. Boston, Int. Sept. 22, 1835.
John Henry and Elizabeth Plate Tucker of Boston. Int. Aug. 24, 1829.
Sarah Ann of Canton and David Osborn Prouty of Philadelphia, in New York City, Apr. 27, 1843.


Ira and Mary N.(Int. V.) Leach, May 23, 1836.


Charles(Int. of Boston) and Annah Shepard, Nov. 28, 1844.
Ephraim of Quincy and Eunice J. Richardson. Int. June 8, 1844.
(Mar. Grune), Francis of Boston and Letitia A. Leland, Apr. 21, 1829.
George of Waltham and Mary H. Dix, Sept. 18, 1831.
James and Sarah Adams of Newton, at Waltham, May 3, 1780.
Lucy Anna of Warwick, R.I. and J. Gardner Clapp. Int. May 19, 1839.


Sarah Quincy of Worcester and Mathew Bird. Int. Aug. 28, 1830.


Elijah Marble and Nancy Holden Glover, Oct. 1, 1829.
Hannah of Boston and Ephraim Joy of Bedford, Me., May 20, 1844.
Sarah H.(Int. Mrs.) and John T. Davis of Milton, Apr. 7, 1842.


Abijah of Weston and Lovisa Kibby, Mar. 3, 1840.


Harlem P. of Milton and Tamar N. Lincolm of Milton, May 26, 1842.
Jane(Int. Sarah Jane) and Richard Piper, June 15, 1843.
John(Int. of N.H.) and Mrs. Betsey Beckwith, Feb. 4, 1827.
Mary A.L. and Horatio G. Shepard, May 16, 1843.
Samuel C. of Milton and Dolly Peasley(Int. Peaseley), Dec. 18, 1844.


Charles of Roxbury and Hannah B. Everett. Int. July---,1827.


Eleanor R. and Isaac H. Fish. Int. Aug. 18, 1843.


Lucy and David Gilman. Int. Nov. 9, 1828.
Lucy and Isaac Morse(Int. of Roxbury), Mar. 3, 1842.
William and Ann Eliza Parsons, Oct. 9, 1847.

GRUNE(Int. Green)

Francis of Boston and Letitia A. Leland, Apr. 21, 1829.


Charles and Hannah Clap, Jan. 9, 1828.
Charlotte A. of Attleborough and John C. Hewins. Int. May 26, 1832.


Fanny and James Boston, July 4, 1827.
Mary H. and Calvin Bird, June 13, 1848.
Nathaniel of Milton and Hanna Billing, at Milton, July 1, 1698.
Silence and Samuel Durant Jr., at Milton, May 9, 1738.
Stephen and Mrs. Mary Downing of Boston. Int. Nov. 3, 1843.


Sarah Ann and Charles Bugbee of Roxbury, Dec. 3, 1827.


Jane and John Burge, Sr. at Chemsford, Sept. 6, 1677.


Caroline A. and William M. Huntoon. Int. Feb. 4, 1849.

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