Boston Births 1680 to 1699

About these records

Each year has -- sections as follows:

1) Births for that year.

2) Marriages for that year if any were recorded. Several years had none recorded for them. All marriages are already in the marrage files at the Boston page.

3) Deaths for that yeay if any were recorded.

4) Baptisms at the First Church


The first page in most files starts with some records from the prior year, please go down to where you see the year.

These are all in PDF files, as time as not permitted them to be typed up yet.

These were keep to just a few years to meke them easy to download for reading.

1680-1683 513KB

1684-1686 520KB

1687-1688 525KB

1689-1690 530KB

1691-1692 465KB

1693-1694 719KB

1695-1696 521KB

1697-1698 656 KB

1699 362 KB

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